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Grow as a Musician with Summer Lessons at Eastman

April 10, 2019

ECMS instructor Kyle Peters with a student in the school’s Messinger Hall (“Messinger One”).   By Kyle Peters School is almost out for the summer! It’s time to get ready for the beach, sleeping in, campfires and… summer music lessons? That’s right, summer music lessons! Taking lessons during the summer will prepare you to be […]


An Eastman Summer Program Builds Leadership Skills and Opportunities

April 8, 2019

  Melissa O’Hara is shown at the left, during a discussion at the 2018 Eastman Leadership Academy. By Blaire Koerner The 2018 Summer@Eastman’s session initiated the first annual Eastman Leadership Academy (ELA), developed by the Institute for Music Leadership. A 3 ½ day college-level program, the ELA was designed for upperclassmen and graduate music students […]


“Concord” at Eastman: A Charles Ives masterpiece

April 1, 2019

The opening measures of Ives’ “Concord” Piano Sonata: in manuscript and the published version. This week Eastman offers an opportunity to hear a work by a composer who is accepted as an American master, but whose music not is heard all that often: Charles Ives. The piece is Ives’s Second Piano Sonata, which will be […]


Homages and Fleeting Pieces: Eastman Piano Concert Pays Tribute to Women Composers

March 29, 2019

The Eastman School of Music winds up Women’s History Month this Saturday night with an adventurous keyboard recital by “Mr. C. and His All-Stars”. “Mr C.” is Tony Caramia, professor of piano and director of Eastman’s Piano Pedagogy Studies program, who is known for his imaginatively programmed and extensively researched recitals. The “All-Stars” are eight […]


Tongue Twister: Fear of French is a Forlorn Fate

March 25, 2019

by Dr. Sylvie Beaudette, Summer@Eastman Director and French Lyric Diction instructor With internet resources and new editions that include IPA translations of mélodies, one would think that singers, choral conductors, and vocal coaches have all the tools necessary to dive into the rich French repertoire. Yet, most people I coach admit—perhaps preemptively—that French is their […]


Advocacy through Art Song: An Eastman alumni initiative gives a voice to young people with autism

March 22, 2019

Simon Barra performs alongside his wife, Kseniia Barrad, during a workshop performance of the Lynx Autism Advocacy Project. Photograph by Mairead Kahn. By Sarah Forestieri The Lynx Project is an art song initiative created by co-founders soprano, Caitleen Kahn, and mezzo-soprano, Megan Moore in 2015 after completing their graduate degrees at Eastman. Together with Eastman […]


Conductor David Chin is “An Evangelist for Bach”

March 20, 2019

David Chin at Saint Thomas Church, Leipzig David Chin ‘18E (DMA) recalls that when he started as an Eastman student, he knew little of Bach’s music other than keyboard pieces. After repeated exposure and performances he calls himself “a missionary, an evangelist for Bach, especially for the beauty of his vocal music. Music like his […]


Mutually Beneficial: “Performance Plus” Brings Eastman musicians to the George Eastman Museum

March 12, 2019

On February 17, the Train Quartet performed in the Eastman Museum’s “Performance Plus” series. Right to left, Jack Connolly (sophomore bass trombonist); Connor Ingham (sophomore trombonist); Nolan Hennessey (sophomore trombonist); Henry Carpender (junior trombonist). The next “Performance Plus” will be on March 17. By David Raymond For many years, George Eastman’s lavish East Avenue mansion has been […]


Ten Outstanding Eastman Women

March 8, 2019

Today, Friday, March 8, is International Women’s Day. In honor of female musicians around the world, we highlight ten outstanding Eastman women alumni (including one current graduate student)  … bearing in mind that this alphabetical list represents only a tiny fraction of thousands of Eastman women who are changing the world of music. Congratulations to […]


Giving back to a program that inspires: Dr. James E. Clark Chamber Music Residency 2019

March 4, 2019

Jamie Clark and her teacher, David Ying By Sarah Forestieri Jamie Clark recalls that pivotal first moment she entered the Main Hall for her Eastman School of Music audition, “The brilliant energy bubbling within the school felt like the magic of Hogwarts. The feeling I came to learn wholeheartedly over the next four years was […]