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02.08.01 Private Lesson Instruction Eligibility

Any University of Rochester student not currently enrolled in an Eastman degree may request secondary instrumental or vocal lessons at Eastman. Such requests will be approved if the student passes an audition demonstrating at least an intermediate skill level on their instrument or voice, and if sufficient studio space is available.

Secondary lessons are available on the following instruments: bassoon, cello, clarinet, double bass, euphonium, flute, classical or jazz guitar, harp, harpsichord, horn, oboe, organ, percussion, piano, saxophone, trombone, trumpet, tuba, viola, violin, and voice.

Secondary lessons are usually 1/2-hour lessons taught by graduate teaching assistants (TA's). Upon special request to the Associate Dean of Academic and Student Affairs of the Eastman School, a student may be allowed to register for "primary," one-hour lessons.

Any student who takes Eastman lessons must show evidence of progress and accomplishment by playing a jury or its equivalent each spring. If no jury is played, the student will receive a grade of incomplete and will not be allowed to continue with lessons at Eastman.

Students may take as many as 8 semesters of secondary lessons with graduate TA's. Exceptional students who place into faculty studios may take up to 4 semesters of secondary lessons in those studios. BA music majors may have up to 8 semesters of secondary (1/2-hour) lessons in faculty studios (or 4 semesters of primary lessons). Registration Process

Any student requesting Eastman lessons for the first time must obtain an audition form from the College Music Department--Todd 207. The student will be informed of the appropriate Eastman auditioner's name, phone number and the date, time and place of the audition.

The audition will be the basis for placing students with a graduate teaching assistant, class instruction, or in exceptional cases in a studio with an Eastman faculty.

A student auditioning below the intermediate level will not be eligible for collegiate instruction. He/she will be recommended to the Eastman Community Music School (ECMS). Note that lessons taken through the Eastman Community Music School do not earn collegiate credit. Students who pass the audition will be given a permission code, which will enable them to register for their secondary lessons via the online registration system.

Any student who is taking secondary lessons during the fall semester of an academic year may pre-register for the spring semester during the appropriate pre-registration period.

All returning students for Eastman secondary lessons must pre-register during the spring semester for "secondary staff" instruction during the next fall semester. Student Responsibilities

The Eastman auditioner will inform the student of the name and phone number of the teaching assistant (TA) to whom he/she is assigned. The student must contact the TA as soon as possible to arrange for a mutually agreeable weekly lesson time so that lessons may begin as soon as possible in the semester.

In the event of an absence, the student must give the TA advanced notice, whenever possible. Rescheduling of a weekly lesson time should be kept to a minimum and is at the discretion and availability of the instructor.

The student is responsible for weekly lesson preparation, and for abiding by any applicable syllabus requirements.

If a student has concerns about missed lessons, quality of instruction, or any other lesson-related issues, he/she should contact the College Music Department at (585) 275-9397 or email

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