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  • (Exactly as you would like it to appear on your Diploma) PLEASE NOTE: If your name contains a special character or accent mark, please refer to for how to enter these (ALT + Code Typed on Number Pad)
  • Please note we can only send official notification to your Eastman email address.
  • Use CTRL to select more than one option.
  • Please note, this is the date your degree will be granted, not the date of the ceremony.
  • Please select one if this pertains to your program.
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  • Use CTRL to select more than one option.
    Please indicate which option applies to you for the ceremony.
    If you are planning to participate in the May ceremony, your diploma will be available to be picked up after the ceremony. Please check the pick up box. Also, if you are planning to remain in Rochester after you graduate, please check the pick up box. If you would like us to mail your diploma when it arrives, please check the mail diploma box and fill in your diploma mailing address below.
  • If you would like your diploma mailed to you, please enter the name and address for mailing here
    Students’ names appear in the printed commencement program only when they are eligible to march. Actual degrees are not awarded and diplomas are not released to students until ALL requirements are completed. Bachelor of Music Degree Candidates Students are permitted to participate in May 2022 commencement ceremonies only if they will complete their degree by May, August or December 2022. On-completion status will apply to students who complete eight semesters in May 2022, but who must also complete degree requirements (including student teaching) during the Summer 2022 or Fall 2022. The official class-year designation for these students remains 2022, so they may participate in May 2022 commencement activities. Dual-Degree, Take-Five and Key students may participate in commencement ceremonies at the end of either their fourth or fifth year of study. Actual degrees are awarded at the end of the fifth year of study. Candidates for Graduate Degrees Graduate students may participate in May 2022 ceremonies only when absolutely ALL degree requirements are complete. May 2022 graduation will include graduate students who have been awarded degrees in August, October, December 2021, February 2022 and May 2022. Graduate students may not march “on-completion.” For example, an August, October and December 2021 degree recipient should plan to participate in May 2022 commencement. I have reviewed my program of study and plan to complete all courses, performances, thesis, dissertations and other requirements before the expected graduation date checked above. I understand that if ALL requirements are not completed prior to the expected graduation date, I will not receive my degree and my name will not appear in the program distributed at May commencement ceremonies. (“On-completion” exceptions are available for undergraduates only with Registrar’s approval.) If my requirements are not completed by the degree date above, I understand that I must submit a new Degree Application to be considered for the next degree date.

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