Eastman Trombone Studio

Student Success

Mark Kellogg Studio

Student Accomplishments, 2013-present

Nick Finzer (BM/JCM/TRB) Released two jazz CD’s, “Exposition” and “The Chase”. Successfully free-lancing in NYC as a leader and sideman with groups such as Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra and the Michael Davis Hip-Bone Big Band. Co-founded a new not-for-profit endeavor called “Institute for Creative Music” and authored a book on jazz practice techniques; “Get Ahead: A Practical Guide for the Developing Jazz Trombonist”. Visiting faculty, Florida State University, 2014-2016.
Alistair Duncan (BM/JCM/TRB) Finalist, ITF Carl Fontana Jazz Trombone Competition (2013) and Finalist, ITF JJ Johnson Jazz Trombone Competition (2015). Member of the German Young Artist Jazz Orchestra.
Brendan Lanighan (BM/MUE and JCM/TRB) Finalist, ITF Carl Fontana Jazz Trombone Competition (2015) and Honorable Mention, ITF Carl Fontana Jazz Trombone Competition (2016). Downbeat Award Winner (2016).
Aaron Eckert (MM/PRL and JCM/EUPH and TRB) Finalist, ITF JJ Johnson Jazz Trombone Competition (2015). Winner, ITEC Rich Matteson Jazz Euphonium Competition (2016).
Jack Courtright (BM/JCM and AMU/TRB) Winner, ITF Carl Fontana Jazz Trombone Competition (2016)
Christopher Van Hof (MM/PRL/TRB) Faculty, Colorado State University
Carillon Tuba Quartet (Stephen Cannistraci, Will Wortley, Devin Sloos/Aaron Eckert and Andrew Payton) Finalists, ITEC Tuba Quartet Competition (2014 and 2016) and NERTEC Tuba Quartet Competition (2015)
Paulo Perfeito (MM/JCM/TRB) Downbeat Award Winner (2013)
David Fraser (BM/MUE and AMU/EUPH) Finalist, International Euphonium Institute Solo Competition (2013)
Devin Sloos (MM/PRL/EUPH) Member and Assistant Conductor, Canadian Naval Band (2014)
Wil Wortley (BM/AMU/EUPH) Finalist, NERTEC Band Excerpt Mock Audition (2013). Finalist, NERTEC Solo Competition (2015).
Greg Hammond (BM/MUE and AMU/TRB) Member, US Army Band (2016)
Brandon Martell (BM/MUE and MUE/TRB) Choral Director, Calvary Christian HS; St. Petersburg, FL
Ben David Aronson (DMA/TRB) Faculty, SUNY Geneseo and Hobart and William Smith College (2016)
Liam Wilt (BM/AMU/TRB) Finalist, ITF Gilberto Gagliardi Competition (2015). Aspen Music Festival (2016)
David Bruestle (DMA/TRB) Second Trombonist, Virginia Symphony Orchestra
Christopher Lindgren (BM/AMU/TRB) Aspen Music Festival (2015 and 2016)
Matthew Moran (BM/AMU/TRB) Eastern Music Festival (2015)
Charlie Halloran (MM/JCM/TRB) Featured Performer, “Go Go Juice”with pianist, Jon Cleary, Grammy Award Winner for Best Regional Roots Album
Timothy Taylor (MM/JCM/TRB) Music Faculty, Canandaigua (NY) Middle School (2016)
Arthur Thovmasion (MM/PRL/TRB) Music Faculty, Southbridge (MA) High School (2016)
Evan Kelsick (DMA/EUPH) Faculty, Eastern Illinois University