Eastman School of Music: Blackboard Course Merge Form

Hello! This form collects the information necessary for us to submit your requested course merge to the automated system. Submission of this form will generate a support ticket that allows us to track the progress of the merge.

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  • Please note that the proper format of the course ID is as follows: CRSE###.#.SPRING2021ESM. The course abbreviation, number, and section will be unique to your course(s). The semester and year will change over time. Some examples include TH101.1.SPRING2021ESM and ENS200.2.FALL2020ESM. If you need assistance finding your course ID, please email help@esm.rochester.edu.
  • Please enter the course ID for the parent course (the course in which you will actively be working).
  • Please enter the course ID for the child course(s) to be merged with the parent course listed above. To add rows for additional course IDs, please click the plus sign to the right of the text field.