Control Room A

April 16, 2013

Control Room A:


-Euphonix CS3000 56 channel analog console with 8 channels of Euphonix dynamics processing

-Genelec 1032A monitoring system

-Apogee Symphony system, 64in/16out with Apogee AD16x & DA16x converters

-Benchmark System 1000 analog-to-digital converter, 2 channels

-TASCAM X-48 digital multitrack recorder

-Genex GX8000 digital recorder

-TASCAM HD-R1 compact flash recorder

-DataVideo DN-500 digital video recorder

-(2) Apple MacPro computers running Bias Peak 6, Apple Logic 9, Apple Final Cut Studio

-Sony PCM2700A DAT recorder

-TASCAM CDRW2000 CD recorder

-Nakamichi MR-1 cassette recorder

-Lexicon 480 digital effects processor

-TC Electronic M3000 digital effects processor

-TC Electronic Finalizer

-Lexicon PCM91 digital reverb processor

-Lexicon PCM81 digital effects processor

-Drawmer 1960 stereo compressor

-(2) Neve 33609 stereo compressor/limiters

-Universal Audio 1176LN compressor

-DBX 1066 stereo compressor/limiter

-DBX 160S stereo compressor

-Pultec EQP-IA3 parametric equalizer

-Canopus ADVC700 video interface

-Brainstorm DCD8 master clock

-Z Systems Digital Detangler 8.8

-Z Systems Z-Link 96+ sample rate converter