History of Music in Rochester

Prepared by Ronald J. Morgan, Summer 1996
Last revised October 2000 by David Peter Coppen




The Ruth T. Watanabe Special Collections of the Sibley Music Library holds a variety of resources pertaining to the history of music in Rochester. These include special collections, special subject files, and sub-collections, as well as fully cataloged items within the department’s cataloged collection of rare books and archives. The materials are organized here into three categories:

Individual Special Collections These collections contain materials compiled, or presumably compiled, by an individual person — either in the course of professional or private life, or else as focused on some specific organizing principle. As such, the two tend to correlate respectively with a broad cross-section of the field of local music history or its limitation to an intense study of a specific portion. Most of the special collections represented here refer to an individual’s activities through the course of that individual’s lifetime, or a portion of it. Also included are collections connected with certain eminent Rochesterians, whether or not their principal activities were local.

Organizational Special Collections These collections are similar in nature to those of individuals, except that they were generated by the activities of some organization with interests in local music history. Special collections relating specifically to the activities of the Eastman School of Music have been eliminated here since they are treated under the rubric Eastman School Archives.

Sub-collections and files This includes special files and compilations of materials generated by the department or Library over the course of its history. Again, they tend to attempt comprehensivity in a broad area, such as the Rochester Scrapbooks, or to focus intensively in a specific area, such as the Rochester Sheet Music.

The bibliography at the end includes items within all the collections of the Sibley Music Library. Items relating specifically to the Eastman School have in this case been included because it is often difficult to establish a clear demarcation between “local” as opposed to “specifically the Eastman School.”

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Individual Special Collections

O.S. Adams Scrapbook (SC1998.10)

Location: M2A 3,2
.1 linear feet

The collection consists of one scrapbook relating to musical events in Rochester from 1898 to 1909. The scrapbook holds programs and reviews from the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle, including the newspaper’s “Musical Matters” and “Amusements” columns. Most of the performances cited were given at the Lyceum and Baker Theatres in Rochester.

Pauline Alpert Collection (SC1995.8)

Location: M1A 1,2
.25 linear feet

The collection consists of two scrapbooks covering the career of classical and popular pianist Pauline Alpert (1912- ). The scrapbooks contain newspaper clippings of announcements and reviews, and also concert programs (1924-35). Alpert came from a musical family in Rochester and studied piano at the Eastman School of Music. Her career primarily focused on popular music venues, including radio, solo concerts, theater, recordings, and nightclub work. She recorded her solo work as well as that for motion pictures and piano rolls. She appeared on both radio and television, and conducted her own program for WOR radio (New York City).

Clarence Bilhorn Collection

Location: M2A 6,4
.25 linear feet

The collection contains repertoire lists and notes pertaining to Bilhorn’s work as a choir director and director of music at East High School in Rochester. The materials date from circa 1934 to 1947. In addition to her school work, Bilhorn served as choir director at West Avenue Methodist Church, at Greece Baptist Church, and at South Avenue Baptist Church.

Burke, FitzSimons, Hone & Co. Collection

Location: M3B 8,2
.25 linear feet

A small collection of sheet music published for advertising purposes by the local music business of Burke, FitzSimons, Hone & Co. .

Burke Sheet Music Collection (SC1995.16)

Location: M1A 3,2
1.5 linear feet

The collection represents a very fine private “piano bench” collection of popular sheet music of the first half of the twentieth century as compiled by Hazel Munger Burke (1900-89), a talented amateur pianist and native Rochesterian. The music is representative of the tastes of the era and includes a typical selection of a variety of vocal and instrumental music. An area of particular interest is the period of World War I and the 1920s. Piano rags and dances are also prominent. Most of the literature in the collection was originally purchased at Neisner’s Five and Dime Store on Rochester’s Main St., where a full-time pianist played all the latest hits, and where Burke regularly stopped on her way home from school and work.

Carl Dengler Collection

Location: M4A 1,6-2,2
8 linear feet

The collection consists of arrangements for various dance bands conducted by Carl Dengler in the Rochester area as well as published sheet music and memorabilia.

Carl Dengler Scrapbooks (SC1996.16)

Location: M2A 7,1
2.5 linear feet

The collection consists of twelve scrapbooks compiled by native Rochesterian Carl Dengler (1914- ). The scrapbooks contain clippings, photographs, memorabilia and ephemera. The material relates to the dance band era on the local and national level, centering on Dengler’s own activity as a Rochester dance band leader (1927-90). Mr. Dengler started his first band in 1927 while in junior high school, and went on to become Rochester’s foremost band leader, achieving national recognition in addition. He hosted a regular radio program on local station WHAM, and was also broadcast nationally. His activity centered around the Peacock Room in Rochester’s Hayward Hotel during the 1930s and 1940s. Dengler was a close associate of Alec Wilder, Howard Hanson, and many other locally and nationally prominent musicians. He maintained an informal but close relationship with the Eastman School of Music through employing many Eastman students and thereby launching their careers, especially in popular and studio music. The collection contains an audio-cassette tape on which Dengler recollects many of his former bandsmen.

Eastman House Scrapbooks

Location: A7B 3,1
.25 linear feet

Two scrapbooks containing programs of chamber music performances at the Eastman House (1919-29). The scrapbooks appear to have been organized by staff members of the Sibley Music Library.

Eastman Theatre Scrapbooks

Location: A7B 3,4-10
3.5 linear feet

The scrapbooks cover the years 1920-28 and contain press clippings of motion picture screenings and live performances at the Eastman Theatre. The clippings comprise film and concert announcements, and articles on film, film stars, and live performances and associated performers. Included is material on the first performances of the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra, the Metropolitan Grand Opera performances in Rochester, the Rochester American Opera Company performances, and the Eastman School of Dance and Dramatic Action performances (involving Martha Graham.) Specific scrapbooks contain clippings on the building of the Eastman Theatre and School, on George Eastman as patron, and on the first performances in the Theatre. Two scrapbooks contain clippings on George Eastman’s hunting trip to Africa, and two other scrapbooks contain clippings on film screenings at two other Rochester theaters: the Piccadilly and the Regent. (Finding aid available)

Henry B. Ellwanger Collection (SC1996.11)

Location: M1A 3,3
Processed .5 linear feet

The collection contains music composed by Henry B. Ellwanger (1850-83), Rochester-area executive in the Ellwanger-Barry nursery business. In business life, Ellwanger was an internationally known authority on the rose. Musically, he was an organist, and served as music director of St. Andrew’s Church in Rochester. The majority of the collection relates to his work as a church musician. It includes church service bulletins, memoranda, and newsletters relating to St. Andrew’s. Ellwanger was also vice-president (and one of the original founders) of the Rochester Oratorio Society.

Fitch/Finley Collection

Location: M4A 2,6-3,2
12 linear feet

The collection includes manuscripts and publications relating to Theodore Fitch and Lorraine Finley-Fitch of Rochester. Theodore Fitch was a member of the Eastman School of Music theory and composition faculty from 1928 to 1932. Lorraine was active in the preparation of song translations for publication. The collection includes recordings.

Harold Frank and Ruth Garner Frank Collection (SC1996.19)

M1B 6,5-6
1.5 linear feet

The collection contains materials dating from the first half of the 20th century relating to husband and wife, Harold and Ruth Frank, of Rochester. It includes manuscripts and printed music composed by Harold Frank, clippings, programs, and miscellaneous ephemera. The bulk of the non-music materials is comprised of programs from various church services. Some material is related to Ruth Garner’s activities as a soprano vocalist.

J. Milton French Collection

Location: M2A 6,5

.25 linear feet

The collection contains an essay on music by J. Milton French of Rochester, dating from May, 1875.

Anna Walker Goss Scrapbook

Location: M2A 3,4
.25 linear feet

The collection contains one scrapbook containing clippings and programs of musical events in Rochester from 1912 to 1921. Goss studied piano and organ at the Eastman School of Music and served as church organist at Lake Avenue Baptist, First Unitarian Church, and First Baptist Church in Rochester. She also worked as an accompanist of silent films at the Piccadilly Theatre in Rochester.

D.G. Hastings Scrapbooks

M2A 3,5-6
3 linear feet

The collection contains scrapbooks documenting musical events in Rochester (ca. 1875-31). The scrapbooks contain programs (mostly from Rochester and Boston), newspaper articles on music, music reviews, concert announcements, and other items of general musical interest.

Paul Horgan Collection (SC1995.6)

Location: M1A 1,1
1.75 linear feet

Given to the Sibley Music Library by novelist Paul Horgan (1903-95), the collection consists mainly of manuscript drafts of the novel The Fault of Angels, documenting the novel’s development from its first draft to the author’s galleys, annotated by the publisher. The novel is a thinly-veiled portrayal of musical life around the Eastman School of Music during Horgan’s student days at Eastman (1923-1926). Also included with the manuscripts are excised and revised passages from earlier drafts. The series of congratulatory telegrams offers insight into Horgan’s personal life and associates at the time of the book’s publication. An ancillary collection of student newsletters and concert programs provides information about Horgan’s involvement with the Eastman School and his activities, which later influenced his novel.

Harry Kaufman Collection

Location: M4B 2,3
1 linear feet

Music related to the work of Kaufman as cantor in local synagogues.

Institute of Musical Art Scrapbook

Location: A7B 3,1
.2 linear feet

One scrapbook on the Institute of Musical Art (forerunner of the Eastman School of Music) containing newspaper clippings of school and concert announcements, articles on music, and programs of student and faculty concerts (1919-21).

Richard Lansing Collection

Location: M2A 6,3
.25 linear feet

The collection holds the manuscript and revised manuscript of Richard Lansing’s History of Music in Rochester, completed ca. 1909. The history extends back to the first half of the 19th-century. A family autograph album relating to musicians from the late 19th-century is also included. A native Rochesterian, Lansing (1849-?) worked as the official stenographer in the Monroe County Court. He had a variety of musical interests and was involved in the creation of the early Rochester Philharmonic Society.

Alexander Leventon Collection (SC1995.11)

Location: M1A 2,7-3,1
5.1 linear feet

The collection contains 42 original prints, the majority of which are signed by Alexander Leventon (1896-1950) and mounted. Also included are 53 original negatives, 140 copy prints and 96 copy negatives. The subjects of the portraits are primarily musicians associated with the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra and the Eastman School of Music. Leventon came to America from Russia in 1922, whereupon he was engaged as a violinist with the New York Symphony. A year later he moved to Rochester to become concertmaster of the Rochester Philharmonic, serving in that capacity until 1944. He won international recognition for his photographic work.

Local History Scrapbook #1

M2A 3,3
.5 linear feet

The scrapbook contains programs and clippings from newspapers and magazines. The programs are predominantly of concerts and recitals given in Rochester, whereas the clippings are from local and other newspapers and magazines. The materials range in date from 1904 to 1912. Several of the items are of concerts by the local Tuesday Musicale and may indicate that the original compiler had some connection with that influential local society.

Local History Scrapbook #2

M2A 3,2
.25 linear feet

Covering the years ca. 1900-15, the scrapbook includes programs and newspaper clippings relating to musical events — primarily in Rochester, but also in New York City, Boston, and Chicago.

Local History Scrapbook #3

M2A 4,5
.1 linear feet

The scrapbook contains items relating to musical events (1871-79). Rochester events predominate throughout, but New York City and Boston are also represented. Several other items pertain to the early concerts of the Rochester Philharmonic Society. The scrapbook is small, but nevertheless fine and well-ordered and well-maintained.

Louis Ouzer Photographs

Location: M2A 4,5-6
.75 linear feet

The collection contains a selection of photograph prints, mainly portraits, taken by Rochester photographer Louis Ouzer, who has served for decades as the de facto official photographer of the Eastman School of Music. Many of the prints either relate to Eastman or else portray famous musicians.


Location: M2A 3,4
.25 linear feet

The collection contains one booklet with newspaper clippings relating to Julia Hill’s piano concerts in Europe and North America from 1845 to 1856. Hill was from Rochester. The papers also include correspondence and programs to 1879.

Edith May Parks Scrapbook

Location: M2A 3,4
.25 linear feet

The collection consists of one scrapbook containing programs and various press clippings relating to musical events in Rochester (1889-1919). Many of the programs have been annotated with comments on the performances in Parks’ hand.

J.C. Rodenbeck Collection

Location: M2A 7,6
.1 linear feet

The collection contains printed and manuscript compositions by J.C. Rodenbeck (1867-1954). A banker by profession, Rodenbeck also played violin and piano, and composed music. A phonograph record was made of his work “Dorothy Waltzes”, and his “Fredrica Waltzes,” dedicated to his mother, were left unpublished at his death. His songs “Eyes of Azure Blue” and “Dark Eyes” were based on poems by Rochester poet T.T. Swinburne. A few items of ephemera are included, most notably two notices (dated 1776 and 1837) of singing schools.

Katy Schantz Scrapbook

Location: M2A 3,2
.1 linear feet

The collection consists of one scrapbook covering the years ca. 1930-50, containing general musical ephemera and some items of local Rochester interest. Many of the clippings highlight famous performing artists of the day.


Thelma Biracree Schnepel Collection (SC1995.9)

Location: M1A 1,2
.5 linear feet

The collection consists of 34 ballet scores used in the Festivals of American Music (1933-41) at the Eastman School. Most of the scores are annotated with pencilled choreographic notes by Thelma Biracree Schnepel. In addition to her work in the Festivals of American Music, Biracree Schnepel directed the Thelma Biracree School of Ballet, which was associated with the Eastman School of Music during its early years. Watanabe Special Collections also possesses a collection of scores from the Botsford School of Dance, itself also associated with the Eastman School during its first years.

Alfred Spouse Collection

Location: M2A 6,6
.5 linear feet

This collection contains two scrapbooks relating to the 1955 retirement of Alfred Spouse, director of music education for the Rochester School district for 35 years. The scrapbooks contain congratulatory notes and photographs from colleagues, friends, and others in the music community.

Charlotte Stafford Collection (SC1995.15)

Location: M1A 3,2-3
l.5 linear feet

The collection mainly contains sheet music, both vocal, piano, and anthologies of dance tunes, as well as ukulele songs, war songs, and pedagogical books. It represents the working collection of Stafford (1886-1970), a silent film accompanist in Rochester during the 1920s. The bulk of the music dates from 1910 to 1927 with the majority of items published in New York. Some material compiled into cue books by Stafford is also included.

A. J. Warner Collection (SC1996.7″)

Location: M1B 5,2-5
5 linear feet

The collection includes scrapbooks and papers of journalist A. J. Warner (1884-1965), who was theater and music critic for the Rochester Times-Union. Warner’s personal scrapbooks contain clippings from his Rochester reviews (1923-38). A significant number of scrapbooks contain other authors’ reviews of performances in Rochester and New York City from the turn of the century. The collection also contains a group of loose programs, mainly from Rochester and New York City; a significant number of those programs are from the Lyceum Theatre (Rochester), owned by Warner’s grandfather. Warner was a personal friend of Wallis Warfield Simpson, later to become the Duchess of Windsor; several items of correspondence between the two are present. (Finding aid available.)

Alec Wilder Archive

Location: M8A 5,1-
24 linear feet

This is an on-going archive of manuscripts, printed music, recordings, and other materials relating to eminent Rochester composer, Alec Wilder (1907-80). Wilder composed in a variety of musical styles, from pop tunes to chamber music to opera. A native Rochesterian, Wilder was born into a wealthy family long associated with local history and owners of the Wilder Building in downtown Rochester. The composer studied at the Eastman School of Music in the 1920s and later received an honorary degree from the University of Rochester in 1973. Mr. Wilder’s writings include the book The American Popular Song: The Great Innovators 1900-1950. His book Letters I Never Mailed includes his observations on the Eastman School of Music.

Herbert Zahn Collection

Location: M2A 6,6
.25 linear feet

Herbert Zahn was a former president of Rochester Gas & Electric in Rochester. In addition, Zahn was a pianist and director of the RG&E chorus. The materials in this collection represent the variety of Zahn’s musical activities, including engagement books for various ensembles in which he participated, and music performed by the RG&E chorus. Zahn also participated in the Avon Rotary shows and JY Minstrels productions (see under Special Collections, Organizations).

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Organizational Special Collections

Avon Rotary Minstrels Collection

Location M2A 6,6
.25 linear feet

The collection contains programs and scripts relating to musical variety shows and musicals produced by the Avon Rotary (ca. 1945-70). The shows were directed by Herbert Zahn (see Herbert Zahn Collection and JY Minstrels Collection).

Botsford Collection

Location: M3B 8,4-6
7.5 linear feet

The collection contains musical scores of various ballets with choreographic markings from the working collection of the Botsford School of Dance. Enid Kapp Botsford was the originator and organizer of the Eastman Theatre Ballet in 1923 which was housed in the facilities of the Eastman School.

Dossenbach Orchestra Collection

Location: M2A 3,6
.25 linear feet

This collection contains programs of the Dossenbach Orchestra (1904-11), and of the Rochester Orchestra (1912-19), both of which Dossenbach directed. Most performances were given in the Lyceum Theatre and in Convention Hall in Rochester.

JY Minstrels Collection

Location: M2A 6,6
.1 linear foot

This collection contains music and programs related to the Rochester musical group JY Minstrels. The shows were produced by Mark and Edwyn Ruda, with Herbert Zahn acting as music arranger (see Herbert Zahn Collection and Avon Rotary Collection).

Rochester Civic Music Association Scrapbooks (SC1996.4)

Location: AA4B 1,1-2,8
9 linear feet

The collection consists mainly of annual scrapbooks of the Civic Music Association, which sponsored both the Civic Orchestra and the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra. The materials cover the period from the beginning of the Rochester Philharmonic, 1923, to approximately 1975. The clippings comprise concert announcements, articles on performances and performers, performance reviews, and CMA related issues (fundraising, society events, contract disputes with the orchestra, etc.) Several of the scrapbooks are dedicated in large part to specific issues. See also Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra [RPO] Inc. Scrapbooks.

RPO Press Releases

Location: M4A 2,3
2.5 linear foot

The collection contains press releases, miscellaneous programs, and some historical materials relating to the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra (ca. 1920-85).

Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra [RPO] Inc. Scrapbooks (SC1996.5)

Location: AA3B 5,1-9
1.5 linear feet

The collection consists of annual scrapbooks of the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra filled with press clippings from 1975 to 1986. The clippings comprise concert announcements, articles on performances and performers, performance reviews, and RPO related issues (fundraising, board issues, etc.). The collection effectively continues that of the Rochester Civic Music Association [CMA] scrapbooks.

Rochester Philharmonic Society Collection

Location: A2A 4,1
.1 linear foot

The collection contains programs and clippings of the Rochester Philharmonic Society (ca. 1866-81). The Society’s programs featured one of Rochester’s earliest orchestras under the direction of conductor and violinist Henri Appy. Most of the programs took place in Rochester’s Corinthian Hall. Several programs date from an 1881 tour to Toronto. A photograph of Appy can be found in the Eastman School Photo Archives.

Heinrich Schenck Scrapbook

Location: M2A 2,6
.25 linear feet

The scrapbook contains items relating to the career of Heinrich Schenck, a German flautist who immigrated to Rochester in the early 1850s. He was an important local musician and the father of Ludwig Schenck.

Ludwig Schenck Collection

Location: M2A 3,6
.25 linear feet

The collection contains programs (1901-25) of the Rochester Symphony Orchestra (or Symphony Orchestra) under conductor Ludwig Schenck. A few programs are of performances in which Mr. Schenck performed as violinist.

Tuesday Musicale Collection

Location: M2A 3,3-4
2 linear feet

The collection contains programs, correspondence, and press clippings of the local Rochester Tuesday Musicale covering (ca. 1890-1925). The Tuesday Musicales were organized and run by a committee of Rochester women. The performances began as social activities in various homes and grew to become an annual concert season of performances given in various Rochester theaters. Correspondence includes requests for engagements from various artist management bureaus with promotional brochures on contemporary artists.

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Sub-Collections and Files

Iconography Collection

6500+ images
Location: Back of Vault

This is a collection of approximately 6,500 images held in various collections in Watanabe Special Collections. The primary components are the Eastman School Photo Archive (ca. 5,000 images) and the Print Collection (ca. 700 graphic prints). The database also includes each special collection which is made up primarily of images, including the photograph collections by Leventon, by Ouzer, and by Gannett; the collections of operatic photographs by Ottolenghi-Clivio and by David James; and the Pougin collection of graphic prints, as well as the postcard collection. The Eastman School Photo Archive consists primarily of photographs relating to the Eastman School, but also contains many photographs of famous musicians dating back into the 19th-century.

Local History Ephemera File

4 linear feet
Vertical file at back of Vault

This file represents a desultory collection of programs, bills, clippings, etc. pertaining to musical performances in the greater Rochester area. The collection is organized chronologically (1858-1980), although few materials date from after the 1920s. The Special Collections department does not systematically acquire materials for this file, but adds to it occasionally as material is received. The collection was begun in recent years so as to collate unorganized material from a variety of sources.

Local History Subject File

1.5 linear feet
Vertical file at back of Vault

This file was begun in 1996 and collates materials originally dispersed among a variety of discrete sources. It documents subjects relating to Rochester-area music, including people, organizations, institutions, etc., and is distinct from the Ephemera collection, which deals with single events and occasional items.

Rochester Association Sheet Music

6 linear feet
Location M6B 5,3-6

This is a special subject sub-collection of the Sheet Music Collection and contains about 1,500 items. It includes items published in Rochester, New York from virtually the beginning of music publishing in the city (ca. 1840s) until the end of music publication in the early twentieth century. It also includes items not published in Rochester but with some special association with or connection to the city. The collection is an invaluable source for the study of music publishing in upstate New York, and as such offers superb primary source material for the study of provincial music publishing.

Rochester Scrapbooks

30 linear feet
Location: A7B 4,2-8,7

Approximately 200 scrapbooks compiled by the Sibley Music Library containing press clippings (1921-79) on musical life in the greater Rochester area, with primary concentration on musical events around the Eastman School of Music. The clippings are mainly (but not exclusively) from local Rochester newspapers.

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