Duplication Services

The Special Collections department honors duplication requests subject to the following considerations:

  • copyright restrictions
  • an item’s physical condition, together with the potential for damage by handling during reproduction
  • extent of the request (i.e., amount of text or number of pages)
  • availability of a staff member

The department reserves the right to decline any request owing to any of the grounds cited above.


RTWSC adheres to the provisions of the United States Copyright Law, as interpreted by Dr. Lolly Gasaway in her widely circulated and online-accessible chart “When Works Pass into the Public Domain

Requests for any work still under copyright protection will be subject to a permissions procedure, whereby the permission of either the composer’s estate or nearest surviving family member will be sought in writing. RTWSC personnel will manage the procedure and will contact the researcher as soon as a clear result has been obtained.

In keeping with the public domain digitizing service  launched by the SML in 2008, RTWSC will levy no charge on any request for a work that is demonstrably in the public domain. A request for any public domain item, in its entirety, will be provided free of charge.

A service fee will apply for custom scans and for works that are still under copyright protection. The service fee on any transaction will be equal to twice the department’s photocopying fee

Accordingly, RTWSC’s fees for duplication services are as follows:


  • Orders placed within the department and picked up in person are charged at the rate of US$0.10/page on 8.5×11” paper, or US$0.15/page on 11×17” paper.
  • Orders placed from off-site (i.e., by telephone, email, fax, or U.S. Mail) are charged at the rate of US$0.25/page.
  • For postal delivery of photocopies, the department’s charge for domestic shipping and handling is US$2.00. For international postal delivery, postal rates as published on the United States Postal Service’s website will apply.
  • A service fee of US$10.00 will apply to any order totaling more than 50 pages.


  • No fee will apply to any work in the public domain that is to be scanned in its entirety, thereby permitting its publication online for the benefit of the entire community.
  • A service and transmission fee will attend any requests for content that is not in the public domain. The fee will equal twice what the photocopying cost would be on the given request.
  • Requests for custom scanning, such as high-resolution requests for publication purposes, will be invoiced at the rate of US$5 per image.
  • Any specialized requests that must be outsourced will be subject to the direct invoicing by the designated vendor.



Payment will be accepted by cash, check, money order, or credit card. Credit card transactions will be referred to the Eastman School’s Office of Finance, where personnel will work directly with the patron so as to ensure security and confidentiality of account information.

Use fees and permissions

Please contact the department for specific information regarding permission for the use of images from Special Collections holdings in publications or in other multi-media uses.