Duplication Services

The Special Collections department honors duplication requests subject to the following considerations:

  • copyright restrictions
  • an item’s physical condition, together with the potential for damage by handling during reproduction
  • extent of the request (i.e., amount of text or number of pages)
  • availability of a staff member

The department reserves the right to decline any request owing to any of the grounds cited above.

Fees for duplication services are as follows:


Orders placed within the department and picked up in person are charged at the rate of US$ 0.10/page on 8.5×11” paper, or US$ 0.15/page on 11×17” paper.

Orders placed from off-site (i.e. by telephone, email, fax, or U.S. Mail) are charged at the rate of US$ 0.25/page.

For postal delivery of photocopies, the department’s charge for domestic shipping and handling is US$ 2.00. For international postal delivery, postal rates as published on the United States Postal Service’s website will apply.

A service fee of US$ 10.00 will apply to any order totaling more than 50 pages.

Color photocopying must be outsourced. Color photocopies will be provided at the current rate charged by the nearest commercial vendor (which, as of January, 2009, is Minuteman Press in downtown Rochester), together with a departmental service charge of US$ 2.00 per order


Photographic services must be outsourced.  In all such instances, the time required for delivery will depend on the department’s capacity to schedule a mutually convenient appointment with an independent contractor, and also on that contractor’s own workflow.


The department provides custom scanning services in support of performance and/or research needs. The department’s fee for scanning is based on the expenditure of a staff member’s time. A charge of $10 will apply for each session of 15 minutes or any fraction thereof. A $5 charge will apply for delivery of images saved to CD-ROM or DVD and sent by the U.S. Postal Service. There is no charge for electronic delivery of scans via email, but the department assumes no responsibility for the limitations of any email server to accommodate large digital files.

Users are advised that the library’s sole means of scanning is by flatbed scanner. Items that are deemed not scanner-worthy owing to their dimensions or their physical condition will be outsourced for digitization by overhead scanner. The department’s preferred provider for that service is Museum Photographics (Rochester, New York), which will invoice patrons directly. The total cost of any individual job will be the invoice total charged by Museum Photographics, together with a Special Collections departmental service fee of $25.00. The time required for delivery will depend on the department’s capacity to schedule a mutually convenient appointment with the studio and also on the studio’s own workflow at that time.

Items that are in the public domain will be considered for digitizing under the provisions of the library’s public domain digitizing service.



Payments are accepted by cash, check, money order, or credit card.

Use fees and permissions

Please contact the department for specific information regarding permission for the use of images from Special Collections holdings in publications or in other multi-media uses.