ESM Archive


Ruth T. Watanabe Special Collections is proud to house the Eastman School of Music Archive,  which is the official repository for the School’s historical, institutional, and administrative records, as well as the Eastman Audio Archive (EAA), which is a complementary repository for all Eastman School performances (both faculty and student) dating from 1933 to the present. The sources and collections that comprise the ESM Archive and the Eastman Audio Archive contain a wealth of information about not only the school’s history and operations but also the careers and accomplishments of its faculty, staff, and alumni.  We are committed to providing open and equitable access to  School records, collections, and materials to all researchers, including members of the UR/ESM community, alumni and their families, and the general public.

Stories celebrating Eastman’s rich history as told through the lens of our archival collections can be found in our This Week @ Eastman blog posts.

Black and white photo of the exterior of Eastman Theatre, viewed from the northwest corner of Main Street and Gibbs Street (1922).
Photograph from ESPA Album 7/16.