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Degree Audits

02.06.11 Degree Audits for BM, MM, and MA students

What is a degree audit?

A degree audit is an analysis that enables the student and his/her adviser to assess the student’s academic progress and unfulfilled degree requirements. The audit is a valuable tool for academic planning and course selection, because it matches the courses that the student has taken with the requirements of his/her degree program. Audits are available for anyone who is enrolled at the Eastman School in a Bachelor of Music, Master of Music, or Master of Arts degree program. Audit data is refreshed once daily. So, if the student adds or drops a course today, the change won’t appear in the audit until the next day. The degree audit is not the student’s official academic record. The transcript is the official record of completed work. How do I get a current degree audit?

Instructions for running a current degree Audit using DARS.

1.) Click on VIEW MY DEGREE AUDIT above.

2.) Sign in using your Net ID and password.

3.) Click on “Audits” in the upper left hand corner.

4.) Click on “Request New Audit”.

5.) If’s not selected already, select “run default program listed” on the left side of the screen.

6.) Click on “submit a new audit” at the bottom of the screen. The audit will take about 30 seconds to run.

7.) After about 30 seconds, the audit job should appear in the queue. If it doesn’t, click on the refresh list link in the middle of the screen.

8.) Click on “open audit” to view the audit. Please note that the graphical representations of hours and GPA are not populated at this time. The audit includes an explanation of how to interpret the report.

9.) Dual degree students and students with two majors will receive two audit reports; one for each program.

10.) All variations from stated degree and major requirements must be documented by the appropriate dean, department chair, or faculty member.


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