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Academic Policy Handbook - Index

02.00 Academic Policy - All Students

02.01 General Information

02.01.01 Mission Statement

02.02 Accreditation

02.03 List of Degree Programs and Codes

02.04 Diversity

02.05 Registration and Enrollment

02.05.01 Registration and Late Fees

02.05.02 Immunization Requirements

02.05.03 +Drop/Add Period

02.05.04 Withdrawing from Courses

02.05.05 Auditing a Course

02.05.06 Status by Division and Class

02.05.07 Time Status

02.05.08 Changes to Enrollment Status Inactive Status Withdrawal From the Eastman School

02.05.09 Enrollment Verification Degree Verifications

02.05.10 Considerations for International Students English Language Requirements/Provisional Status

02.06 Academics

02.06.01 Academic Advising

02.06.02 Attendance

02.06.03 Independent Studies

02.06.04 Secondary Lessons for Eastman Students

02.06.05 Change of Major

02.06.06 Courses at Other Schools within the University of Rochester

02.06.07 Special Accommodations for Students with Disabilities

02.06.08 Assessments and Grading Juries Examinations

02.06.09 Incomplete Grades

02.06.10 Academic Transcripts, Grade Reports, Diplomas

02.06.11 Degree Audits for BM, MM, and MA students

02.07 Confidentiality, Directory Information and Email

02.07.01 Confidentiality of Student Records

02.07.02 Directory Information

02.07.03 Email as Official Means of Communication with Students

02.08 Instruction for Non-Eastman University of Rochester Students

02.08.01 Private Lesson Instruction Eligibility Registration Process Student Responsibilities

02.08.02 Other Courses

02.09 Non-Matriculated Students

02.09.01 Eligibility and Application Procedures

02.09.02 Visiting Student Program

02.10 Student Financial Aid

02.10.01 Minimum Requirements for Merit-Based Financial Aid

02.11.02 Change of Registration Status (and Impact on Financial Aid)

02.11.03 Requests for Additional Financial Assistance

02.12 Diploma Programs of Study

02.12.01 Orchestral Studies Program in Strings

02.12.02 Sacred Music Diploma

02.12.03 Ethnomusicology Diploma

02.13 Certificate Programs

02.13.01 The Arts Leadership Certificate Program

02.13.02 Performer's Certificate and Artist's Certificate

02.13.03 World Music Certificate

02.13.04 Certificate in College or Community Music Teaching

02.14 Mandatory Health Fee

02.15 Health Insurance

02.16 Student Health Insurance Options Process

02.17 Teacher Certification in New York State

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04.00 Undergraduate Academic Policy & Curriculum

04.00 General

04.00.01 Residency requirements

04.00.02 Continuous Undergraduate Registration

04.00.03 Re-admission to the Undergraduate Degree Program

04.01 Curriculum

04.01.01 Core curriculum Performance component Music academic component Colloquium (EIC101) Humanities/Science elective component Humanities/Science: Non-English Language Requirement for Music Education Majors

04.01.02 Departmental requirements Applied Music - Double Bass, Guitar, Harp, Organ, Piano, Strings, Voice, Winds, Brass & Percussion Composition Jazz Performance Jazz Writing Music Education - General Music Education - Instrumental Music Education - Vocal Musical Arts Theory Curriculum Footnotes

04.01.03 Variations from the prescribed programs of study

04.02 Maximum credit loads

04.03 Transfer credit for matriculated students who enter as first-time freshmen

04.04 Advanced standing

04.04.01 Theory

04.04.02 Humanities/science electives

04.04.03 Advanced placement (AP)

04.04.04 Double majors

04.05 Set-aside Credit towards Graduate Study

04.06 Double majors

04.06.01 FORTE program

04.07 Minors and certificates (non-music)

04.08 Transfer students

04.08.01 Minimum residency requirement

04.08.02 Determination of class standing

04.08.03 Transfer credit for transfer students

04.09 Dual degree program

04.09.01 General guidelines

04.09.02 Satisfactory progress for dual degree students

04.09.03 Special academic arrangements

04.09.04 Requirements for graduation/Degree conferral

04.10 Special programs

04.10.01 Take Five Scholars Program

04.10.02 Kauffman Entrepreneurial Year (KEY) Program

04.10.03 Study Abroad Transfer Credit

04.10.04 Eastman Initiatives Curriculum Internship

04.11 Absence policy

04.12 Grading policies and procedures

04.12.01 Grades, points and credit

04.12.02 Repeating failed courses

04.12.03 Dean's List

04.13 Progress towards degree completion

04.13.01 Minimum standards for satisfactory academic progress Grades of Incomplete I, No Grade N, and Withdrawal W Repeated Courses Audited and Pass-Fail Courses

04.13.02 Financial Aid and Academic Warning

04.13.03 Departmental probations Performance Probation Music education probation Theory probation English As A Second Language Probation

04.13.04 Academic Action Plans

04.13.05 Suspension Appeals Financial Aid and Academic Probation

04.13.06 Dismissal

04.13.07 Impact of academic standing on merit-based aid

04.13.08 Completion of Degree Requirements

04.14 Graduation/Commencement

04.14.01 Marching on completion

04.14.02 Graduation Honors

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06.00 Graduate Professional Curricula (MM, DMA)

06.01 General Information

06.01.01 Graduate Professional Division

06.01.02 Ensemble Participation

06.01.03 Graduate Juries

06.01.04 Graduate Recitals

06.02 The Master of Music Degree

06.02.01 List of Majors offered within the MM Degree

06.02.02 Residency & Time Limits for MM Degrees

06.02.03 Placement Examinations, Listening Exam, and Remedial Courses (MM)

06.02.04 MM Elective Course Restrictions

06.02.05 MM - Major in Composition

06.02.06 MM - Major in Conducting

06.02.07 MM - Major in Early Music (Emphasis in Historical Plucked Instruments)

06.02.08 MM - Major in Jazz Studies & Contemporary Media

06.02.09 MM - Major in Music Education MM - Major in Music Education (leading to New York State Initial plus Professional Certification in Music)

06.02.10 MM - Major in Opera (Stage Directing)

06.02.11 MM - Major in Performance and Literature Woodwinds Specialist (MM Performance & Literature)

06.02.12 MM - Major in Piano Accompanying and Chamber Music

06.03 The Doctor of Musical Arts Degree

06.03.01 Continuation from MM to DMA Degree

06.03.02 List of Majors within the DMA Degree

06.03.03 Residency & Time Limits (DMA)

06.03.04 Remedial Courses (DMA)

06.03.05 Program of Study - General Information (DMA)

06.03.06 Lecture Recital (DMA)

06.03.07 Comprehensive Exam & Candidacy (DMA)

06.03.08 Dissertation/Doctoral Research Project

06.03.09 DMA - Major in Composition

06.03.10 DMA - Major in Conducting

06.03.11 DMA - Major in Early Music (Emphasis in Historical Plucked Instruments)

06.03.12 DMA - Major in Jazz Studies & Contemporary Media

06.03.13 DMA - Major in Music Education

06.03.14 DMA - Major in Performance & Literature

06.03.15 DMA - Major in Piano Accompanying & Chamber Music

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