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SC 1996.23

Ruth T. Watanabe Special Collections
Sibley Music Library
Eastman School of Music
University of Rochester

prepared by S. M. Honea
Fall 1996






Location: M1B 7,7
.5 linear feet

Henry B. Neejer, Strains from the Harp: A Fantasia (New York: Anglo-American, 1897). Title page, from Henry B. Neejer Collection, Box 1, Folder 16.

Biographical Sketch

Henry B. Neejer (1882-1957) was born and raised in Syracuse, New York. He studied with P. Melfi and was offered a professional position in Philadelphia. He declined a professional career in order to take a position as an executive with the large Syracuse stationer, G.D. Kirkland, with which company he remained until retirement. While pursuing his business career, he continued to perform as a free-lance musician in the Syracuse area throughout most of his life.



This collection passed to Neejer’s daughter, Elizabeth Neejer Kober, on his death. It was retained by her until 1996, when it was donated to Sibley Music Library.


Scope and Content

The collection mainly contains publications for the harp from the late nineteenth century. One of the published works is by Neejer himself, and a few manuscripts of works by him also are included. Also included is a 78 rpm recording of Neejer playing, which was re-recorded from a steel wire recording made shortly before World War II. The collection represents a good example of a working library of an active free-lance harpist operative in a non-metropolitan area. It also documents the existence of an accomplished male harpist, an instrument otherwise dominated by females. Thus it is of potential interest to gender studies.


Restrictions and Use

There are no restrictions.



Watanabe Special Collections includes a significant amount of harp music integrated among its rare holdings. It also possesses the Nan Gullo Collection of rare harp music and the Lucille Rosenbloom library, which latter has been integrated with the rare holdings.



Series 1: All materials

The collection is so predominantly composed of music that it has not been subdivided. Manuscript music is integrated with printed music and arranged alphabetically. The one recording has been placed at the end.



Series 1: All materials

Box 1

folder 1 Alvars, E. Parish. L’Adieu: romance. Op.68. hamburg: Cranz. Pl.no. 4098.
folder 2 Alvars, Parish. Gran Studio ad imitazione del mandolino, Op.84. Milano: Ricordi, Pl.no. G18573G.
folder 3 Bedini, Guendalina. Rimembranze dell’ Aida da Verdi: fantasia per arpa. Milano: Ricordi, Pl.no. d44783d.
folder 4 Bendel, Franz. Dornröschen. New York: Schirmer, Pl.no. 2749r.
folder 5 Chatterton, J. Balsir. Romance. London: Ashdown, Pl.no. E.A.16,481.
folder 6 Dussek, O.B. The Blue Bells of Scotland. London: Ashdown, Pl.no. E.A. 28,199.
folder 7 Beatrix Fels. Ballade und Gebet aus Leo Delibes Coppelia, Op.17. Berlin: Fürstner, Pl.no. A4496F.
folder 8 Galos, C. Nocturne, Op.17. Offenbach: Andre, Pl.no. 8373.
folder 9 Godefroid, Felix. La Danse des sylphes: rondo brillant, étude. Mayence: Schott’s Söhne, Pl.no. 10654.
folder 10 Godefroid, Felix. Ecole mélodique: no.5, la sérénade. Mayence: Schott’s Söhne, Pl.no. 23098.
folder 11 Holý, alfred. Drei Vortragsstücke: no. 1 Arabeske, Op.7. Berlin: Carl Simon, Pl.no. C.S.2289II.
folder 12 MacDowell, Edward. To a Wild Rose, Op.57. manuscript copy.
folder 13 Moszkowski, Moritz. Serenata aus opus 15. Breslau: Hainauer, Pl.no. J.2779H.
folder 14 Naderman, François. La Biondina: from recueil d’airs varies. [?] manuscript copy.
folder 15 Neejer, Henry B. Christ the Lord is risen. [for voice & organ] manuscript.
folder 16 Neejer, Henry B. Strains from the harp: a fantasia. New York: Anglo-American, 1897.
folder 17 Oberthür, Charles. Trois morceaux caracteristiques: no.3 la gazelle, op.121. London: Ashdown, Pl.no. 8300.
folder 18 Oberthür, Charles. La Serenata: légende valaque de G. Braga. Mayence: Schott’s Söhne, Pl.no. 24340.
folder 19 Oberthür, Charles. Trois etudes: no.1, grace, op.102. London: Ashdown, Pl.no. 7783.
folder 20 Oberthür, Charles. Gems of Verdi: no.6 la donna è mobile, op.119. London: Ashdown, Pl.no. 8979.
folder 21 Oberthür, Charles. Gems of German Song: from the Alp the horn resounding, H. Proch. London: Ashdown, Pl.no. 7292.
folder 22 Pizzi, Emilio. Ave Maria. manuscript copy.
folder 23 Posse, Wilhelm. Acht grosse etuden, no.1. Leipzig: Zimmermann, Pl.no. Z.3307.
folder 24 Posse, Wilhelm. Acht grosse etuden, no.2. Leipzig: Zimmermann, Pl.no. Z.3308.
folder 25 Posse, Wilhelm. Acht grosse etuden, no.3. Leipzig: Zimmermann, Pl.no. Z.3309.
folder 26 Posse, Wilhelm. Acht grosse etuden, no.4. Leipzig: Zimmermann, Pl.no. Z.3310.
folder 27 Posse, Wilhelm. Acht grosse etuden, no.5. Leipzig: Zimmermann, Pl.no. Z.3311.
folder 28 Posse, Wilhelm. Acht grosse etuden, no.6. Leipzig: Zimmermann, Pl.no. Z.3312.
folder 29 Posse, Wilhelm. Acht grosse etuden, no.7. Leipzig: Zimmerman, Pl.no. Z.3313.
folder 30 Posse, Wilhelm. Acht grosse etuden, no.8. Leipzig: Zimmerman, Pl.no. Z.3314.
folder 31 Smith, Sidney. Le jet d’eau. Boston: Ditson, Pl.no. 23775.
folder 32 Schuëcker, Edmund. Fünf leichte Stücke, no.5 romance. Chicago: Lyon & Healy, 1892.
folder 33 Thomas, John. Winter. imprint lacking.
folder 34 Trnecek, Hans. Schubert-fantasie, op.7. Bayreuth: Giessel, Pl.no.34.
folder 35 Verdalle, Gabriel. Ballade, op.l1. Hamburg: Rahter, Pl.no. 1041.
folder 36 Widor, Charles M. 5me duo: sérénade. Mainz: Schott’s Söhne, Pl.no. 24863.5.
folder 37 untitled manuscript sketch.
folder 38-39 recording of Henry B. Neejer performing.