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SC 1996.25

Ruth T. Watanabe Special Collections
Sibley Music Library
Eastman School of Music
University of Rochester

prepared by Erica Ann Zumsteg
Fall 1996




Location: M1B 7, 5-7
3.25 linear feet

Selection of 18th- and 19th-century harp music and method books from the Gullo Harp Collection.

Biographical Sketch

Nan Gullo, harpist, received degrees from the Juilliard School and Pennsylvania State University, finishing with a D.M.A. at the Eastman School of Music. She has held several teaching positions in Pennsylvania and in New York. In addition to performing as a soloist and in orchestras such as the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra, Ms. Gullo is very active in the musical community and is a founding member of the American Harp Society and of its Central Pennsylvania Chapter. Currently, Nan Gullo teaches harp at Houghton College and in the Eastman School of Music’s CED program. She also serves as the music director and organist at the Lutheran Church of the Redeemer in Rochester, New York.



This collection was compiled by Nan Gullo and her husband, Charles W. Mann, Curator of Rare Books and Manuscripts at Penn State University. Ms. Gullo gave the collection to the Sibley Music Library in 1994.


Scope and Content

This collection mainly consists of eighteenth and nineteenth-century harp music formerly belonging to Nan Gullo. Most of the music is written for the double-action harp, an instrument which allowed for much greater virtuosity and variation than earlier harps could provide. The collection contains etudes, method books, exercises, duets, arrangements, and pieces, thereby providing any harp player with a wealth of literature and with an insight into the musical interests of society during these two centuries. It should also be noted that several of the binders collections consist of piano music which may be of interest to pianists, especially those interested in “salon” music.


Restrictions and Use

No restrictions.



Those interested in this collection may also find the Neejer Collection of interest. This collection is relatively small and is comprised of late nineteenth-century harp music. Also of interest, is the Rosenbloom Collection which is currently dispersed in the general rare books collection and several pieces from the Marie Mellman Naugle Collection which are also located in the general collection.



Series 1: Musical Instruments Catalog

This first series consists of one item which is a musical instrument catalog from the York Castle Museum in England.

Series 2: Music Imprints

The second series consists of musical imprints. The music is arranged alphabetically by composer. Works without a known author can be found at the beginning of the series under “Anon.”

Series 3: Binders Collections

Divided into three sub-series by instrumentation, this series contains a large number of binders collections made up of music, generally from the late-eighteenth and early-nineteenth centuries. The number designated to each collection has been made by the compiler of this finding aid and has no significance. Please note that there is an index at the end of this series to aid in locating specific works.



Series 1: Musical Instruments Catalog

Box 1

folder 1 Musical Instruments in York Castle Museum

Series 2: Music Imprints

folder 2 Anon. The Anti-Slavery Harp: a collection of songs for anti-slavery meetings. compiled by William W. Brown. Second edition. Boston: Bela Marsh. 1849. photocopy]
folder 3 Anon. Scene pour la Harpe composée de Morceaux choisis dans les Oevres de Messieurs Cardon et Krumpholtz par un admirateur de leaur talent! Paris: adresses ordinaires de Musique.
folder 4 Bédard, J.B. Le Menuet de la Cour et la Gavotte de Vestris Pour Piano ou Harpe Avec Accompagnement de Violon arrangés par J.B. Bedard. Paris: Corbaux.
folder 5 Blagrove, R.M. The Peasants Joy. Rondo for the Harp or Pianoforte. London: J. Balls.
folder 6 Bochsa, N.C. L’anima di musica, for the Harp. London: Goulding & D’Almaine.
folder 7 Bochsa, N.C. Batti batti, The favorite Air in Mozart’s Opera of Il Don Giovanni, Arranged for the Harp. London: Chappell & Co. p.n.572.
folder 8 Bochsa, N. Charles. Deux Grandes Sonates pour la Harpe, Op. 37. Paris: Ch. les Bochs. O.No.78.
folder 9 Bochsa, N. Charles. Douze Préludes Progressifs, Pour la Harpe, Op.25. Paris: Pacini. p.n.35.
folder 10 Bochsa, C. Duo pour Cor et Harpe, ou Clarinette et Harpe. Paris: Duhan & Co. p.n.5e Anneé No.2 et 3.
folder 11 Bochsa, N. Charles. Duo pour deux harpes Sur l’Air: Soyez sensibles, des Mystéres d’Isis, avec Variations, Op.19. Paris: Cousineau. p.n.342.
folder 12 Bochsa, N.C. Eighteen Entirely New Studies for the Harp. Books I and II. London: Ashdown & Parry. p.n. A & P 8183 and 8184. [no title page for either book]
folder 13 Bochsa. Bochsa’s Explanations of his New Harp Effects. London: Goulding and D’Almaine.
folder 14 Bochsa, N.C. The First Six Weeks, or Daily Precepts and Examples for the Harp. London: D’Almaine & Co.
folder 15 Bochsa, N.C. La ci darem la mano, Mozart’s Favorite Duett, in the Opera of Il Don Giovanni, with Variations and an Introduction for the harp. London: Chappell & Co. p.n.570.
folder 16 Bochsa, N.Ch. Nouvelle Methode de Harpe en deux Parties. Op. 60. Paris: Schonenberger. V.D et D.435.
folder 17 Bochsa, N.C. Quinze Préludes. Op.207. Paris: Lemoine et Fils. V. D. et D.4536.
folder 18 Bochsa, N.C. Sul margine d’un rio, A favorite Air with an Introduction and Brilliant Variations for the Harp. London: F.T. Latour. p.n.1017.
folder 19 Bochsa, N.Ch. and Duport. Trois Nocturnes Concertans pour Harpe et Violoncelle (ou Violon). Op.70. Paris: Bochsa. p.n. 149.
folder 20 Bochsa, N.Ch. Trois Nocturnes Concertans Pour Harpe et Flûte. Op.71, no.3. Paris: J.J. de Momigny. p.n. 3.R. No. 3.

Box 2

folder 1 Bochsa, N.Ch. Twenty Études faciles. Op.318, no.2. Paris: Henry Lemoine & Co. p.n.334.
folder 2 Bochsa and Oberthuer. Universal Method for the Harp. New York: Carl Fischer. p.n.15292-117.
folder 3 Boieldieu, A. Troisieme Duo et Polonaise pour la Harpe et le Forté Piano ou pour deux Pianos. Paris: Gaveaux. p.n.33.
folder 4 Bürckhoffer, J.G. Divertissement pour la Harpe avec Accompagnement de Violon et Violoncelle obligés. Op.16. Paris: Cousineau.
folder 5 Bürckhoffer, J.G. Ouverture de La Frascatana del Signor Paesiello arrangée pour la Harpe aves Accompagnement de Violon et Violoncelle. Op.18. Paris: Cousinau.
folder 6 Cahusac, W.M. The German Flute Preceptor or the whole Art of playing the Flute rendered easy to every Capacity to which is added a favorite Collection of Songs, Minuetts, Marches, Duetts, etc. . . London: W.M. Cahusac.
folder 7 Cardon, Jean-Baptiste. Quatrième Livre de Sonates pour la Harpe avec accompagnement de Violon. Op.9. Paris: Cousineau. p.n. 9. [Violin and Harp parts]
folder 8 Choron, Al. Et. and J. Adrien de Lafage. Manuel complet de musique ou encyclopédie musicale. Paris: Schonenberger.
folder 9 Clark, Melville. How to Play The Harp. Philadelphia: Theodore Presser Co. H.M. 99.
folder 10 Clarke, Dr. The Minstrel’s Harp from The Lap of the Last Minstrel, composed with an accompaniment for the Harp or Piano Forte. London: Clementi & Co.
folder 11 Concone, L. Études pour la harpe. Op.26. Trente morceaux dans tous le genres Préludes, Caprices et Modulations. Paris: Costallat & Co. p.n.3589 R.
folder 12 Corri, Montague. Six Waltzes A March & Fandango for the Piano Forte or Harp with an accompaniment for the Violin or Flute ad lib. London: J. Davis.
folder 13 Corsin. Sonate pour la Harpe terminé par un Air varié. Paris: Corsin. [Harp and accompaniment part]
folder 14 Costellow, Tho. The favorite Irish Air as Performed by Mr. Wiepart, on the Harp, in the pantomine of Harlequin Amulet, adapted for the Piano Forte or Harp, with Variations. London: E.Riley’s.
folder 15 Cosway, Madame. Deux Sonates pour le Clavecin, avec un Violon, arrangées pour deux. Harpe et Clavecin, Piano-forte ou l’Orgue par Phil. Jac. Meyer. London: Birchall & Andrews.
folder 16 Dale, J. [arranged by]. The College Hornpipe. arranged as a Rondo for the Piano-forte or Harp. London: Dale.
folder 17 Delcourt, L. Exercices et Etudes doigtés pour la Harpe chromatique. Paris: Alphonse Leduc. A.L.10,215.
folder 18 Deleplanque, Mr. Ouverture et Airs de Tarares arrangée pour la Harpe. Paris: Imbault. p.n.110.
folder 19 Désargus, Xavier. Nouvelle Méthode de Harpe. Paris: Désargus.
folder 20 Dés Argus, Xavier. Traité Général sur l’Art de jouer de la Harpe. Paris: Désargus.

Box 3

folder 1 Desserre, G.T. Trois Études pour Harpe. Paris: Les Nouvelles Éditions Meridian, 1956. p.n.1681.
folder 2 Dizi, F.J. Forty-eight Études pour la Harpe, nouvelle édition en deux livres. Paris: Lemoine & Co. p.n.20525. H. [Book I only]
folder 3 Ferrari, and Demar. Theme Varié Sur un Air National Russe (Les adieux du cosaque), arrangé pour Harpe ou Piano. Paris: Ferrari. p.n.94.
folder 4 Fioravanti. Couplets de’virtuosi ambulanti chantes par Mr. Zardi, arrangée avec accompagnement de Piano ou Harpe par Pacini. Paris: a la Thipographie de la Syrene Peristille du Théâtre Favart Côte de la Rue Mariveaux. p.n.29.
folder 5 Fiorillo, F. Seventy-two Exercises for the Harp to which is added a Capricio, including an abstract of the whole work the Fingering by Mr. Dizi. Op.41. London: Wilkinson & Cie.
folder 6 Gatayes. Duo pour Harpe et Cor. Op.22. Paris: Corbaux. p.n. 33.
folder 7 Godefroid, Félix. Ballade de la Fée. Paris: Durdilly. Cie.960.
folder 8 Godefroid, Félix. Chant des Exilés. Op.188. Milano: Ricordi. p.n.44072.
folder 9 Godefroid, Félix. Le Coucou. Paris: F. Durdilly. V.D. et Cie. 4024.
folder 10 Godefroid, F. La Danse des Sylphes, Etude caractéristique. London: B. Schott’s. p.n.10654.
folder 11 Godefroid, Félix. La Harpe Eolienne. Paris: R. Deiss. B.a. 4394.
folder 12 Godefroid, F. La Mélancolie. Le Rêve. London: Schott & Co. p.n.10653.
folder 13 Godefroid, Félix. Le Revoir, Romance sans Paroles pour Harpe. Paris: F. Durdilly. Cie.961.
folder 14 Godefroid, Félix. École mélodique pour la Harpe – Les Ris et les Pleurs, Fantasie. Milan: G. Ricordi & C. p.n.83920.
folder 15 Godefroid, Félix. Sur le Lac (Nuit d’été), Op.191. Milan: G. Ricordi & C. p.n.44668.
folder 16 Godefroid, F. Trois Morceaux caractéristiques-Les Gouttes de Rosée, Andante. London: B. Schott. p.n.14907.3.
folder 17 Giornovichi, Mr. The Celebrated Concerto, arranged for the Harp or Piano Forte, with an Accompaniment for Violin and Bass, ad Libitum by S. Dussek. London: D. Corri.
folder 18 Gunn, John. An Historical Enquiry respecting the Performance on the Harp in the Highlands of Scotland; from the earliest times, until it was discontinued, about the year 1734. . . Edinburgh: J. Ballantyne and Co., 1807.
folder 19 Hart. First set of Scotch Quadrilles.
folder 20 Hart. Second set of “Royal Gallopades”.
folder 21 Hart. Thirteenth set of Quadrilles, “Macbeth”.
folder 22 Hart. Thirtieth set of Quadrilles.
folder 23 Hart. Twenty-fourth set of Quadrilles, “Il Barbiere di Siviglia”.
folder 24 Hook, Mr. Les adieux d’amis, A Favorite Bagatelle for the Harp & Piano Forte. London: Bland & Weller’s.
folder 25 Horn, Henry. Rudiments for the Single and Double Movement Harp exemplified in a clear concise manner with forty-two exercises. . . London: Goulding D’Almaine, Potter, & Co.
folder 26 Jones, Edward. The Bardic Museum, of Primitive British Literature; and other admirable rarities; forming the second volume of the musical, poetica, and historical relics of the Welsh Bards and Druids. . . London: A. Strahan, 1802.
folder 27 Jones, Edward. Musical Miscellany for the Harp, or Harpsichord: Consisting of Pastorales, Notturnos, Military Airs, and Sonatas . . . London: No. 3 Green Street.

Box 4

folder 1 Krumpholtz, J.B. Deux Duo pour deux Harpes, Dont la Seconde peut S’éxécuter sur le piano-forte arrangés en Simphonies Concertantes avec accompagnement de violon, flûte, bassoon deux cors et contre-basse . . . Op.5. Paris: Bonjour. p.n.142. [Harp and accompaniment parts]
folder 2 Krumpholtz, M. Deux Simphonies pour la Harpe Seule ou avec accompagnement de Violon, Op.11. Paris: Mimigny. p.n.6.
folder 3 Krumpholtz, M. Sixieme Concerto pour la Harpe, avec Accompagnement de deux Ciolona, deux hautbois, deux Cors, une Flûte, Taille et Basse, Op.9. Paris: Bonjour. p.n.6.C.
folder 4 Le Roy. Premier Potpourri D’Airs Choisis, tirés des puis jolis opera-comiques etc., arrangés pour la Harpe ou Forte-Piano avec accompagnement de Violon ad libitum, Op.6. Paris: Le Roy.
folder 5 Mozart. Mozart’s Admired Overture to Zauberflote. newly arranged as a duet for the Harp, and Piano Forte. London: L. Lee. p.n.36.
folder 6 Naderman, F.J. Nocturnes et Mélanges d’Airs Connus et Variés pour Harpe et Cor, Op.44. Paris: Naderman. p.n.1614. [Harp, Horn, Violin, and Flute parts]
folder 7 Naderman, F.J. Sept Sonates Progressives pour la Harp., Op. 92. Paris: Costallat. p.n.44069.R.No.2.
folder 8 Naderman, F. Joseph. Trois Nocturnes pour Harpe et Cour ou Violon obligé, Op.23. Paris: Naderman.
folder 9 Naderman, F. Joseph. Trois Nocturnes pour Harpe et Cor, Op.32. Paris: Naderman. p.n.1563. [Harp and Horn parts]
folder 10 Naderman, F.J., et Frédéric Duvernoy. Trois Nocturnes pour Harpe & Cor. Paris: Naderman. p.n.1566. [Harp and Violin parts]
folder 11 Naderman, F. Joseph, et Frederic Duvernoy. Trois Nocturnes pour Harpe et Cor. Paris: Naderman. p.n.1563. [Harp and Violin parts]
folder 12 Naderman. Trois Pièces pour Harpe et Orchestre de chambre, transcrites et orchestrées par Manuel Rosenthal. Paris: Jean Jobert. J.J.520.
folder 13 Naderman, F.J. Trois Sonates Progressives et Chiffrées pour la Harpe, Op.19. Paris: Naderman.
folder 14 Parish-Alvars, E. First Grand Concerto, for the Harp, Op.60. London: T. Boosey & Co.
folder 15 Permon, M. de. Premier Pot-pourri pour la Harpe. Paris: Naderman.
folder 16 Petrini, François. Battaille de Prague, Sonate pour la Harpe avec accompagnement de deux Violons et Basse ad-libitum, Op.35. Paris: Louis. p.n.21.
folder 17 Petrini, Francesco. Duo. Harpe et Clavecin. [First and second part bound separately; each signed by composer]
folder 18 Plane, J.M. Études pour la Harpe, composées de Préludes, d’Airs variés et d’Exercices avec la maniere de Doigter-Adoptée par tous les Professeurs. Paris: Plane. p.n.3.
folder 19 Plane, J.M. Fantasie pour la Harpe. Paris: Plane. p.n.12.
folder 20 Roberts, Richard. Cambrian Harmony Being a Collection of Welch Airs . . . Dublin: Roberts.
folder 21 Shaeffer, Arling. The Ideal Harp Method. Chicago: Lyon & Healy, 1894.
folder 22 Stevenson, Dr. The Harp in Softly Pleasing Strains. A new song with an accompaniment for the Pedal Harp or Piano Forte. New York: J.&M. Paff.
folder 23 Target, Colonel. Tho’the day of my destiny’s over. Words by Lord Byron. Paris: Target. p.n.1206.
folder 24 Vito, Joseph. Twenty Etudes for Harp. New York: Belwin Inc., 1946. E.L.328.