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Biographical Sketch

Bernard Rogers (1893-1968) was a composer and teacher at Eastman School of Music. Rogers began his career as an architect aspiring to be a painter and continued to paint throughout his life. He studied music and composition with Arthur Farwell, Ernest Bloch, Percy Goetschius, and later with Nadia Boulanger. He was on the editorial staff of Musical America and taught at the Cleveland Institute and Hartt School of Music before taking a position at Eastman School. He retired in 1967.



The collection was donated to Sibley Music Library by Rogers’ widow.


Scope and Content

The collection consists of printed scores with analytical annotations by Rogers.



Special Collections possesses a similar collection of musical analyses by Ernest Bloch, one of Rogers’ teachers.


Restrictions and Use

There are no restrictions on the use of this collection.




The series consists of printed music scores arranged in alphabetical order by author/title.




Volume 1

folder 1 Beethoven, Ludwig van.  Coriolanus Overture, op.62.  London: Boosey & Hawkes. (Pl. no. 8612)
folder 2 Beethoven, Ludwig van.  Egmont Overture, op. 84. New York: Kalmus.
folder 3 Berg, Alban*.  Three Excerpts from Wozzeck. New York: AMP, 1924.
folder 4 Berg, Alban*.  Three Excerpts from Wozzeck. New York: AMP.
folder 5 Berlioz, Hector.  Benvenuto Cellini Overture. London: Eulenburg (Pl. no. 3722)
folder 6 Berlioz, Hector.  Carnaval Romain Ouverture, op. 9.  Paris: Heugel. (Pl. no. 31441)
folder 7 Berlioz, Hector.  Carnaval Romain Ouverture, op. 9.  Paris: Heugel. (Pl. no. 31441)
folder 8 Berlioz, Hector.  Fantastic symphony, op. 14.  New York: Kalmus.
folder 9 Berlioz, Hector.  Marche Hongroise.
folder 10 Berlioz, Hector.  Ouverture du Corsaire.  Leipzig: Eulenburg.
folder 11 Bizet, Georges.  Arlesienne Suite 1.  New York: Kalmus.
folder 12 Bloch, Ernest*.  Quatuor a cordes.  London: Boosey & Hawkes.
folder 13 Bloch, Ernest*.  Trois poemes juifs.  New York: Schirmer.
folder 14 Borodin, Alexander P.*  Polovetsian Dances.  New York: Kalmus.
folder 15 Britten, Benjamin.  Young Person’s guide to the orchestra, op. 34.  London: Boosey & Hawkes.
folder 16 Chabrier, Emmanuel.  Espana.  New York: Kalmus.
folder 17 Copland, Aaron.  El salon mexico.  London: Boosey & Hawkes.
folder 18 Debussy, Claude.  Afternoon of a faun.  New York: Kalmus.
folder 19 Debussy, Claude. La Mer.  New York: Kalmus.  (Note: Removed to oversize Box 3)
folder 20 Debussy, Claude.  Nocturnes: nuages.  New York: Kalmus.
folder 21 Dukas, Paul.  Sorcerer’s apprentice.  New York: Kalmus.
folder 22 Franck, Cesar.  Symphony in d minor.  New York: Kalmus.
folder 23 Mahler, Gustav.  Symphony no.4.  New York: International.
folder 24 Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, Felix.  Midsummer night’s dream, op. 21.  New York: Kalmus.
folder 25 Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, Felix.  Fingal’s cave overture, op. 26.  New York: Kalmus.
folder 26 Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus.  Marriage of Figaro.  New York: Kalmus.
folder 27 Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus.  Magic flute overture.  London: Boosey & Hawkes.
folder 28 Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus.  Zauberflote ouverture.  Vienna: Philharmonia.
folder 29 Mussorgsky, Modest.  Tableaux d’une exposition.  London: Edition Russe.
folder 30 Rimsky,Korsakov, Nikolay A.  Ouverture la grande paque russe.  Leipzig:  Eulenburg.
folder 31 Rogers, Bernard.  Once upon a time: five fairy tales.  New York: Kalmus.
          (Note: Removed to oversize Box 3)

Volume 2 

folder 32 Shostakovich, Dmitrii Dmitrievich.  Fifth symphony, op. 47.  New York:  Edition Musicus.
folder 33 Sibelius, Jean.  Swan of Tuonela.  New York: Kalmus.
folder 34 Smetana, Bedrich.  Bartered Bride overture.  London: Boosey Hawkes.
folder 35 Smetana, Bedrich.  Bartered Bride overture.  London: Eulenburg.
folder 36 Strauss, Richard.  Till Eulenspiegel, op. 28.  New York: Kalmus.  (Note: Removed to oversize Box 3)
folder 37 Strauss, Richard.  Death and transfiguration, op. 24.  New York: Kalmus.
folder 38 Strauss, Richard.  Tod und verklarung, op. 24. Leipzig: Eulenburg.
folder 39 Stravinsky, Igor.  Chant du rossignol.  Berlin: Edition Russe.
folder 40 Stravinsky, Igor.  Fire-bird suite.  New York: Kalmus.
folder 41 Stravinsky, Igor.  Oiseau de feu (1919).  London: Chester.
folder 42 Stravinsky, Igor.  Firebird suite (1919).  London: Boosey & Hawkes.
folder 43 Stravinsky, Igor.  Petrouchka.  Berlin: Edition Russe.
folder 44 Stravinsky, Igor.  Petrouchka.
folder 45 Stravinsky, Igor.  Sacre du printemps.  New York: Kalmus.
folder 46 Tchaikovsky, Peter Ilitch.  March Slave, op. 31.  New York: Kalmus.
folder 47 Tchaikovsky, Peter Ilitch.  Nutcracker suite.  New York:  Kalmus.
folder 48 Tchaikovsky, Peter Ilitch.  Symphonie 6.  Vienna: Wiener Philharmonischer.