Apart from the Wayne Barlow Collection as maintained in the Sibley Music Library, copies of the scores and parts (in manuscript facsimile) for the works listed below were placed in the ESM’s Ensembles Library. Interested parties are encouraged to address Ensembles Library personnel directly. Interested parties were encouraged to address directly the Ensembles Library staff.

Works for instrumental ensemble

Lyrical Piece (1943)
Lento and Allegro (1955)
Night Song (1956)
Intrada, Fugue, and Postlude (1959)
Rota (1959)
Images for Harp and Orchestra (1961)
Sinfonia da Camera (1962)
Vistas (1963)
Elegy for Viola and Orchestra (1968)
Overture: Hampton Beach (1971)
Soundscapes (1971)
Divertissement (1980)
Frontiers (1982)


Vocal and choral works

Zion in Exile (1937)
Songs from The Silence of Amor (1938)
The Twenty-Third Psalm (1944)
Mass in G (1951)
Poems for Music (1958)
Wait for the Promise of the Father (1968)
Voices of Faith (1974)
Out of the Cradle Endlessly Rocking (1978)
The Seven Seals of Revelation (1989)


Chamber works

Meditation on the Agnus Dei: based on the final movement of the Mass in G
Lento for Strings (Triptych III)

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