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Ruth T. Watanabe Special Collections
Sibley Music Library 





Location: M2A 8,2
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Biographical Sketch

David James was a sergeant in the military service during the inter-war period. Little is known about him beyond the fact that he was an avid music lover and supporter of Sibley Music Library.



James appears to have solicited photographs from prominent musicians in the period of 1928 through 1945. These he donated to Sibley Music Library, probably in the late 1960’s.


Scope and Content

The collection consists of publicity photographs and postcards of famous musicians, most opera singers, acquired from 1928 to 1945. All are inscribed to James.



Special Collections possesses several collections of photographs of prominent musicians, including the Ouzer, Leventon, and Ottolenghi-Clivio collection, all of which are entered in the Iconography database.


Restrictions and Use

There are no restrictions on the use of this collection.




The series consists of inscribed photographs and postcards.




folder 1 Mrs. H.H.A. Beach (B/W print, postcard)
folder 2 Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco (B/W print)
folder 3 Mario Chamlee (B/W print, postcard)
folder 4 Gustave Charpentier (B/W print, postcard) 2 copies
folder 5 Desire Defauw (B/W print)
folder 6 Paul Dukas (B/W print, postcard)
folder 7 Zino Francescatti (B/W print)
folder 8 Ossip Gabrilovitch (B/W print)
folder 9 Rudolph Ganz (B/W print)
folder 10 Walter Gieseking (B/W print)
folder 11 Jacques Gordon (B/W print)
folder 12 Freda Hempel (B/W print)
folder 13 Myra Hess (B/W print, postcard)
folder 14 Erich Kleiber (B/W print)
folder 15 Erich Korngold (?) (B/W print, postcard)
folder 16 Serge Koussevitzky (B/W print, postcard)
folder 17 Jan Kubelik (B/W print, postcard)
folder 18 Wanda Landowska (B/W print, postcard)
folder 19 Giacomo Lauri-Volpi (B/W print)
folder 20 Gota Ljungberg (B/W print, postcard)
folder 21 Nina Morgana (B/W print, postcard)
folder 22 Francis Poulenc (B/W print)
folder 23 Elisabeth Rethberg (B/W print, postcard)
folder 24 Titto Ruffo (B/W print, postcard)
folder 25 George Szell (B/W print, postcard)
folder 26 Joseph Szigeti (B/W print)
folder 27 Marion Talley (B/W print)
folder 28 Luisa Tetrazzini (B/W print, postcard)
folder 29 Clarence Whitehill (B/W print)
folder 30 Yascha Yrishny (?) (B/W print, postcard)
folder 31 illegible (B/W print)
folder 32 illegible (B/W print)
folder 33 illegible (B/W print)
folder 34 Salvatore Baccaloni (B/W print)
folder 35 Harold Bauer (B/W print)
folder 36 Adolf Busch (B/W print)
folder 37 Charles Wakefield Cadman (B/W print)
folder 38 Robert Casadesus (B/W print)
folder 39 Giulio Casazza (B/W print)
folder 40 Giuseppe DeLuca (B/W print)
folder 41 Lily Djanel (B/W print)
folder 42 Anton Dolin (B/W print)
folder 43 Amelita Galli-Curci (B/W print)
folder 44 Dusolina Giannini (B/W print)
folder 45 Beniamino Gigli (B/W print)
folder 46 Beniamino Gigli (B/W print)
folder 47 Edwin Franko Goldman (B/W print)
folder 48 Rubin Goldmark (B/W print)
folder 49 Howard Hanson (B/W print)
folder 50 Jascha Heifetz (B/W print)
folder 51 Louise Homer (B/W print)
folder 52 Vladimir Horowitz (B/W print)
folder 53 Ernest Hutcheson (B/W print)
folder 54 Edward Johnson (B/W print)
folder 55 Fritz Kreisler (B/W print)
folder 56 Hulda Lashanska (B/W print)
folder 57 Josef & Rosina Lhevinne (B/W print)
folder 58 Giovanni Martinelli (B/W print)
folder 59 Margaret Matzenauer (B/W print)
folder 60 Lauritz Melchior (B/W print)
folder 61 Yehudi Menuhin (B/W print)
folder 62 Pierre Monteux (B/W print)
folder 63 Eugene Ormandy (B/W print)
folder 64 Rosa Ponselle (B/W print)
folder 65 Artur Rodzinski (B/W print)
folder 66 Carmella Rouselle (B/W print)
folder 67 Arthur Rubinstein (B/W print)
folder 68 Tito Schipa (B/W print)
folder 69 Rudolf Serkin (B/W print)
folder 70 Leopold Stokowski (B/W print)
folder 71 Deems Taylor (B/W print)
folder 72 Lawrence Tibbett (B/W print)
folder 73 Lawrence Tibbett (B/W print)
folder 74 Reinold Wellenrath (B/W print)
folder 75 Efram Zimbalist (B/W print)
folder 76 Lucrezia (?) (B/W print)
folder 77 illegible (B/W print)