This index provides a cross reference between the main titles of Farwell’s works and the Culbertson (C) numbers by which the collection is arranged. It does not include titles from individual movements or songs within compositions.

Title C Number
“A Soldier’s Explanation” (for voice and piano) 78
Academic Overture “Cornell,” op. 9 218
“After All!” (for voice and piano) 84
Altar Gift (for solo piano) 122
America the Beautiful (for SATB voices and piano) 185
American Indian Melodies (for voice/s and piano) 34
American Indian Melodies, op. 11 (for solo piano) 96
Americana, op. 78 (for solo piano) 112
“Arbutus” (for voice and piano) 66
Ballade for Violin and Piano, op. 1 146
Caliban, the Shakespeare Tercentary Masque, op. 47 208
Cartoon or Once Upon a Time Recently (operatic fantasy of music in America in three acts) 215
“Cathedral Scene (Finale, part I)” (for SATB voices and soprano solo with two pianos) 191
“Choral: Around the Lodge,” from From Mesa and Plain, op. 20 (arranged for violin and piano) 149
Christ Child’s Christmas Tree, The, op. 41 (for SATB voices and accompaniment) 168
Cinderella (incidental and background music for piano) 195
Coming of Song, The (music drama) 200
“Country Guy” (for medium voice and piano) 30
D. K. E. Waltz (for medium voice and piano) 69
D. K. E., A Masque of Fraternity 207
“Dance of Seven Wails” from Cat Ballet
Dawn, op. 12 (for solo piano) 98
Dawn. Fantasy for orchestra, op. 12 219
Death of Virginia, The, op. 4 (fantasy for orchestra) 216
“Defenders” (for SATB chorus and piano) 175
Distant Warrior, The (for solo piano) 107
Domain of Hurakan, The, op. 15 (for orchestra) 220
Domain of Hurakan, The, op. 15 (for solo piano) 100
“Drake’s Drum,” op. 22 (for baritone and piano) 36
Dream Flower, op. 79 (for solo piano) 114
Early Songs without opus numbers (for voice/s and piano) 27
Evergreen Tree, The, op. 50 (Christmas masque for community singing and acting) 209
Eothen, op. 92 (for violin and piano) 155
Fantasie on a Turkish Air (for solo piano) 134
Farewell, The, op. 33 (for baritone and piano) 43
Five Agnes M. Stanko Songs (for voice and piano) 80
Five Songs for Community Chorus, op. 57 (for voice/s and piano) 177
Fog from the Pacific, op. 99 (for voice and piano) 70
Folk Songs of the West and South, op. 19 (for medium voice and piano) 35
For America (for SATB voices and piano) 187
For Cynthia (for solo piano) 129
Four Children’s Songs, op. 75 (for voice and piano) 63
Four Emily Dickinson Songs, op. 101 (for voice and piano) 72
Four Emily Dickinson Songs, op. 107 (for voice and piano) 74
Four Meditations, op. 97 (for solo piano) 121
Four Part Songs for Community Chorus, op. 51 (for voice/s and piano) 173
Four Songs for A Capella Chorus, op. 102 (for SSAATTBB choir) 190
Four Songs for Community Singing, op. 51 (for voice and piano) 48
Four Songs, op. 14 (for voice and piano) 33
From Mesa and Plain, op. 20 (for solo piano) 103
Fugue Fantasy, op. 44 (for solo piano) 108
Fugue Fantasy, op. 44 (for string quartet) 140
“God of Battles” (for voice and piano) 75
Gods of the Mountain, The, op. 68 (incidental music for harp, violin, and violoncello) 198
Gods of the Mountain, The, op. 52 (incidental music for orchestra; revised suite for violin, violoncello, and piano) 232
“Grace” (for voice and piano) 67
Grail Song, op. 70 (masque for community singing, acting, and dancing) 213
Hako, The, op. 65 (for string quartet) 142
Happy Moment (for solo piano) 126
Heroic Breed, The, op. 115 (for orchestra) 225
Hound of Heaven, The, op. 100 (for narrator, high baritone, and SSA chorus with orchestra) 89
Hound of Heaven, The, op. 100 (for voice and piano or orchestra) 71
How Beautiful is Night, op. 30 (for mixed chorus) 164
Hymn to Liberty, op. 35 (for SATB voices with accompaniment) 166
“I Had No Time to Hate” (for medium voice and piano) 83
Ichibuzzhi, op. 13 (for solo piano) 99
Impressions of the Wa-Wan Ceremony of the Omahas, op. 21 (for solo piano) 104
In the Tetons, Suite, op. 86 (for solo piano) 118
Invocation to the Sun God, op. 89 (for baritone voice and piano) 65
“It Was a Long and Tiresome Go” (for medium voice and piano) 40
Joseph and His Brethren, op. 38 (incidental music for orchestra) 196
Kéramos, op. 28 (for chorus and piano) 163
Lamb, The, op. 88 (arranged for SATB voices) 188
Land of Luthany, op. 87 (for violoncello and piano) 154
Laughing Piece (for solo piano) 110
Line Study (for solo piano) 125
Maedchenlieder, op. 2 (for voice and piano) 28
March of Man, The, op. 71 (masque) 214
Melody in D Minor (for solo piano) 131
Melody in E Minor, op. 77 (for solo piano) 113
Melody in E Minor, op. 77 (for violin and piano) 151
Modal Inventions, op. 68 (for solo piano) 111
Mountain Song, a Symphonic Song Ceremony of the High Sierras, op. 90 (for orchestra with occasional choruses) 229
Mountain Song, op. 90 (for orchestra with occasional choruses) 189
“Mouse Whose Name is Time, The” (for voice and piano) 81
“Mystery for Strings,” op. 90 (for string orchestra) 144
Navajo War Dance No. 1, op. 110 (for orchestra) 224
Navajo War Dance No. 2, op. 29 (for solo piano) 101
Northern Song (for solo piano) 92
O Captain, My Captain, op. 34 (for SATB voices and piano) 167
Our Country, op. 81 (for SATB voices and piano) 186
Owasco Memories (arranged for piano, violin, and violoncello) 138
Owasco Memories, op. 8 (for solo piano) 95
Pageant of Darien, Conn., op. 40 206
Pageant of Meriden, N. H., op. 39 204
Pageant Scene, op. 39 (for small orchestra) 231
Palm Tree Daughters (for solo piano) 133
Pastorale (for solo piano) 127
“Petal Lips” (for medium voice and piano) 57
Pilgrimage Play, the Story of the Christ, The, op. 58 (for orchestra) 199
Polytonal Studies, op. 109 (for solo piano) 130
“Prairie Miniature” from From Mesa and Plain, op. 20 (arranged for woodwind quintet) 139
Prelude and Fugue, op. 94 (for solo piano) 123
Prelude to a Spiritual Drama, op. 76 (for orchestra) 233
“Priestess Rose” (for voice and piano) 85
Primavera, La, op. 56a (for SATB voices and piano) 176
“Purple Lupine,” op. 86, no. 4 (arranged for cello and piano by Richard Clayton) 153
Quintet in E Minor, op. 103 (for piano and strings) 145
“Regrets” (for solo piano) 90
Romance (for solo piano) 93
Rudolph Gott Symphony, op. 95 223
Scene from the Inferno, op. 85 (for orchestra and non-singing chorus) 203
“Sea of Sunset, The,” op. 26 (for voice and piano) 37
Sea Vision, op. 36 (for high voice and piano) 44
“Sister Beatrice” [incidental music?]
Soldier, Soldier, op. 53 (for baritone and piano) 49
Sonata for Piano, op. 113 (for solo piano) 132
Sonata for Violin and Piano, op. 80 152
Sonata for Violoncello and Piano, op. 116 158
Sonata in G Minor, op. 86 (for solo violin) 156
Sonata, op. 6 (for solo piano) 94
Song Flight, op. 61 (for violin and piano) 150
“Song of the Holy Virgin,” op. 60 (for contralto and piano) 55
“Sonnet to a City,” op. 64 (for voice and piano) 56
Spanish Songs of Old California, op. 59 54
Studies Toward a National Anthem (for voice/s and piano) 192
Suite for Flute and Piano, op. 114 157
Suite for Grand Orchestra 217
Symbolistic Hymn on March! March! op. 49 (for orchestra) 228
Symbolistic Study No. 1, “Toward the Dream,” op. 16 (for solo piano) 97
Symbolistic Study No. 2, “Perhelion,” op. 17 (for solo piano) 102
Symbolistic Study No. 3, “Once I Passed Through a Populous City,” op. 18 (for orchestra) 221
Symbolistic Study No. 4, “Wa-Wan,” op. 24 (for solo piano) 106
Symbolistic Study No. 5, op. 25 (for orchestra) 222
Symbolistic Study No. 6, “Mountain Vision,” op. 37 (for orchestra) 226
Symbolistic Study No. 7, “Child Roland to the Dark Tower Came”
Symphonic Song on Old Black Joe, op. 67 (for orchestra and audience) 184
Ten Emily Dickinson Songs, op. 108 (for voice and piano) 76
“Thou’rt Like Unto a Tender Flower” (for voice and piano) 26
Three Desert Songs, op. 74 (for voice and piano) 62
Three Emily Dickinson Songs, op. 112 (for voice and piano) 82
Three Indian Songs, op. 32 (for SATB voices and piano) 39
Three Patriotic Songs (for medium voice and piano) 77
Three Poems by Percy Bysshe Shelley, op. 43 (for voice and piano) 46
Three School Choruses, op. 62 (for chorus and piano) 181
Three Songs for Community Singing, op. 48 (for voices and accompaniment) 172
Three Songs for Medium Voice, op. 69 (for voice and piano) 59
Three Songs for Soprano, op. 56 52
Three Songs from Caliban for Medium Voice, op. 47a 171
Three Songs, op. 3 (for voice and piano) 29
Three Songs, op. 54 (for voice and piano) 51
To Morfydd (for oboe and piano) 148
Tone Pictures After Pastels in Prose, op. 7 (for solo piano) 91
“Transfiguration,” op. 5 (for mezzo-soprano and piano) 31
Twelve Emily Dickinson Songs, op. 105 (for voice and piano) 73
Two A Capella Choruses, op. 11 (for SSAATTBB choir) 194
Two Choruses, op. 10 (for SATB voices and accompaniment) 159
Two Compositions for Piano, op. 93 120
Two Emily Dickinson Poems, op. 73 (for voice and piano) 61
Two Little Poems for Piano, op. 106 128
Two Poems by Emily Dickinson, op. 66 (for voice and piano) 58
Two Poems for Pianoforte, op. 45 109
Two Poems for Pianoforte, op. 82 115
Two Shelley Songs, op. 72 (for voice and accompaniment) 60
Two Songs for Medium Voice, op. 59a (for medium voice and piano) 32
Two Songs on Poems by William Blake, op. 88 (for voice/s and piano) 64
Two Tone-Pictures for Piano, op. 104 (for solo piano) 124
“Tyger, The,” op. 98 (for voice and piano) 68
United Nations Anthem (for SATB voices and accompaniment) 193
“Up and Away!” (for voice/s and piano) 50
“Up on the Trail” (for voice and piano) 41
Vale of Enitharmon, op. 91 (for solo piano) 119
Wanderer’s Night Song, op. 27 (for TTBB quartet with rehearsal piano) 162
What’s In an Octave? op. 84 (for solo piano) 117
“Wunct in My Saddle” (for voice) 42

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