November 29th- December 5th:The Weekly Dozen

November 29, 2021

The Weekly Dozen

December 2, 1922

December 1, 1925   

December 2-7, 1947

December 5, 1958

December 2, 1963

December 1, 1964

December 3, 1967

December 4-8, 1967

December 1, 1983

1983 December 1 Kindertotenlieder

December 5, 1987

November 29, 1990

December 2, 2004

July 11th-17th: Miss New York & Opera Under the Stars

On July 14th, 1972, an Eastman School student earned a distinction not in the musical world, but in the realm of beauty pageants.

July 4th-10th: Eastman’s fourth annual Recording Institute in session

fifty-one years ago this week the Eastman School’s fourth annual Recording Workshop was in session.

June 26th – July 3rd: American Harp Society’s 6th annual conference

Fifty-three years ago this week, harp performance and pedagogy were much in evidence when the Eastman School hosted the American Harp Society’s sixth national conference, which took place on June 26th-29th, 1969

May 23rd – 29th: Anti-war activity & weekly dozen

On May 24th and May 27th, 1970, a pair of concerts were mounted in the Eastman Theater to raise funds for the national circulation of an anti-war petition that had been written by two University of Rochester faculty members.