Student Degree Recitals

The Student Degree Recital represents the culmination of several years of work and preparation. For many individuals who are completing a single degree program at Eastman School of Music it is the only time when they will be afforded the opportunity to perform a full-length solo recital in the school’s most prestigious venues. Because of this, there are many rules and guidelines regarding the booking of performances in these spaces. This section should be carefully studied in order to avoid the many misfortunes that can befall an unprepared student. Student recitals are only performed during the academic year when school is in session. Undergraduate students will only be allowed to perform one final degree recital; MM degree students will be allowed to perform only one recital per academic year in Kilbourn Hall or Hatch Recital Hall. In the case of DMA students, this is increased to one recital per semester. All information pertaining to these processes can be found within the following links.