Young Eastman Strings: Tutti Ensemble

Grades: 3-6
Teacher: TBA
Saturday, 12:30 – 1:30 p.m.
Room: ESM 404
Tuition A
This is a yearlong ensemble divided into two semesters.

Open to Elementary & Middle School (grades 3-6) string students with at least one year of playing experience, who are at an advanced beginning or intermediate level (NYSSMA 2-3)

Students learn basic elements of string-orchestral ensemble playing in a fun and supportive environment while applying many of the theoretical concepts taught in the ECMS Theory in Motion classes.  Students will learn how to build solidarity and community by collaborating with all of the bowed string-instruments through movement, conducting, singing, and leading exercises.

Students will need to read music independently and follow the direction of a conductor.  Music will primarily be in basic keys and in the first position.

Required Skills

  1. Major Keys G, D, A, C
  2. Time Signatures: 2/4, ¾ or 4/4 (Common Time)
  3. Ability to read accurately in the conductor’s given tempo
  4. Ability to play a variety of dynamics
  5. Basic Articulations, including legato, staccato and slurs.


Ensemble Activities

  1. Sight-reading and learning by ear (ear training)
  2. Discussing literature choices in several genres, including classical, Irish, Bluegrass/Old-Time, Pop, Soundtracks
  3. Team-building activities, i.e. games and discussion
  4. Attend a minimum of 15 rehearsals per semester.
  5. Preparing 2-3 concerts per school year and collaborating with Camerata

Ensemble Goals and Objectives

  1. Understanding musical roles, i.e. melody, harmony, bassline and rhythm
  2. Building ensemble skills, i.e. listening to others for unity, following conductor cues
  3. Learning to perform music with a variety of emotional expression
  4. Building confidence and stage presence
  5. Building teamwork skills and respect

Permission required.  

Audition Requirements:
1) Solo of the student’s choice (NYSSMA/ECMS Level 1 – 2)
2) Sight reading
3) Scales of your choice, preferably memorized and with varying bowings/rhythms (2 one-octave scales)

How to Register

New students and students registering after mid-September: ECMS Registration Form 

Continuing ECMS students may re-register online from May until September.

Paper registration forms available upon request: (585) 274-1400

Once registered, students may begin attending classes. The only registration confirmation you will receive is your bill. You may log on to check your registrations at any time. Click here for complete details on registration and policies.