History of Western Music

Grades 9-Adult
Teacher: Matthew Robey
Wednesday, 6:30–7:30  or  Saturday, 2:30–3:30
Room: MSH 304

World Campus Online Section
Teacher: Anthony LaLena
Date/Time: Scheduled based on student availability

Tuition C 
This is a yearlong course divided into two semesters.

Course Description and Objectives: 
The aim of this course is to familiarize students with the history of “Western Music” over the past 1,000 years or so.  The course will also detail the evolution of some musical instruments and music theory often times drawing parallels upon the other Fine Arts.  Students will leave this course in the spring with the ability to easily recognize a number of pieces in the “common” repertoire, as well as the ability to discern why composers sound different from one another.

No prior knowledge or formal study of music is required for this class.

Each semester grade is based on a combination of brief written assignments and listening quizzes.

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