Office of Academic Affairs

Academic Support Services

The Eastman School of Music offers a variety of services to support the academic work of students.  In addition to the advising and teaching support provided by the faculty, assistance is also made available at Eastman through these services: Individual Study Skills Counseling, an individualized Study Skills Course, the Eastman Writing Center and Theory Tutoring Program.  Additional tutoring and support services may be arranged by contacting the Associate Dean of Academic Affairs.

Individual Study Skills Counseling

Our confidential study skills counseling offers individual discussions with an Eastman counselor who will help you improve your academic performance, time management and overcome obstacles to studying and practicing effectively.  Your counselor will meet with you, discuss your concerns, and help you discover learning techniques that will enable you to enhance your overall academic performance.  All appointments with study skills counselors are free, and you may meet with them for a one-time troubleshooting session or on a regular basis.

To schedule an appointment, please contact the Associate Dean of Academic Affairs.

Study Skills Course

Eastman offers a study skills course every semester entitled EIC 090: Student Success Strategies focusing on the specific academic requirements of a music student.  Student will meet with the study skills counselor individually to address their specific needs.  This course focuses on issues such as time management, note taking, text study techniques, test-taking skills, memory strategies, practice strategies and stress management.  Students apply these skills to their current courses through short assignments assigned throughout the semester.

This course is offered during the fall and spring semesters and receives no credit.  Assignment in the course is by the discretion of the Associate Dean of Academic Affairs.

Eastman Writing Center

For more information about the Eastman Writing Center, visit the website at:

Theory Tutoring Program

For more information about individual tutoring for undergraduate students taking Theory courses, visit the website at: