Upcoming Events

  • 02/26/17 REPERTORY SINGERS and WOMEN’S CHORUS in Rochester at Kilbourn Hall
  • 02/26/17 Cassidy Thompson, soprano in Rochester at Hatch Hall
  • 02/27/17 Roomful of Teeth in Rochester at Kilbourn Hall
  • 02/28/17 Renée Fleming – MASTER CLASS in Rochester at Kilbourn Hall
  • 03/02/17 Eastman Chorale in Rochester at Kilbourn Hall
  • 03/07/17 Jesse Kneisel Lieder Competition PRELIMS in Rochester at Rm. 804A
  • 03/07/17 Cappella Pratensis in Rochester at Kilbourn Hall
  • 03/11/17 - 03/19/17 SPRING BREAK in Rochester, New York at Eastman School of Music

Friends of Eastman Opera

The Voice and Opera Department of the Eastman School of Music cherishes its relationship with an organization known as Friends of Eastman Opera, which is unique in academic opera programs. For more than a decade, this large group of vibrant opera lovers has lent its support to Eastman Opera Theatre in a variety of ways. It has provided the funds with which the program purchased both the super title projector, used for many productions, a state-of-the-art DVD recorder used for staged productions and made available to Eastman singers for the recording of audition DVDs.  FEO is a very visible presence at all of our events and, as our most passionate “fan club,” spreads the word throughout the Rochester community about opera in general and Eastman Opera Theatre in particular. FEO’s commitment to the nurturing of young singers has made a real difference in the quality of our program.

FEO sponsors an annual Vocal Competition in which a number of Eastman’s very best singers, selected by their teachers, compete for significant cash awards. It provides an opportunity for these singers to perform for a nationally or internationally recognized conductor, stage director, or impresario serving as adjudicator who give them valuable feedback. Recent judges have represented the opera companies of Pittsburgh, Fort Worth, Des Moines, Chautauqua, Chicago Lyric Opera, Florentine Opera, Wolf Trap Opera, Berlin, Bayreuth, and the Opera Orchestra of New York. The finalists who perform in this event are selected by the members of the Voice and Opera Faculty at a preliminary audition.

Friends of Eastman Opera offers Student Opportunity Grants for which Eastman voice students may apply. These grants are given to aid students financially in attending summer programs, either in the United States or abroad. Grants are also be given to help students with the travel costs for out of town auditions, master classes, and competitions.

***** Friends of Eastman Opera has begun accepting applications for School Year Travel Grants in September 2016!! These $400 stipends may be used for travel to auditions, master classes, or competitions.*****

***** Later in the academic year, Friends of Eastman Opera will begin accepting applications for 2017 Summer Program  Grants!! These grants may be used for summer study in performance or language immersion (non-degree).  Applications for 2017 Summer Program grants are due on March 24, 2017. Late applications will not be considered. *****

Instructions and applications forms are available at   https://www.dropbox.com/sh/wjdmk65cyafkn91/grfhi9-Jiu