Guidance for Residential Living

In addition to the terms and conditions listed on your housing contract, this document is intended to help you understand the policies and procedures as a resident of the Student Living Center. You will be held accountable for the information in this handbook. Our goal in having these policies and procedures is to maintain a safe, productive, and communal atmosphere in the SLC. If you have questions, please feel free to contact your Resident Advisor (RA) or the Office for Residential Life.

For more information, please read the SLC Area Handbook 2021 and Housing Contract (Returning Students) and the Housing Contract (New Students)

Welcome Students 1

General Information A-F

Alcohol and Other Drugs

Underage drinking is a violation of State law and University policy.  The possession, use, and distribution of illegal drugs, and the misuse or distribution of other controlled substances is prohibited.  Paraphernalia related to illegal drugs and binge drinking is prohibited.  This includes funnels, drinking game paraphernalia, kegs, pipes, bongs, smoking devices, grinders, and other materials that promote illegal behaviors.  Residents of legal drinking age may consume alcohol in the privacy of their room with peers who are also of age when the door is closed. Drinking or having open containers outside of your room is never allowed under any circumstances.

Bike Storage

There is a bike room available in the basement of the Student Living Center. There is limited space available, so please contact the Office for Residential Life to find out more information about registration and fees.  Registration must be submitted for each academic year.  Bikes that remain in storage but are not registered will be disposed of after 30 days.

Borrowing Equipment

The SLC Front Desk provides a number of items (e.g. vacuum cleaners, movies, games) for you to borrow. You are required to sign out the equipment with your student ID. This service is available from 8:30am – 11:30pm daily. Please return items promptly and report any damage or malfunctions to the attendant.

Break Housing

The Student Living Center remains open during Fall and Spring Breaks, however the SLC closes during Winter and Summer Breaks. Residents are not permitted to stay in the building during either of these breaks and will not be given permission to stay between closing and opening based on travel plans. Limited exceptions may be made for academic obligations on a case-by-case basis. Please plan accordingly based on the dates listed on the Residential Life website.

CARE Reports

When a student, parent, faculty, or staff member has a concern about an individual student, or if you are in distress yourself, please fill out a CARE referral here. CARE referrals are sent to the appropriate staff member for review. If you are concerned that there is an immediate possibility of harm, call Public Safety.


At the end of the academic year, the Office for Residential Life publishes check-out procedures. In order to avoid unnecessary charges, it is important that you follow all procedures. If you leave the SLC during a semester, then please contact the Office for Residential Life for information about how to properly check-out. Residents who fail to follow the proper check-out procedures will not be able to appeal damage charges, and may be fined for an improper check-out or lock change.

Ciminelli Formal Lounge

Ciminelli Formal Lounge, located on the first floor of the SLC, can be used for recitals, special events, self-serve recording, and some academic courses. It can be reserved through the Concert Office.

Common Areas

The SLC offers many common areas for you to use such as the Game Room, TV Lounge, Study Lounge, and floor lounges. These spaces can be used for small events, socializing, studying, relaxing, or just enjoying the views of the city and the lake from the upper stories. In order to keep these areas open, it is important that the areas are respected (e.g. kept clean, free of vandalism). If you move furniture in these areas, you are expected to put the furniture back according to the furniture maps posted in these locations. Do not move common room furniture out of the intended space.  Do not leave any personal items in bathrooms, lounges, or hallways.

Conduct Process

A member of the Office of Student Affairs will meet with students to address and resolve issues of student conduct. You can download a PDF version of the Standards of Student Conduct online or request a hard copy in person by visiting the Office for Residential Life, located in Suite 103 of the Student Living Center. Eastman follows the same disciplinary process and policies as the University of Rochester. Regardless of the specific process used in individual cases, all students who participate in the disciplinary process are treated with fairness, respect, and honesty.  Go to Standards of Student Conduct PDF for more information.

Cooking Facilities

In addition to the microwaves that can be found in most floor lounges, there is also a kitchen provided to all residents in the basement of the SLC. The kitchen is open daily from 7:00am – 11:00pm. In order to keep the kitchen open, residents are responsible for adhering to the following guidelines:

  • Only SLC residents may use this kitchen.
  • Even if the door is unlocked, residents are only permitted to use this kitchen from 7:00am – 11:00pm.
  • For health and safety reasons, we must keep this kitchen clean. Any items (ex. food, pans, plates, etc.) that are left in the kitchen will be thrown away.
  • Do not leave the stove or oven unattended when in use; you must remain in the kitchen.
  • Make sure the stove and oven are off before you leave the kitchen.
  • Residents who violate any kitchen policies are subject to student conduct charges.

You are responsible for providing your own cooking supplies (e.g. pots, plates, spoons). Please note that New York State fire code restricts cooking in rooms.

Courtesy Phones

Phones have been installed in several locations, including in every lounge. Please respect them and use them to make local calls and calls to University extensions. Dial 9 before the number in order to contact outside lines.

Damage Billing

When a resident moves out, the room will be assessed for any damages beyond normal wear and tear.  If Residential Life Staff find any such damages, a fee will be charged to the resident’s term bill at the end of the semester with the cost to repair or clean the issue.  Damages will be split between the residents of a room.  If there is building damage, the costs will be split between the residents of the building or the surrounding area. A summary of damage(s) charged will be emailed to the affected residents.  This statement is not a bill, but will itemize the damages and associated fees.  It will also outline the appeals process if you feel that your bill is unjust.

Dining Center

The Dining Center (DC) is a marketplace located on the first floor of the SLC. They accept cash, credit, and student meal plans. SLC Residents are required to have a meal plan. Go to the Dining Center Website.


If you would like to submit a work order request for a facilities or maintenance issue in your room and/or any common area of the SLC, you can call the Facilities Customer Service Hotline 24/7 at 585-273-4567. However, you should contact the Pest Control Unit at 585-275-3241 if you see any pests in the building as they are better equipped for these issues. Please inform your RA when you have made a report for tracking purposes.

Fire Alarms

You are required to evacuate the building immediately whenever you hear the fire alarm.  Use the stairs and proceed to the closest exit. Never use elevators when evacuating the building during a fire alarm, as they are designed to shut down during an emergency.  Carefully cross the street to the parking lot.  Remain outside until given the All-Clear by Public Safety and/or the Residential Life Staff.  If you see smoke and do not hear an alarm, please pull the fire alarm, safely evacuate the building to stand across the street, and then call Public Safety to explain the situation.

Fire Equipment

Every room has a smoke detector and sprinklers, pull stations are located throughout the building. Tampering with any of this equipment endangers all residents. Do not cover the smoke detectors, hang anything from the sprinklers, or in any way hinder these devices from working. Penalties for tampering with or pulling a false alarm may include disciplinary action and/or criminal charges. This includes failure to evacuate during an alarm.

Fire Safety

This checklist is provided to assist residential students in complying with mandated life safety codes by New York State and the NYS Office of Fire Prevention and Control (OFPC). The College and University are required to support these expectations to protect our students and community and thus have developed policies and procedures to comply with State expectations. Residential Life Fire & Life Safety Guidelines/Checklist

Front Desk

The SLC Front Desk is located at the main entrance of the Student Living Center. When entering the building, all students, faculty, and staff must show their IDs to Office Assistants working at the SLC Front Desk every time. Guests are required to provide identification and sign in at this location. The SLC Front Desk also lends items such as games, movies, cleaning equipment, and keys to communal facilities within the SLC to residents.  The Front Desk can be reached by phone at 585-274-1251.


Each room is furnished with a desk, desk chair, chest of drawers, bed with Twin XL mattress, wardrobe, window shades, and wastebasket. Under no circumstances may any furniture be removed from student rooms. Lounge furniture may also not be moved from lounges to student rooms. Moving furniture may result in fines and possible student conduct charges. We encourage students to bring their own lights, rugs, decorations, and any items that they feel that they need.  Large furniture items are prohibited.  A full list of items that are suggested and prohibited can be found here listed under Student Room Information

General Information G-N

Game Room

The SLC Game Room is located in the basement and the key can be borrowed from the SLC Front Desk.  It is available on a first come, first served basis. Enjoy a game of pool, ping pong, air hockey, foosball, or play cards on one of the poker tables with friends. Use this room for studying or social events. Speak with your RA or the SLC Front Desk for more information.


Guests are only permitted in the residential areas (the basement and upper floors) of the SLC when accompanied by a current SLC Resident.  Guests include friends who do not currently attend the Eastman School of Music, as well as Eastman students who reside off-campus. Once your guest arrives, they must sign in at the SLC Front Desk. You are responsible for your guest at all times, and your roommate must consent to a guest being in your room. Overnight guests are restricted to four nights a month. Residents who violate the guest policy may have their guest privileges suspended and charged for the additional room rent.

Housing Availability

First-Years, Sophomores, and Juniors are guaranteed housing and obligated to reside in the SLC all three years. The Office for Residential Life also reserves spaces for seniors and graduate students who choose to live with us. If you are interested in living in the Student Living Center in the fall and meet eligibility, please contact by June 1st.

Identification Cards (IDs)

Lost or broken ID issues are handled by the SLC Front Desk. It is important that you notify the SLC Front Desk staff and/or Public Safety as soon as possible. If your ID is broken, you will not be charged for a replacement. If you lose your ID, you will be responsible for paying for the replacement.


In the event that you become ill or injured and need help, please notify your RA.  If it is an emergency, please call Public Safety.  The University Health Service (UHS) has an office on the first floor of the SLC. This office is open Monday-Friday from 9:30am-4:30pm.  UHS also provides a Physical Therapy office in the basement of the Student Living Center. To schedule an appointment with UHS call 585-275-2662.


Lost or broken key issues are handled by the SLC Front Desk. It is important that you notify the Office for Residential Life and/or Public Safety as soon as possible. If your key is broken, you will not be charged for a replacement. If you lose your key, you will be responsible for paying for the replacement.


The Laundry Room is located in the basement of the SLC. Laundry costs are covered within the annual room rate. Students who do not live in the SLC who are found using the Laundry Room are subject to disciplinary action and fines.  Residents are responsible for providing their own laundry supplies (e.g. detergent, dryer sheets). Please make sure to remove all items from the Laundry Room as soon as you are done using the machines.  The Office for Residential Life is not responsible for lost or damaged items. Report issues such as broken machines by calling 1-800-527-2219.


Make sure you have your room key with you at all times and lock your door whenever you leave. If you are locked out of your room, we are here to help you. Please contact one of the following people:

  • If you have a roommate, contact them first to let you in
  • If your RA is in the hall, you may ask them to unlock your room
  • M-F 9:00am-4:00pm; Contact the SLC Front Desk at 585-274-1251
  • All Days 8:00pm-8:00am; Contact the RA On-Call at 585-764-5707
  • If those options aren’t available; Contact Public Safety at 585-275-3333

When the staff member arrives at your room, you will be required to show ID to prove that you are accessing your assigned room. Residents will only be given access to their assigned room.  Please remember to always make an effort to check for your keys before leaving your room. While we understand that lockouts happen sometimes, frequent misuse of this service may lead to a conduct meeting.

Lost and Found

All lost and found items should be brought to the Hatch Recital Hall Box Office, as this is the central lost and found for the Eastman School of Music. Lost University keys and IDs may be turned in to the SLC Front Desk. Valuable items such as wallets, phones, electronics, etc. may be given to Public Safety.

Mail and Packages

The Mail Room, which is located on the first floor of the SLC, is open 24/7. The Package Room, which is also on the first floor of the SLC, is open Monday – Saturday from 5:30pm-7:30pm and 9:30pm-10:00pm.

  • When you have mail sent to the SLC, please make sure to use your complete address. You should include your mailbox number, not your room number.

{Your Name}

Student Living Center

100 Gibbs Street

Box # {Your Box #}

Rochester, NY 14605

  • Letters will be placed in your mailbox; you will not be notified when this occurs. Please check your mailbox on a regular basis.
  • Packages will be placed in the package room and you receive a “Package Notification” in your student email. You must pick up your packages during the posted hours. You will need to show your student ID.
  • Perishable packages (e.g. flowers, cakes) are kept at the SLC Front Desk. If you receive one of these packages, you will be notified by a staff member. Please ensure that you are checking your email regularly so that you are notified in a timely manner.
  • The SLC Front Desk does not sell stamps, boxes, or any other mailing supplies. Stamped envelopes and/or packages with prepaid labels can be mailed from the Information Window in the Main Hall. Stamps and package tape can be purchased at the bookstore.
  • If you forget your mailbox combination, please meet with the Student Affairs Administrative Assistant.
  • It is important that you change your mailing address if you will be away from the SLC for long periods of time (e.g. summer break, a Leave of Absence) and when you permanently move out of the SLC. At the end of the academic year, the Office for Residential Life will send you a form requesting your summer mailing/new permanent address. Please note that the Office for Residential Life forwards mail during summer break, but not during winter break as the office does not accept mail during this time.

Media Lab

There is a 24/7 computer lab located in SLC 103J for all members of the Eastman community. Information about equipment, software, and services can be found on their  Media Lab Website.


The Office for Residential Life can provide mediation services in the event of a dispute.  Please talk to your RA for more information.


A Meditation Room is located in the SLC in room 210T, the key can be checked out at the SLC Front Desk.  This space is designed to be a relaxing atmosphere where Residents can do yoga, meditate, work on their Alexander technique, or focus on their spiritual practices.

Non-Academic Accommodations

Requests for reasonable accommodations on the basis of a disability for University-owned housing and dining services are evaluated on a case by case basis.  For more information, please see the University’s Non-Academic Accommodation Services page here.

General Information O-Z

Office for Residential Life

The Office for Residential life can help you with Work Orders, Lost Keys/ID Cards, Room Changes, Pest Control, Mail/Packages, Program and Event Planning Information, Check-In and Checkout Procedures, and Policy Questions. The Office is located in the Student Affairs Suite 103 on the first floor of the SLC.

Office for Student Activities and Engagement

The Office for Student Activities and Engagement can help you with Civic Engagement and Volunteer Opportunities, Club and Organization Information, Leadership Opportunities, Program and Event Planning Information, Wellness Initiatives, and New Student Orientation Information. The Office is located in the Student Affairs Suite 103 on the first floor of the SLC.

Personal Safety

Always lock your room door and carry your ID card with you. Do not prop doors open; as it endangers everyone who lives in the SLC.  Note the Blue Light Emergency Phones throughout campus which give you direct access to UR Public Safety. If you are ever the victim or witness of a crime, call Public Safety immediately to make a report.


The only pets permitted in the SLC are fish. Fish must be kept in an aquarium that is 5 gallons or smaller.

Physical Therapy

There is a physical therapy office that is operated by University Health Services in room B-06 of the SLC. A temporary card to access the basement for non-residents is available for check out at the SLC Front Desk. Appointments can be made by calling 585-275-2662.

Posting Policy – Advertising

Advertising in the SLC is strictly limited to Community Advertising Boards. Posting is not allowed on doors, windows, bathroom mirrors, floors or rugs, in elevators or in stairwells. Advertising may not be slid under student room doors. When posting on bulletin boards, only one (1) advertisement per bulletin board is allowed. Please attach your ad on all four corners. Groups must not cover up other ads when posting their own advertisement. Staples and thumb tacks are the only approved methods of hanging advertisements on boards. Promotional literature posted on any surface other than bulletin boards will be removed by the Residential Life or ESW staff. Commercial advertising is not permitted in any residence hall building; such advertisements will be removed by staff.

Posting Policy – Decorations

You are permitted to post items to the walls of your room as decoration. Please use only painters tape or 3M brand command products. Both items are available in the Office of Residential Life upon request. Any damage to the walls will be charged to your student account at the end of the year.


Practicing is not permitted in the SLC (this includes voice and guitar). Residents are permitted to use keyboards as long as they are used with headphones. Instead of physical practice, we encourage residents to consider a systematic mental practice or visualization exercise.

Public Restrooms

Public restrooms are available to all community members on the first floor of the SLC. These are located near the Mail Room. Both are handicap accessible.

Quiet Hours

Quiet Hours in the SLC are: Sunday – Thursday, 11:00pm – 8:00am; Friday & Saturday, 1:00am – 9:00am. Residents living on a 24-Hour Quiet Floor are expected to maintain a low noise level at all times. During quiet hours, noise in the residential floors should be contained in individual rooms with the door closed. If noise can be heard in the hallway or by neighbors, it is too loud. There is also an expectation that noise volume will be reasonable during all hours to be courteous to fellow residents.


In order to promote sustainability, there are recycling bins located throughout the building, including most lounge spaces.  Recyclable materials include flattened cardboard, paper, beverage cartons, metal, glass, and all types of plastic (#1-7). There are also recycling programs for less common items; specific directions can be found on the UR Recycling Website.

Reed Room

There is a Reed Room located in the basement of the SLC for the reed-making convenience of our double reed players. Residents need to register for a key to this room through the Student Affairs Administrative Assistant. This room cannot be used as a practice space.

Room Changes

Room changes require prior approval from the Office for Residential Life. Please do not wait to seek help, as there is a two week waiting period before room changes are considered. If you have concerns about your room, please speak with your RA. If concerns continue, the Office for Residential Life will work with you to find an appropriate solution.

Room Condition

You are responsible for cleaning your own room. At the beginning and end of the academic year, your RA will work with you to properly complete a Room Condition Form. Your room and furnishings must be left in the same condition at the end of the year as upon your arrival. If you damage or lose SLC property, you will usually be charged the full replacement costs, unless there is evidence of previous significant wear and tear to justify prorated charges. Labor charges may be assessed at regular or overtime rates depending on the repair. These same procedures apply to residents who switch rooms during the academic year. Common area damage or theft of SLC property that no one claims responsibility for is charged equally to all members of the involved living area.

Room Decorations

You must observe fire safety policy for the protection of yourself and your fellow residents.  The full fire safety policy can be found online at Res Life Safety Guidelines Website. You may not permanently alter your room in any way.  Use of painters tape or 3M command products are recommended as they are less likely to damage the paint.  Remember that the room must remain in good condition for future residents.

Room Entry

It is the University’s intention to assure all reasonable privacy in student rooms. When appropriate, reasonable advance notification will be provided before entering a student room. However, University officials (including but not limited to Public Safety, NY State Fire Marshall, Residential Life Staff, and the Environmental Service Workers) reserve the right to enter your room without notice for verification of occupancy and other Residential Life administrative functions; for performance of housekeeping or maintenance functions; for health and safety inspections; to protect life, limb, or property; to assure compliance with Housing Contract conditions as well as State, Federal, and University regulations.

Room Furnishings

Residential rooms are provided with desks, desk chairs, chests of drawers, lofted beds, wardrobes, wall lights, wastebasket, and window shades. Under no circumstances may any furniture be removed from student rooms.

Roommate/Hallmate Issues

If you are having issues with your roommate and/or hallmate(s) and you are unable to resolve them on your own, the next step is to speak with your RA. Your RA can provide you with guidance about how to properly address your concerns.


The University of Rochester, including the Eastman School of Music, is a smoke and tobacco free campus. Smoking is not permitted anywhere in the SLC, the SLC courtyard, or within 30 feet of the main entrance to the building. Students found smoking are subject to disciplinary action and fines. Vapes and electronic cigarettes are also not permitted anywhere in the aforementioned areas.


The Office for Residential Life does not permit the selling of goods or services in the SLC for causes it does not directly sponsor. No solicitation by students or by outside companies is allowed in the SLC.


Since the courtyard is surrounded by glass windows, sports that could break the windows (e.g. baseball, basketball, football, golf, lacrosse, soccer, softball, tennis, volleyball) are not permitted. Residents are welcome to play with sporting equipment such as whiffle balls, badminton, and Frisbees. Neither sports nor rough-housing are permitted inside the SLC.


If you are interested in storing items in the SLC, you must register and pay a storage fee. During scheduled move-in, move-out, and break times, storage hours will be posted. If you want to access your items at other times, you must set up an appointment with your RA at least 24 hours in advance. Residents who fail to give at least 24 hours’ notice may not be able to access their items. Bike storage is also available through the Office for Residential Life.

SLC Closings

Room and board payment does not cover winter break, early arrivals, or late departures. You will not be permitted to be in your room during these times as the SLC is closed. Please take note of the important dates listed below, and arrange your travel plans accordingly. Exceptions to these dates will not be made based on travel plans, only academic reasons will be considered.

  • The Student Living Center will be closed for winter break from Monday, December 17, 2018 @ 12:00pm through Friday, January 11, 2019 @ 9:00am.
  • The Student Living Center will close for the summer, except for residents participating in the commencement ceremony, on Sunday, May 12, 2019 @ 12:00pm.
  • Residents participating* in the commencement ceremony must vacate the Student Living Center by Monday, May 20, 2019 @ 12:00pm.
    *Participating in commencement does not include being part of the viewing audience.


University telephones are no longer installed in resident rooms due to increased use of mobile phones. Room phones can be installed upon request by calling University IT at 585-274-1160. University telephones that can call University and local numbers are available for use in common areas, including floor lounges.


  • Shuttles
    The shuttle buses are open to anyone who holds a University of Rochester (Eastman included) ID card. The Red Line goes directly between Eastman and the River Campus during weekdays, and the Orange Line connects the two campuses in the evening and weekends. There are other lines that make various stops throughout Rochester from the River Campus. Full bus schedules and destinations can be found at the SLC Front Desk or online at Parking and Shuttles website.
  • Parking
    The East End Parking Garage is located right next to the Eastman East Wing. There is a discount available to students. Please contact the Eastman Welcome Center for more information.
  • Bikes
    There is a bike room available in the basement of the Student Living Center. There is limited space available, so please contact the Office for Residential Life to find our more information about registration and fees.
  • Taxi Services
    There are a number of taxi companies that service our area including Uber and Lyft.


All residents are responsible for removing their own garbage from their rooms. A trash closet and recycling bins are located on each floor for garbage disposal. Be responsible and take care of your own garbage. Please take large items to the loading dock behind the Dining Center for disposal.

TV and Study Lounges

The TV Lounge and Study Lounge are located in the basement of the SLC and are open 24/7. Availability is on a first come, first served basis. Residential Life and Student Activities may reserve the TV Lounge for programs and events.

University Counseling Center (UCC)

UCC operates a counseling center location in SLC 107 that is available by appointment only. Appointments can be scheduled by calling 585-275-3113.

University Health Services (UHS)

UHS operates a medical office in SLC 106, with hours M-F from 9:30 am – 4:30 pm. Appointments can be made by calling 585-275-2662.


In the event of a vandalism event in community building areas (hallways, stairwells, lounges, elevators, etc), replacement and repair costs for damage may be divided by the residents of the building or within a designated area if the responsible party cannot be identified. Notify your RA or the Office for Residential Life if you witness any incidents.

Work Orders

Work Orders can be made with Facilities by either calling their 24-hour hotline at 585-273-4567 or online here (select “Online Work Request”, log in with NetID and Password, then click “Routine Work Request”). The SLC is in their system as the building “402 EASTMAN COMMONS STUDENT LIVING CTR”. Make sure you select the proper floor and room, and provide a full description of the issue. The Facilities Work Order Form must be accessed from on campus or a VPN connection.