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Women Composers Collection II Letter and publicity photograph from Pauline Oliveros. From Women Composers Collection II, Box 5, Folder 24.


The holdings of the Women Composers Collection II were the gift of Mr. Edward J. Hines (Wendell, Massachusetts), an elementary music school teacher, received by the Sibley Music Library in August, 2004. The collection represents the sum total of materials received from 39 composers with whom Mr. Hines’ music students corresponded during the 2003-04 school year in the service of their “Music by Living Women Composers” project. The project had been designed with the express intention of donating the materials to the Sibley Music Library, an intention communicated to the composers who were contacted.


Scope and Content

The collection is comprised of musical scores, sound recordings, and correspondence and other documents, all of which were solicited from 39 living composers by the music students of Mr. Edward J. Hines. Those composers are listed below, together with their academic credentials and their affiliations at the time of the “Music by Living Women Composers” project.

Eliane Aberdam, Ph.D. (University of Rhode Island)
Elinor Armer B.M., M.A. (San Francisco Conservatory of Music)
Jennifer M. Barker, Ph.D. (University of Delaware)
Elaine L. Bearer, M.D., Ph.D. (Brown University)
Jane Ira Bloom, B.A., M.M. (New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music)
Kitty Brazelton, D.M.A. (Bennington College)
Elissa Brill, D.M.A. (Holyoke Community College)
Andrea Clearfield, D.M.A. (The University of the Arts)
Tamar Diesendruck, Ph.D. (Berklee College of Music)
Marti Epstein, D.M.A. (Berklee College of Music)
Nancy Galbraith, B.M., M.M. (Carnegie Mellon University School of Music)
Stacy Garrop, D.M. (Roosevelt University)
Jennifer Higdon, Ph.D. (Curtis Institute of Music)
Mary Ann Joyce-Walter, Ph.D. (Manhattanville College)
Deborah Kavasch, Ph.D. (California State University, Stanislaus)
Anne Kilstofte, Ph.D. (Hamline University)
Joan La Barbara, B.S. (independent composer)
Frances Thompson McKay, D.M.A. (Levine School of Music)
Elizabeth McNutt, D.M.A. (performing flutist)
Margarita Leonor (Dietel) Merriman, Ph.D. (retired)
Joyce Solomon Moorman, Ed.D. (Borough of Manhattan Community College)
Erica Muhl, D.M.A. (University of Southern California)
Carol Nicholeris, D.M.A.
Pauline Oliveros, D.M. (hon.)
Marta Ptaszynska, M.A., Artist Diploma (University of Chicago)
Julieanne Rabens, D.M.A. (Knox College)
Patricia Ann Repar, A.Mus.D. (University of New Mexico)
Jena Root, Ph.D. (Shenandoah Conservatory)
Elena Ruehr, D.M.A. (Boston Modern Orchestra Project)
Elizabeth Sellers (California State University, Northridge)
Sharon Shaheen (resident in Santa Fe, NM)
Judith Shatin, Ph.D. (University of Virginia)
Williametta Spencer, Ph.D. (Whittier College)
Marilyn Taft Thomas, Ph.D. (Carnegie Mellon University)
Diane Thomas, Ph.D. (University of Washington)
Mary Jeanne van Appeldorn, Ph.D. (Texas Tech University)
Anneliese Weibel (State University of New York, Geneseo)
Barbara White, Ph.D. (Princeton University)
Chen Yi , D.M.A. (independent composer)


Restrictions on Use

There are no restrictions on use of the collection except for those imposed by the provisions of the U.S. Copyright Law and its revisions. Logistically, a service copy will be generated in response to any research inquiry involving any of the collection’s audio holdings; that workflow will be managed according to the availability of engineering personnel within the Eastman School’s Office of Technology and Media Production.



The collection’s most explicit association within the Sibley Music Library is its earlier counterpart, the Women Composers Collection. The Women Composers Collection II came about in exactly the same manner as did the earlier collection, which was the gift of Edward J. Hines in July, 1995.



The collection has been subdivided into three series according to physical format. The arrangement of items within each series is alphabetical by the composer’s surname.

Series 1, Scores

These holdings represent the musical compositions submitted by the individual composers, in whatever format (manuscript facsimile, computer-generated via software, or published).

Series 2, Sound Recordings

These holdings represent the recordings that accompanied the scores submitted by the individual composers. The holdings vary in terms of their representation: some recordings represent no more and no less than the scores that those recordings accompanied; certain other recordings represent selections by the given composers in addition to the target works represented in the scores that they accompanied. Unless otherwise indicated in the finding aid, the recordings cited herein are in the compact disc format.

Series 3, Correspondence and Biographical Information

These holdings represent the written correspondence and other information submitted by the individual composers. According to the guidelines of the project, each student wrote to a given composer and sent a set of questions to be answered. As reflected by the holdings, many of the composers responded by way of letters in whatever length, often accompanied by other documents, such as a business card, a copy of a C.V., and/or copies of published reviews. The documents are arranged under the name of the given composer, with the overall sequence being alphabetical by composer’s surname.



Series 1: Scores

Box 1

Folder 1 Aberdam, Eliane. Sans faiblir la nuit attend le soleil. — July, 2003. For violin, violoncello, and piano. Computer-generated score (15 pages of music). Duration: 8 minutes. Tziltzulim. — Fall, 2002. For tuba and electronics. Computer-generated score (6 pages of music). Duration: 9 minutes.
Folder 2 Armer, Elinor, and Ursula K. Le Guin. Open and Shut. — 1991. For oboe, clarinet, violin, cello, bass, and narrator. Computer-generated study score, distributed by MMB Music, Inc. (24 pages). Duration: 14’ 16”.
Folder 3 Barker, Jennifer. Naibh Beags (Nyvaigs). — premiered 1997. For alto flute/C flute/piccolo, alto saxophone/ocarina, soprano, piano, percussion (3 players), and narrator. Spiral-bound computer-generated score (11 pages).The Enchanted Glen: fantasia for clarinet and piano. Vanderbeek & Imrie, c1996. Score (10 pages).
Folder 4 Bearer, Elaine L. Toccata. — June, 1989. For viola and guitar. Spiral-bound computer-generated score (21 pages). “Inspired by the Alma Duo.” Copy inscribed by the composer. The Nicholls Trio. For violin, cello, and piano. Bryn Mawr, Penn.: Hildegard Publishing Company, c1994. Score (72 pages). Inscribed by the composer.
Folder 5 Bloom, Jane Ira. Most Distant Galaxy. — [without date] For saxophone, bass, percussion, and prepared tape. MS. repro score (1 page).
Folder 6 Brill, Elissa. Story Closet: Divertimento for piano. Washington, D.C.: Arsis Press, 1994. Score (17 pages). Approximate duration: 6 minutes.
Folder 7 Diesendruck, Tamar. On That Day. — 1991. For violin, ‘cello, and piano. Spiral-bound computer-generated score (20 pages).
Folder 8 Epstein, Marti. The Five Chairs. — August, 1990. For two trumpets in C, horn in F, trombone, and tuba. Spiral-bound Ms. repro. score (6 unnumbered pages of music).
Folder 9 Galbraith, Nancy. Atacama: a collection of five works. Subito Music Publishing. Spiral-bound volume. Contents: Atacama Sonata — Inquiet Spirits — Wind Symphony no. 1 — Piano Sonata no. 1 — Dos Danzas Latinas.“This book was printed exclusively for the Sibley Music Library of the Eastman School of Music, in conjunction with the Edward J. Hines “Music by Living Women Composers” project for his Music Class at Sunderland Elementary School in Massachusetts. The book contains a complete collection of musical scores for the five works on the Albany Records album Nancy Galbraith Atacama (TROY556) that was released in 2003. All five works are published by Subito Music Publishing, 504 Bloomfield Avenue, Verona, NJ 07044 (www.subitomusic.com).
Folder 10 Garrop, Stacy. Sonnets of Vanity, Loss, and Rapture. — May/June 2002. For SATB choir. Sonnets by Edna St. Vincent Millay. Spiral-bound computer-generated score (24 pages).I. Oh, think not I am faithful to a vow! — II. The thought of you comes to destroy me — III. When we are old
Folder 11 Joyce-Walter, Mary Ann. Girl with Cello. — [without date] For soprano, ‘cello, and piano. Poem by May Sarton. Loose-leaf, computer-generated score (12 pages).
Folder 12 Kavasch, Deborah. The Tortoise and the Hare. — 1983. For soprano, bass-baritone, and B-flat clarinet doubling bass clarinet. Text by Linda Bunney-Sarhad. Spiral-bound computer-generated score (8 pages).
Folder 13 Kilstofte, Anne. Oh, Hush Thee. For SATB divisi. Text by Eugene Field. Augsburg Fortress, c1995. Vocal score with accompaniment for rehearsal only (15 pages).
Folder 14 La Barbara, Joan. Calligraphy II/Shadows. — 1995. For voice and Chinese instruments (dizi, erhu, yangqi, and percussion). Spiral-bound MS repro. score (33 pages). “Commissioned by the Nai-Ni Chen Dance Company.”
Folder 15 McKay, Frances Thompson. Pegasus. For solo flute. Washington, D.C.: Arsis Press, 1982. 3 pages. Duration: 7 minutes.
Folder 16 McNutt, Elizabeth and Andrew May. Retake. — 2001. For flute and computer. Spiral-bound computer-generated text (3 unnumbered pages). Duration: 7-9 minutes.
Folder 17 Merriman, Margarita. A Sabbath Prayer. — 2003. For soprano or tenor with piano. Looseleaf computer-generated score (4 unnumbered pages of music).Music I Heard With You. — [without date] For voice and piano. Words by Conrad Aiken. MS repro. score (4 pages).
Folder 18 Moorman, Joyce Solomon. Race Riot, 1964. — 2000. For tenor saxophone, B-flat trumpet, and drum set (snare drum and tom-tom). Spiral-bound MS repro. score (7 pages).
Folder 19 Muhl, Erica. Consolation. — 2000. For chamber ensemble or chamber orchestra. Score (49 pages). Duration: approximately 12 minutes.


Sub-series B: Sub-series title

Box 2

Folder 1

Nicholeris, Carol and Scott A. Walker. A Christmas Scene: for mixed chorus and keyboard. Boston, Mass.: E. C. Schirmer, c1997. Accompanied by a second copy of same, annotated by the composer. Nicholeris, Carol. Ever Love: for SATB choir and organ. Boston: Mass.: E. C. Schirmer, c1994.

My Angel So True. — 2000. For soprano and piano. Text by Kristen L. Jackson. 1 looseleaf computer-generated score (4 pages) and 1 MS. repro score (4 pages).

The scores of the three works are accompanied by the composer’s manuscript correspondence to the student.

Folder 2

Ptaszynska, Marta. Srebrne Nitki i Inne Piosenki dla dzieci = Silver Threads and Other Songs for Children. For solo voice, choir, piano and children’s percussion instruments Podróze w Kosmos = Journeys Into Space. For piano. Krakow, Poland: PWM Edition, 1987.Podróze w Kosmos = Journeys Into Space. For piano. Krakow, Poland: PWM Edition, 1987.

(with Barbara Niewiadomska) Kolorowy Swiat Perkusji = The Colourful World of Percussion. Krakow, Poland: PWM Edition, 1993.

Miniatures for Young Pianists. Piedmont Music, 1983.

Folder 3 Rabens, Julieanne. Raindrop Suite. — 1996. For flute, piccolo, celesta and percussion. Spiral-bound computer-generated score (18 unnumbered pages of music).
Folder 4 Repar, Patricia Ann. Re-Imagining. — 1995. For flute, violin, cello, percussion, and piano. Spiral-bound computer-generated score (22 pages).
Folder 5 Root, Jena. Forgotten Time: Four songs on poetry by Mary Oliver. — 1998. For soprano, clarinet, and piano (concert pitch score). Spiral-bound computer-generated score (38 pages).
Folder 6 Sellers, Elizabeth. Agincourt Concerto. — [without date] Looseleaf computer-generated score (movements paginated separately: 14, 9, 15 pages). I. Call to Arms — II. Vision Dance — III. Victory
Folder 7 Shaheen, Sharon. Antitime. — 1994. Looseleaf MS repro score (3 pages of music).
Folder 8 Shatin, Judith. Fantasía sobre el Flamenco. — 1998. For two trumpets, two trombones, and tuba. Spiral-bound computer-generated score (17 pages).
Folder 9 Spencer, Williametta. Axis Mundi. — 2002. For piano. Looseleaf computer-generated score (7 pages of music). Accompanied by composer’s notes (1 page).
Folder 10 Thomas, Marilyn Taft. Disparities for Ensemble and Electronic Tape. — 1982. Ms. repro score (78 pages).
Folder 11 Van Appledorn, Mary Jeanne. Contrasts: for piano. Washington, D.C.: Arsis Press, 1997.
Folder 12 Weibel, Anneliese. Three Songs after three short poems by Emily Dickinson. — 2002. For soprano and piano. Spiral-bound computer-generated score (8 pages of music).
Folder 13 White, Barbara. Third Rule of Thumb. — 2000. For so-called unpitched percussion (4 players). Spiral-bound computer-generated score (39 pages).


Series 2: Sound Recordings

Box 3

Item 1 Aberdam, Eliane. Sans faiblir la nuit attend le soleil; and, Tziltzulim. CD lacking performers’ identifying information.
Item 2 Armer, Elinor. Uses of Music in Uttermost Parts. The Women’s Philharmonic; JoAnn Falletta, conductor; with choral singers and chamber musicians. Two-CD compilation. Koch International Classics, p1995.
Item 3 Barker, Jennifer Margaret. Nyvaigs. “The artists involved in this recording project include members of the Virginia Symphony and Symphony Chorus, members of the Virginia Chorale, free-lance soloists from around the US, Christopher Newport University faculty and students, and guest artists from Scotland.” Composers Recordings, Inc., p2000.
Item 4 Bearer of Music: Music by E. L. Bearer. The Nicholls Trio: a musical biography of a scientist; Toccata, duet for guitar & viola; Fenestrae for string quartet. Albany Records, c1996.
Item 5 Bloom, Jane Ira. Art and Aviation; and other works. Arabesque Recordings, p1992.
Item 6 Brazelton, Kitty. Chamber Music for the Inner Ear. Composers Recordings, Inc., p2002.
Item 7 Brill, Elissa. Story Closet: Divertimento for Piano. Performed by Margaret Lea.
Item 8 Clearfield, Andrea. Women of Valor: A Celebration of Women in Music. Concert of April 16, 2000. The Los Angeles Jewish Symphony; Noreen Green, Artistic Director.
Item 9 Piano Trios by Robert Helps, Eric Moe, Tamar Diesendruck, and Augusta Read Thomas. Performed by the Lions Gate Trio. Centaur Records, p1999.
Item 10 Epstein, Marti. Five Chairs; and, Twylle. The first work performed by the University of Iowa Brass Quintet; the second performed by the Pro Arte Chamber Orchestra.
Item 11 Galbraith, Nancy. Atacama: A Collection of Five Works. Albany Records, c2003.
Item 12 Garrop, Stacy. Sonnets of Vanity, Loss, and Rapture. Performed by the Murray State University Concert Choir; Bradley Almquist, conductor.
Item 13 Higdon, Jennifer. Concerto for Orchestra. CD lacking performers’ identifying information. Sampler CD.
Item 14 Higdon, Jennifer. Fury (from Sky Quartet); To The Point (from Impressions); and, Fiery Red (from Piano Trio). Sampler CD.
Item 15 Fables & Fantasies: Music of Deborah Kavasch, Composer/Soprano. TNC Recordings, c2002.
Item 16 Kilstofte, Anne. Oh, Hush Thee. Performed by the National Lutheran Choir.
Item 17 La Barbara, Joan. Shamansong (1991, revised 1998); Rothko (1986); and, Calligraphy II/Shadows (1995). New World Records, p1998.
Item 18 La Barbara, Joan. Sound Paintings. Lovely Music, Ltd., c1990.
Item 19 La Barbara, Joan. Voice is the Original Instrument: Early Works. Two-CD compilation. Lovely Music, Ltd., c2003.
Item 20 McKay, Frances Thompson. Pegasus; and, Haunted Horse. The first work performed by Karen Johnson; the second work described as a computer piece.
Item 21 McNutt, Elizabeth. Retake. Performed by E. McNutt.
Item 22 Moorman, Joyce Solomon. Race Riot, 1964. CD lacking performer’s attribution.
Item 23 Muhl, Erica. Consolation (2002); Pulse/Shiver/Stomp (1999); and, Truccorchestra (1995). Recorded live at Teatro Teresa Carreño, Caracas, November 19, 1995.
Item 24 Nicholeris, Carol. Three Sample Works: A Christmas Scene; Ever Love; and, My Angel So True.
Item 25 Dreaming Wide Awake. Works performed by New Circle Five (Pauline Oliveros, accordion). Deep Listening, p2003.
Item 26 Ptaszynska, Marta. Concerto for Marimba and Orchestra; Songs of Despair and Loneliness; and, La Novella d’Inverno (Winter’s Tale). The first work performed by the Cracow Radio Symphony Orchestra; Szymon Kawalla, conductor; Keiko Abe, marimba. Polskie Nagrania, p1991.
Item 27 Rabens, Julieanne. Raindrop Suite: for flute, piccolo, celesta, and percussion. Performed by Deena Reedy, Rich Miller, Beth Carroll, and Julieanne Rabens at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln School of Music.
Item 28 Repar, Patricia Ann. Re-Imagining. “World Premier [sic] 1995.”
Item 29 Root, Jena. Forgotten Time: four songs on poetry by Mary Oliver. Performed by Janet Brown, soprano; Bruce Keplinger, clarinet; Sar-Shalom Strong, piano.
Item 30 Metamorphosen: performs chamber orchestral works. CD includes Shimmer by Elena Ruehr. Albany Records, c1995.
Item 31 Sellers, Elizabeth. Agincourt Timpani Concerto. Durations of movements indicated; CD lacking performers’ identifying information.


Box 4

Item 1 Hearing the Call: 20th Century American Brass Music. Performed by the St. Mary’s Brass. Works include Hearing the Call; and, Fantasía sobre el Flamenco by Judith Shatin. Sonora, p1999.
Item 2 Spencer, Williametta. Axis Mundi.
Item 3 “America Sings!” Contents include Three Palms by Diane Thome. Capstone Records, c1992.
Item 4 Composers in the Computer Age–I. Contents include The Ruins of the Heart (1990) by Diane Thome. Centaur Records, p1992. CDCM Computer Music Series, volume 12.
Item 5 Weibel, Anneliese. Three Songs after 3 short poems by Emily Dickinson. Performed by Michele McCall, soprano; Amy Stanley, piano.
Item 6 White, Barbara. When the Smoke Clears (1995/98); Third Rule of Thumb (200)); The Mind’s Fear, The Heart’s Delight (1998); No-Man’s Land (1999); LIFE in the Castle (1997). The first work performed by the Princeton Composers Ensemble. CRI, p2002.
Item 7 Yi, Chen. Sparkle: featuring Music from China. Performed by the New Music Consort; the Manhattan String Quartet; and the New York New Music Ensemble. CRI, p1999.
Item 8 Joyce-Walter, May Ann. Girl With Cello. Performed by Nancy E. Ogle, soprano; Ginger Hwalek, piano; ;and an unidentified student from the Hoff-Barthelson Music School (Scarsdale, New York), ‘cello. Recorded in the spring of 2000. Audio-cassette.
Item 9 Leslie Holmes Sings . . . . Works include three by Margarita Merriman: Music I Heard With You; The Night is Freezing Fast; and, Expectation. Audio-cassette, accompanied by texts of the various selections. AFKA Records, p1989.
Item 10 Shaheen, Sharon. Antitime. Performed by Sharon Shaheen, piano; Arlen Asher, tenor; John Belzaguy, bass; and Mark Clark, drums. Audio-cassette.
Item 11 Van Appledorn, Mary Jeanne. Contrasts (1947). Audio-cassette.


Series 3: Correspondence & Biographical Information

Box 5

Folder 1 Aberdam, Eliane. Letter (November 12, 2003).
Folder 2 Armer, Elinor. Letter (December 1, 2003) with curriculum vitae.
Folder 3 Barker, Jennifer. Letter (October 28, 2003) with business card and biographical statement
Folder 4 Bearer, Elaine L. Letter (undated) and business card.
Folder 5 Bloom, Jane Ira. Letter (undated) with biographical statement and copy of feature that appeared in NASA Activities, vol. 20 (9), November 1989.
Folder 6 Brazelton, Kitty. Letter (October 18, 2003).
Folder 7 Brill, Elissa. Letter (October 28, 2003).
Folder 8 Clearfield, Andrea. Letter (October 11, 2002 [sic]) with biographical statement, photocopy of handbill for concert (world premiere, The Long Bright), and the composer’s program notes for Women of Valor.
Folder 9 Diesendruck, Tamar. Letter (November 4, 2003) with biographical statement and the composer’s program notes on On That Day.
Folder 10 Epstein, Marti. Postcard (October 10, 2003) with biographical statement.
Folder 11 Galbraith, Nancy. Letter (undated).
Folder 12 Garrop, Stacy. Letter (October 20, 2003) with biographical statement.
Folder 13 Higdon, Jennifer. Letter (October 10, 2003) with two different biographical statements.
Folder 14 Joyce-Walter, Mary Ann. Letter (October 21, 2003) with resumé.
Folder 15 Kavasch, Deborah. Letter (October 19, 2003).
Folder 16 Kilstofte, Anne. Letter (October 30, 2003) with biographical sketch.
Folder 17 La Barbara, Joan. Letter (December 2, 2003) with copy of feature article/interview with the composer, published in Contemporary Music Review.
Folder 18 McKay, Frances Thompson. Letter (November 1, 2003).
Folder 19 McNutt, Elizabeth. Letter (November 7, 2003) with biographical statement.
Folder 20 Merriman, Margarita. Letter (October 10, 2003) with list of compositions.
Folder 21 Moorman, Joyce Solomon. Letter (November 1, 2003) with biographical sketch.
Folder 22 Muhl, Erica. Letter (November 3, 2003) with biographical statement and the composer’s program notes on Consolation.
Folder 23 Nicholeris, Carol. Print-outs of two email communications (each bearing the date of October 20, 2003).
Folder 24 Oliveros, Pauline. Letter (December 7, 2003) with photograph.
Folder 25 Ptaszynska, Marta. Letter (October 19, 2003) with University of Chicago Department of Music events calendar for Autumn Quarter 2003, and copy of biography (published by PWM Edition, 2001).
Folder 26 Rabens, Julieanne. Letter (October 23, 2003).
Folder 27 Repar, Patricia Ann. Card (October 24, 2003) with biographical statement and resumé.
Folder 28 Root, Jena. Letter (November 3, 2003).
Folder 29 Ruehr, Elena. Letter (October 16, 2003).
Folder 30 Sellers, Elizabeth. Letter (November 10, 2003) with biographical statement and program note on the Agincourt Concerto.
Folder 31 Shaheen, Sharon. Letter (October 26, 2003).
Folder 32 Shatin, Judith. Letter (October 30, 2003).
Folder 33 Spencer, Williametta. Letter (October 15, 2003) with biography/works list brochure. The collection contains scores of original instrumental, vocal, and choral works by Dr. Kaderavek. The collection also holds photographs, programs, publicity and personal documents. The latter offer insight not only into Dr. Kaderavek’s own career, but also into the broader field of composition in the U.S. from the mid-twentieth century to the present.
Folder 34 Thomas, Marilyn Taft. Letter (October 1, 2003) with publicity flyer.
Folder 35 Thome, Diane. Letter (October 15, 2003) with business card, biographical statement, copies of three press articles, and excerpt from Soundings Northwest radio guide for December, 2002.
Folder 36 Van Appeldorn, Mary Jeanne. Cover note (written on student’s letter of October 1, 2003), with works list and concert program (April 22, 1999, Hemmle Recital Hall, Texas Tech University School of Music (Lubbock, Texas)).
Folder 37 Weibel, Anneliese. Letter (September 29, 2003).
Folder 38 White, Barbara. Letter (October 20, 2003) with business card and promotional postcard.
Folder 39 Yi, Chen. Postcard (October 20, 2003).


Box 6

Folder 1 Higdon, Jennifer. Concerto for Orchestra. Commissioned by the Philadelphia Orchestra (Wolfgang Sawallisch, Music Director) as part of its Centennial Celebrations. Spiral-bound computer-generated score (118 pages). Published by the Lawdon Press.
Folder 2 Higdon, Jennifer. 3 Excerpts of Works [sampler score]. Contains excerpts from the full scores of: Fury (string quartet, pages 26-35); To The Point (string quartet, pages 34-44); and, Fiery Red (piano trio, pages 13-41). Spiral-bound computer-generated score.