On Display

Celebrating Allan Schindler (1944–2018): A Retrospective on His 80th

On the occasion of what would have been Dr. Schindler’s 80th birthday, we look back on his career and present a celebration of his life and lasting contributions as a composer, teacher, and musician.

Sibley’s Oldest Treasure: The Rochester Codex (ca. 1070–1103)

This unique manuscript dates from the late 11th century (ca. 1017–1103) and is a compilation of treatises on the medieval arts of arithmetic, geometry, music, and astronomy, commonly known as the medieval quadrivium

Arthur Farwell at the Vanguard of American Musical Life

Arthur Farwell (1872–1952) is best remembered as a leading figure in the “Indianist” movement in American classical music (ca. 1890–1920)..

Maestro Frederick Fennell (1914–2004): An iconographic life

The photographs and awards presented here were received in 2005 as part of the Frederick Fennell Collection.

Celebrating EWE’s first foreign tour

This display recalls the East Asian tour undertaken by the Eastman Wind Ensemble in May and June of 1978, marking the EWE’s first concert engagements abroad.