Please check back frequently for updates and additions throughout the summer months.



Will Fall Classes Start on time?

Yes, the first day of classes for students is Wednesday, September 9, 2020, and we will follow the calendar for the remainder of the semester.


Updated 7-30-2020

Will I have the opportunity to have in-person lessons or classes this fall?

Offerings that are approved for face-to-face instruction are:

  • Primary studio lessons,
  • Group lessons,
  • Chamber music and ensembles.

Final decisions on the in-person nature of lessons and ensembles will be made by your teacher.

Given the restrictions we have around room availability due to social distancing, ensemble and group lesson meeting times and locations may change before the semester begins.

Updated 7-30-2020

What if I don’t feel comfortable, or am unable to return to campus in person?

All students will have the option to continue with private lessons online.

Updated 7-30-2020

New Horizons

New Horizons ensembles will be offered online only, details and format pending.

Vocal Ensembles

More information will be forthcoming regarding Vocal Ensembles.

Updated 7-30-2020

Early Childhood

Early Childhood will be offered online only, details and format pending.

Updated 7-30-2020

Theory in Motion

Theory in Motion will be offered in person or in a hybrid mode.

Updated 7-30-2020

Will some classes still be held online this fall?

All Theory classes, Music History, and other academic non-performance classes will be offered online at their usual class meeting times.



What guidelines will Eastman be setting in place regarding safety?

Guidelines include:

  • Continued social distancing including no less than six feet between individuals in all locations including classrooms, faculty studios, and rehearsal/performance venues;
  • Wearing protective masks as required
  • Monitoring of traffic in entrances/exits, hallways, elevators, and other spaces to limit density of individuals at bottleneck spaces;
  • Increased attention to ongoing cleaning and disinfecting

What cleaning measures are taking place?

Currently, all solid surfaces in commons areas are wiped down daily as part of general cleaning routines.  The reopening protocol will involve increased cleaning efforts in accordance with CDC and University guidance.  Large room sanitizing machines (electro-static foggers) have been purchased and their use will also be guided by mandates and University guidance.

There will be an overall focus on Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) including the following:

  • Mask wearing as required
  • Added hand sanitizer deployed to classrooms and other areas of high traffic
  • Wipes available for end-user personal cleaning of classroom chairs and workstations
  • Plexiglas shield installations at the Welcome Center
  • All communal instrument use (other than pianos and organs) under evaluation

What safety precautions are you taking to ensure our students are protected while on campus?

As part of our overall focus on social distancing and de-densifying campus communal spaces, the following items are under consideration for the fall semester:

  • A reduction in classroom and other occupancies
  • Possible changes in interior traffic routes
  • Distance markings on floors and signage where queuing takes place
  • Limited numbers in elevators and restrooms
  • Possible closings of areas of congregation such as the waiting rooms
  • There may be timing intervals established for class changes.
  • There will be no change to our single point of entry policy given our continued commitment to campus safety
  • Events involving in-person activity on campus will be limited by occupancy guidelines in place at the time

Visitors to the Eastman campus will be significantly restricted.


If you are taking in person lessons you will need to complete Dr. Chatbot before each time you come to school.

**Any additional questions regarding ECMS should be directed to:
Eastman Community Music School