Information for Faculty

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Updated 4/15/2022

What is the masking protocol?

  • Everyone needs to wear a non-cloth mask (N95, KN94, surgical mask, etc.) at all times – in classes, lessons, rehearsals, performances, and all other academic and non-academic spaces.  The one exception is for professionally-made masks for musicians, which may continue to be used when performing as these masks are typically constructed with multiple layers and/or have additional filter material built into the mask.  In non-performance situations, however, everyone must follow the non-cloth mask policy.
  • Musicians who play an instrument with a mouthpiece must cut a small hole/slit in their mask so that their nose and sides of the mouth remain covered when they are playing.
  • Brass and woodwind musicians are required to use a bell cover at all times.
  • Brass players must use a container/rag to collect their condensation.

Updated 4/15/2022

Will individual faculty be allowed to be unmasked during instruction?

A single instructor may be unmasked when teaching, but only if they can maintain 6’ from the rest of the class.

At this time, it is necessary to limit our KN95 mask distribution to just one complimentary mask per individual.  Please note that these masks are readily available through pharmacies and online outlets, such as Amazon.

Updated 4/15/2022

What recital and performance policies are in place?

A single musician may be unmasked when performing in a jury or recital, but only if they can maintain 6’ of distance from others on stage.

All our performances remain open to the public and there are no other restrictions on gatherings, activities, or dining at this time.  These rules will be in place through the conclusion of final exams, and at that time University leadership will determine if it is safe to go back to a “masks recommended” policy for senior week and commencement weekend. 

Updated 1/26/2022

Will masks be distributed?

As has been the case from the beginning of the pandemic, surgical masks will continue to be available for everyone at the Officer’s Desk in Lowry Hall.  In addition, ESM has purchased a supply of KN95 masks that will be made available to our community at the following locations:

  • ESM Faculty and Staff – Welcome Center in Lowry Hall (faculty masks will be placed in mailboxes)
  • ESM Students – Student Living Center front desk
  • ECMS Faculty – ECMS Office, 3rd floor of Messinger Hall

At this time, it is necessary to limit our KN95 mask distribution to just one complimentary mask per individual.  Please note that these masks are readily available through pharmacies and online outlets, such as Amazon.

Updated 1/26/2022

Are Faculty and Staff required to receive the booster?

Faculty and staff are required to receive booster vaccinations by February 21, or within 30 days of becoming eligible, if that is a later date. Employees who received their booster at an Employee Health vaccine clinic in LeChase Assembly Hall or the SMH Outpatient Pharmacy are already recorded and no further action is required. Employees who have received their booster at any other location, including UR Medicine locations, will need to submit proof of the booster vaccination through the University portal (University network or VPN access required).

Updated 1/26/2022

What online learning options are available to students?

While in-person instruction resumes on Monday, January 31, we expect there will be a small number of international students who may arrive a little late due to travel issues.  Therefore, we are asking instructors to provide an online option for these international students for an additional week, but after February 7 we expect all students to be on campus.  Domestic students and international students who are already in the United States are expected to return to in-person classes on Monday, January 31.

As we have previously communicated, we expect that students will continue to require short periods of quarantine or isolation throughout the remainder of the semester should they get exposed to the virus.  Instructors should make plans to provide additional flexibility, as needed, to students who are ordered to quarantine or isolate at any time this spring.

Updated 1/7/2022

Who do I contact if I have questions about IT needs or support?

For immediate needs related to IT requests (zoom cart request, Wifi concerns, etc- the best email for response is

Updated 1/7/2022

Who is the best contact for students with questions on building access or item retrieval, etc?

Requests or questions regarding access or item retrieval from SLC, etc, should be sent to and someone will get back to you quickly.

Updated 1/7/2022

How can I direct students who might be in need of support?

We understand the hardship this rapid transition places on some students, so if you learn of any students in need of additional support, please direct them to submit a request through the University’s Basic Needs Hub.  The hub provides urgent, essential student necessities, such as food, clothing, housing, and access to academic tools, and we are usually able to respond very quickly to any requests.

Updated 8/19/2021

What is the practice room policy?

We will revert to our pre-COVID practice room policies for all students.  When alone in a room, fully vaccinated students may remove their mask when practicing.  However, students with an approved exemption to the University’s vaccine requirement must leave their mask on at all times – even when practicing alone in a room.  Additionally, unvaccinated woodwind and brass students must leave their bell covers on as well while practicing.


Updated 7/7/2021

What will return to campus look like for the fall semester?

Please refer to this page.


Updated 11/23/2020

"Teaching During Times of Disruption" Videos Available

Many online video tutorials are available for on “Teaching During Times of Disruption”, covering topics such as planning and preparation, troubleshooting, and managing live classroom settings. The tutorials are available in two parts; click here for a list of topics in Part 1 and click here for Part 2.

Need assistance? A schedule for ongoing Spring 2020 workshops is available on the IML home page.