Graduate Studies

Prizes and Awards

Lecture Recital Prize

The Lecture Recital Prize recognizes and celebrates DMA/PRL students at Eastman who present exemplary lecture recitals within a given calendar year.

Click here to see videos of all the award-winning lecture recitals (must be on-campus or connected through the U of R VPN to access videos).

2019 Chan Mi Na, “Lillian Fuchs: the pedagogical aspects of her compositions for viola (An examination of Sonata Pastorale for Unaccompanied Viola and related technical studies)”

2018 Blaire Koerner, “The Collision of 1950’s Classical, Jazz and Pop: Uncovering and Transcribing Alec Wilder’s Hidden Gems”; Caroline Sonett, “A Project-Based Learning Recital Model for Post-Secondary Music Education”

2017 Wei-Han Wu, “Works for Chamber Duo and Solo Piano by Eric Wubbels”

2016 Abigail Rockwood, “Reorderings: Motivic Uses of Permutation in Bach, Sweelinck, and Messiaen”

2015 James Sullivan, “A Post-Tonal Method Book for the Double Bass”

2014 Lee Wright, “Spirituals on Stage: The Concert Spiritual as a Reflection of Racial Progress in America”

2013 Albert Kim, “A New Concert Transcription of Ravel’s La Valse”

2012 John Allegar, “The Chicago Years of Florence Price: Context and Hybridity”; Timothy Burns, “Investigating Schumann’s Gedichte Der Königin Marie Stuart, Op. 135″

2011 Man Yui Kitty Cheung, “On Performing the Cadenzas of Beethoven’s Violin Concerto, a Performer’s Approach”

2010 Daniel Aune, “Johann Sebastian Bach’s Leipzig Chorales: New Thoughts On Their Development and Function”

Teaching Assistant Prize for Excellence in Teaching

Past winners of the TA Prize, 1994-95 through 2011-12

2019-2020 Lauren Irschick, Written Theory; Dan Kuehler, Applied Piano; Sarah Luebke, Applied Voice; Derek Myler, Theory Aural Skills; Stephania Romaniuk, Music Teaching and Learning Voice Class; Yidi Song, Applied Flute

2018-2019 Michael Aiello, Applied Voice; David Keep, Written Theory; Joanna Hyun Ji Kim, Music Teaching and Learning Voice Class; William Talley, Basic Conducting Class; Stephanie Venturino, Intensive Written Theory

2017-2018 Gabrielle Cornish, Music & Technology in the 20th Century; Hannah Harrow, Applied Voice; Samuel Reenan, Intensive Written Theory; Nicki Roman, Saxophone Chamber Ensemble; Garrett Wellenstein, Basic Conducting Lab

2016-2017 Emily Dobmeier, Music Teaching and Learning Clarinet Class; Amy Fleming, Graduate Theory Review; Molly Murdock, Intensive Written Theory; Trevor Nelson, Music History Discussion Sessions; Sarah VandenBrink, Applied Voice; Jonathan Wintringham, Saxophone Chamber Ensemble

2015-2016 Daniel Baer, Applied Piano; Benjamin Baker, Theory Aural Skills; Myles Boothroyd, Written Theory; Peter Folliard, Basic Conducting Class; Aaron Grant, Written Theory; Megan Steigerwald, Music History; Meng Zhou, Piano Class

2014-2015 Sarah Fuchs Sampson, Music History Review; Joseph Chi-Sing Siu, Written Theory; Jungeyun Grace Choi, Piano Class; Joseph Maxwell Grube, Music Teaching and Learning Bassoon Class; Nils Klykken, Basic Conducting Class; Yoshiko Arahata, Applied Piano

2013-2014 David Geary, Theory Aural Skills; Aristea Mellos, Composition for Non-Majors; Philip Pierick, Saxophone Chamber Coaching; Devin Sloos, Music Teaching and Learning Euphonium and Tuba Class; Shichao Zhang, Piano Class

2012-2013 Lauren Becker, Applied Horn; Min Hwan Kim, Piano Class; Emlyn Johnson, Applied Flute; Gilad Rabinovitch, Composition for Non-Majors; Matthew Valverde, Applied Voice; James Sullivan, Theory Aural Skills

Jerald C. Graue Fellowship

Established in memory of a respected scholar, beloved teacher, and former chair of the Musicology Department; awarded to graduate students in any field for their outstanding work in musicological research.

Past Winners of the Jerald C. Graue Fellowship: 1983-2015

2020 Bronwen McVeigh

2019 Anthony LaLena

2018 Jane Sylvester 

2017 Gabrielle Cornish 

2016 Christopher Kayler; Gabrielle Cornish

2015 Alexis VanZalen

2014 C. Aaron James

2013 Tabitha Boxerman

2012 Emma McConnell

Presser Music Award

Funded by a grant from the Presser Foundation; presented to a graduate student demonstrating excellence and outstanding promise for a career in the field of music.

Presser Music Award: Winners from 1989-2015

2021 Kyrsten Chambers Jones

2020 Austin Richey

2019 Jane Sylvester

2018 Alexis VanZalen

2017 Derek Remeš

2016 Samuel Bivens

2015 Aristea Mellos (see her presentation here)

2014 Aaron Grant

2013 Sarah Fuchs Sampson

2012 John Liberatore

Edward Peck Curtis Award for Excellence in Teaching by a Graduate Student

Established to encourage excellence in the work of graduate students who assist undergraduate instruction, the E.P Curtis Award for Graduate Students is awarded to up to five nominees per year from across the University.

Edward Peck Curtis Award for Excellence in Teaching by a Graduate Student: Winners from the Eastman School of Music, 1985-2013

2019 Benjamin Baker, Elaina McKie, Nicholas Morandi, Trevor R. Nelson

2018 Myles Boothroyd, Gabrielle Cornish

2017 Samuel Bivens

2016 James Sullivan

2015 C. Aaron James

2014 Sarah Fuchs Sampson

Artist’s Certificate

Reserved for graduate students who already hold the Performer’s Certificate and who demonstrate the highest level of performing ability. Candidates for the Artist’s Certificate are recommended unanimously by their home departments. In addition, these young artists perform two public recitals and a concerto with orchestra; all three events are adjudicated by a special interdepartmental committee appointed by the Dean and the Senior Associate Dean of Graduate Studies.

Artist’s Certificate Recipients, 1936-2014

2020 Malcolm Matthews, organ

2017 Thomas Gaynor, organ

2014 Markiyan Melnychenko, violin

2013 Daria Sergeyevna Rabotkina, piano

2011 Hye Sung Choe, flute

2000 Marina Lomazov, piano