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Meredith Gangler
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The Ensemble Library at the Eastman School of Music provides music for all performing ensembles at the school.  The total holdings in the regular collection are close to 20,000 items in the following genres:

Orchestra:  ~8,500 sets of parts
Band:  ~2,400 sets of parts
Choral:  ~2,400 SATB and SA  sets for performance (at least 65 copies)
Chamber music:  ~2,600 sets of parts (greater than an octet)
Brass Guild:  ~450 sets of parts for various sizes of brass ensemble
Trombone Choir:  ~600 sets of parts for various sizes of trombone ensemble
Jazz:  ~2,200 sets of parts for various sizes of jazz ensemble
Saxophone:  ~200 sets of parts for various sizes of saxophone ensemble

In addition to the standard collection, there are many and varied historical collections that have been acquired by the library through gifts or donations.    Collections range from dance band music, jazz, opera and musical theatre,  marching band, wind ensemble, orchestral,  and music and correspondence of former Eastman faculty members. Three  sizeable collections held in the Eastman Ensemble Library are the NBC Orchestra collection (theatre orchestra, popular songs and Broadway show tunes);  the Tams-Witmark collection (opera excerpts and musical theatre), and the Mitch Miller collection (160 popular show tunes arranged for orchestra).

The largest historical collection is comprised of several smaller, distinct collections.  This theatre orchestra collection, referred to as the National American Theatre Orchestra Archives consists of a collection of Don Hunsberger’s scores and parts, cue sheets, a collection of programs, posters and resource information on scoring music for silent films. This is a collection of theater orchestra music dating from 1980 through the end of the 1990s for use with the Eastman-Dryden Orchestra and over four dozen professional symphony orchestras throughout the U. S. and Canada. Also included is Don Hunsberger’s collection of silent films on VHS tape. This collection is a work in progress and is available to researchers.

  • the original Eastman Theatre Orchestra Library (approximately 5,500 sets of parts and scores used  by the Theatre Orchestra (1920’s);
  • several works (718 items) published specifically for use as film cues and theatre shows in what is referred to as the Gray Library; Gray Collection
  • Fulreader collection – more than 2700 Broadway show compilations, dance tunes and patriotic selections for small orchestra donated in 1962 by the widow of Oscar Fulreader.
  • The Michael R. Pucci collection, secured in 1987, is a collection of music used in the theatre in the 1920’s as well as dinner and dance music from the 1930’s Pucci Misc Parts List
  • the NBC Orchestra Library which contains theatre orchestra publications, manuscript broadcast arrangements and many popular songs and Broadway show tunes
  • Carl F. Ludwig Film Music Library consisting of several thousand publications from the silent era. Ludwig Misc Parts List
  • The Roxy  Theatre Music Collection consists of arrangements for theatre orchestra (reeds, brass and rhythm section primarily)  Some of the arrangements include a full string section as well as choral and/or vocal scores.
     Roxy Theater Music Collection
  • A small collection of theatre orchestra music (approximately 250 items) used in theatres in upstate New York in the 20’s and 30’s referred to as the “H” Library [insert link]
  • Scores and Orchestra performance parts for silent films, compiled by Donald Hunsberger.  These films were “scored” from 1980 to the late 1990’s for use with the Eastman Dryden Orchestra and more than four dozen professional symphony orchestras throughout the US and Canada
  • Miscellaneous film cue sheets, books and texts on silent film history, copies of Eastman Theatre programs from 1922-26; D. Hunsberger collection of 40 silent films on VHS and DVD
    .The Eastman Theatre Orchestra Archive – A Collection of Theatre Music for Silent Films

Other historical collections housed in the Eastman Ensemble Library are the following:

Tams-Witmark collection:  In 1969 a large portion of the rental library was dispersed among four schools of music in the United States and the Library of Congress   Eastman was given primarily opera excerpts (parts and scores).  The other three schools receiving portions of the library were the University of Wisconsin – Madison (musical comedies);  Rider University (cantatas and oratorios); Princeton (prompt books and stage guides from the early 19th century). The Library of Congress received 19th century operas and operettas.  A brief inventory of Eastman’s portion of the collection exists and a full inventory, listing instrumentation and overall condition of the parts and scores is in the process of being produced.  See pdf for an example of the inventory in progress.  Tams Witmark A

    • Mitch Miller CollectionConsists of 160 parts and scores for arrangements (by a variety of arrangers as well as Mitch Miller) of American popular songs and show tunes.Mitch Miller Collection
    • Jazz/Dance Band Collection:  Over 3,000 Foxtrots and waltzes published between 1921 and 1930 scored for flexible small dance band instrumentation [No database available]
    • George Manning Swing Band Collection:  A collection of swing band music in the Ensemble Library, over 500 charts, available to faculty, staff and students.
      George Manning Swing Band Collection  
    • Bud DeTar Jazz CollectionA collection of standard jazz charts (320 charts that are not already reflected in the ESM jazz catalog, available to faculty, staff and students.
      DeTar in ESM collection-2
    • Frank J. Cipolla Collection:  A collection of 220 scores from all musical periods – available to faculty, staff and students
      Cipolla Scores- OVERSIZE Cipolla Scores- REGULAR

In addition to the historical collections, The Eastman Ensemble Library holds collections for some Eastman retired faculty members. The library is home to the Donald R. Hunsberger Wind Ensemble Resource Center.  The Center houses Donald Hunsberger’s personal files and music collections from his tenure as the director of the Eastman Wind Ensemble, as well as other integral parts of the EWE’s history.

Other faculty collections in the Ensemble Library are music and papers of Ray Wright, Emery Remington and Wayne Barlow.  None of the faculty collections hold the complete works of these individuals but are a representation of their work at Eastman and may be useful for research purposes.

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