Jürgen Thym

Jürgen ThymJürgen Thym was born in Germany and received his doctorate in musicology from Case Western Reserve University. He is an award-winning author of many articles, original books, and translations on a variety of musical and literary topics, including translations of J.P. Kirnberger’s Art of Strict Musical Composition and Heinrich Schenker’s Counterpoint; the book 100 Years of Eichendorff Songs; and articles and reviews about composers ranging from Schumann and Brahms to Schoenberg and Kurt Weill. His most recent publication is a translation of Construction of Freedom and Other Writings by Luca Lombardi (with Eastman’s Thomas Donnan). Thym’s numerous awards include citations from the Music Library Association; the Deems Taylor Award; and a special citation from the Society for Music Theory. His specialties are 19th and 20th century music, in particular the German Lied. Jürgen Thym has taught at Eastman since 1973 and was named professor emeritus in 2003, but he has continued a teaching relationship with Eastman.

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