Music Theory


We are attempting to compile a complete listing of all alumni of our department, approximately 670 degrees awarded to the present. The listing below is sorted by degree type and date. Please contact us if you discover errors or omissions in these lists.

You can also check out a list of dissertations here.

Brainard, Paul BA-ARTS/SCI-1949 TH, MM-EASTMAN-1951 TH
Coombs, David BA-ARTS/SCI-1974 MUS/TH, MA-EASTMAN-1984 TH
Dodd, Mary BA-EASTMAN-1950 TH, MS-EASTMAN-1953 TH
Evans, Sarah BA-EASTMAN-1971 TH, MA-EASTMAN-1989 TH
Dickey, Esther BM-EASTMAN-1933 TH
Hartley, Hazel BM-EASTMAN-1936 MUS, MM-EASTMAN-1940 TH
Keziah, Dorothy BM-EASTMAN-1945 TH, MM-EASTMAN-1946 TH
Roberts, Rowland BM-EASTMAN-1949 TH, MM-EASTMAN-1952 TH
Kau, Walter BM-EASTMAN-1950 TH
Decker, Bruce BM-EASTMAN-1951 TH
Ashley, Patricia BM-EASTMAN-1952 TH, PHD-EASTMAN-1964
Fulton, Alvin BM-EASTMAN-1952 TH, MAS-EASTMAN-1953
Harner, Nevin BM-EASTMAN-1952 TH, MA-EASTMAN-1962 TH
Hughson, David BM-EASTMAN-1952 TH
Olmsted, William BM-EASTMAN-1952 TH
Berleant, Arnold BM-EASTMAN-1953 TH, MA-EASTMAN-1955 TH
Driggers, Corlis BM-EASTMAN-1953 TH
Eargle, John BM-EASTMAN-1953 TH
Robson, John BM-EASTMAN-1953 TH
Shaulis, Frank BM-EASTMAN-1953 TH
Wunderlich, Charles BM-EASTMAN-1953 TH
Pierce, E. Lindsey BM-EASTMAN-1956 TH
Smith, Elwood BM-EASTMAN-1956 TH, MM-EASTMAN-1957 MUS
Crosley, Lawrence BM-EASTMAN-1957 TH, MM-EASTMAN-1960 TH
Hartley, Paul BM-EASTMAN-1957 TH, MA-EASTMAN-1960 TH
Hodkinson, Sydney BM-EASTMAN-1957 TH, MM-EASTMAN-1958 TH
Lilygren, Carol BM-EASTMAN-1957 TH
Peters, Mitchell BM-EASTMAN-1957 TH, MM-EASTMAN-1958 PRL
Sider, Ronald BM-EASTMAN-1957 TH, MM-EASTMAN-1960 TH, PHD-EASTMAN-1967 MUS
Stoehrer, Gerald BM-EASTMAN-1957 TH
Stonequist, Martha BM-EASTMAN-1957 TH
Winzenburger, Walter BM-EASTMAN-1957 TH, MA-EASTMAN-1961 TH, PHD-EASTMAN-1965 MUS
Wise, Ronald BM-EASTMAN-1957 TH
Abelardo, Nicanor BM-EASTMAN-1958 TH
Haddad, Sonya BM-EASTMAN-1958 TH
Mann, Theodore BM-EASTMAN-1958 TH
Murray, Cynthia BM-EASTMAN-1958 TH, MA-EASTMAN-1959 TH
Romberg, Margot BM-EASTMAN-1958 TH
Valante, Harrison BM-EASTMAN-1958 TH
Valjean, Theo BM-EASTMAN-1958 TH
Hoover, Katherine BM-EASTMAN-1959 TH
Knittel, Wolfgang BM-EASTMAN-1959 TH
Martin, David BM-EASTMAN-1959 TH, MM-EASTMAN-1961 MUE
Murley, Kenneth BM-EASTMAN-1959 TH, MM-EASTMAN-1961 MUE
Rodney, Nan BM-EASTMAN-1959 TH
Watson, Linda BM-EASTMAN-1959 TH, MA-EASTMAN-1966 TH
Wolpert, Edward BM-EASTMAN-1959 TH, MA-EASTMAN-1960 TH
Babcock, William BM-EASTMAN-1960 TH, MAS-ARTS/SCI-1964, PHD-ARTS/SCI-1970
Badolato, James BM-EASTMAN-1960 TH
Fuchs, Henry BM-EASTMAN-1960 TH
Gregory, Alan BM-EASTMAN-1960 TH
Killam, Rosemary BM-EASTMAN-1960 TH
Lenti, Vincent BM-EASTMAN-1960 TH, MAS-EASTMAN-1963
Parsons, Esther BM-EASTMAN-1960 TH
Reber, Richard BM-EASTMAN-1960 TH, MM-EASTMAN-1962 PRL
Sheldon, Robert BM-EASTMAN-1960 TH
Ehle, Robert BM-EASTMAN-1961 TH
Mark, James BM-EASTMAN-1961 TH
Narmour, Eugene BM-EASTMAN-1961 TH, MA-EASTMAN-1962 TH
Schweikert, Norman BM-EASTMAN-1961 TH
Seaman, Thomas BM-EASTMAN-1961 TH
Sorenson, Katherine BM-EASTMAN-1961 TH, MA-EASTMAN-1974 TH
Walker, A. John BM-EASTMAN-1961 TH, MA-EASTMAN-1964 TH, PHD-EASTMAN-1972 MUS
Wolf, Eugene BM-EASTMAN-1961 TH
Anderson, David BM-EASTMAN-1962 TH
Berliner, Jay BM-EASTMAN-1962 TH
Harrison, Margot BM-EASTMAN-1962 TH
Hanson, Byron BM-EASTMAN-1963 TH, MM-EASTMAN-1965 PRL
Mowrey, Thomas BM-EASTMAN-1963 TH
Ross, Judith BM-EASTMAN-1963 TH, MA-EASTMAN-1970 TH
Famera, Karen BM-EASTMAN-1964 TH
Milligan, Stuart BM-EASTMAN-1964 TH, MA-EASTMAN-1966 TH
Sawyer, Sharon BM-EASTMAN-1964 TH
Slier, Edward BM-EASTMAN-1964 TH, MA-EASTMAN-1967 TH
Courtright, Douglas BM-EASTMAN-1965 TH
Fay, Thomas BM-EASTMAN-1965 TH
Meigs, Carol BM-EASTMAN-1965 TH, MA-EASTMAN-1970 TH
Brinkman, Alexander BM-EASTMAN-1966 TH, MA-EASTMAN-1970 TH, PHD-EASTMAN-1978 MUS
Ellard, Brian BM-EASTMAN-1966 TH, MA-EASTMAN-1968 TH, PHD-EASTMAN-1973 TH
Grave, Floyd BM-EASTMAN-1966 TH
Nemeth, Linda BM-EASTMAN-1966 TH
Pavey, John BM-EASTMAN-1966 TH
Brubaker, Jerry BM-EASTMAN-1968 TH
Ivanoff, Alexandra BM-EASTMAN-1968 TH
Scott, James BM-EASTMAN-1968 TH
Stetzer, Charles BM-EASTMAN-1969 AMU/TH, MA-EASTMAN-1977 TH
Comegno, Arthur BM-EASTMAN-1970 TH
Watson, William BM-EASTMAN-1971 TH
Herrold, Charles BM-EASTMAN-1972 TH/MUS, MA-EASTMAN-1975 TH
Poulin, Pamela BM-EASTMAN-1972 TH, MA-EASTMAN-1977 TH, PHD-EASTMAN-1983 MUS
Whelden, Roy BM-EASTMAN-1972 TH
Bruce, Kenneth BM-EASTMAN-1973 TH, MA-EASTMAN-1979 TH
Garner, Larry BM-EASTMAN-1973 TH
Maher, Lawrence BM-EASTMAN-1973 TH
Radomski, Teresa BM-EASTMAN-1973 TH
Reiprich, Bruce BM-EASTMAN-1973 TH, MA-EASTMAN-1975 TH
Skoog, James BM-EASTMAN-1973 TH, MA-EASTMAN-1977 TH
Ziolek, Eric BM-EASTMAN-1973 TH
Jones, Sharon BM-EASTMAN-1974 TH
MacFarland, David BM-EASTMAN-1974 TH/PRL, MM-EASTMAN-1982 PRL
Markowitz, Philip BM-EASTMAN-1974 TH
Moore, Kathy BM-EASTMAN-1974 TH, MA-EASTMAN-1977 TH
Will, Ethyl BM-EASTMAN-1974 TH
Wingfield, William BM-EASTMAN-1974 TH
Battan, Suzette BM-EASTMAN-1975 TH, MM-EASTMAN-1976 PRL, PHD-EASTMAN-1980 TH
Crane, Bernard BM-EASTMAN-1975 TH
Emilsson, Gudmundur BM-EASTMAN-1975 MUE/TH, MA-EASTMAN-1981 TH
Hindin, Joel BM-EASTMAN-1975 TH
Hoffman, Moshe BM-EASTMAN-1975 MUE/TH, MA-EASTMAN-1982 TH
Lalumia, Joseph BM-EASTMAN-1975 MUE/TH, MA-EASTMAN-1978 TH
Neusatz, Robert BM-EASTMAN-1975 TH
Rubin, Lance BM-EASTMAN-1975 TH/JCM, MM-EASTMAN-1978 JCM
Chen, Kathleen BM-EASTMAN-1976 TH
Cole, Nadine BM-EASTMAN-1976 TH
Hollasch, Oren BM-EASTMAN-1976 TH
Levine, Joel BM-EASTMAN-1976 TH
Pike, David BM-EASTMAN-1976 TH
Altman, Lloyd BM-EASTMAN-1977 TH, MA-EASTMAN-1979 TH
Applebaum, Michael BM-EASTMAN-1977 TH
Cutler, David BM-EASTMAN-1977 TH
Gilmer, Steven BM-EASTMAN-1977 TH, MAS-EASTMAN-1979
Holmes, Jeffrey BM-EASTMAN-1977 TH, MM-EASTMAN-1979 JCM
Kraus, Joseph BM-EASTMAN-1977 TH, PHD-EASTMAN-1987 TH
Nordlund, Moya BM-EASTMAN-1977 MUE/TH, MAS-EASTMAN-1980
Weeks, Robert BM-EASTMAN-1977 TH
Hamilton, Amy BM-EASTMAN-1978 AMU/TH, BM-EASTMAN-1980
Keever, Howard BM-EASTMAN-1978 TH
Mashner, Milton BM-EASTMAN-1978 TH, MA-EASTMAN-1987 TH, MM-EASTMAN-1992 MUE
Purrone, Kevin BM-EASTMAN-1978 TH
Candela, Peter BM-EASTMAN-1979 TH
Mead, David BM-EASTMAN-1979 TH
Veiga, Suzanne BM-EASTMAN-1979 TH
Waddell, Robert BM-EASTMAN-1979 TH
Connor, Kelly BM-EASTMAN-1980 TH
Lang, Stephan BM-EASTMAN-1980 TH
Smith, Sara BM-EASTMAN-1981 TH, MA-EASTMAN-1984 TH
Bell, Jeffrey BM-EASTMAN-1982 TH
Truitt, James BM-EASTMAN-1982 TH
Cho, Aiyoung BM-EASTMAN-1983 TH
Feder, Shari BM-EASTMAN-1983 TH
Norton, Christopher BM-EASTMAN-1983 AMU/TH, MA-EASTMAN-1986 TH
Balsham, R. BM-EASTMAN-1984 TH
Bailey, Julie BM-EASTMAN-1985 TH
Russo, John BM-EASTMAN-1985 TH, DMA-EASTMAN-1998 CND
Fadden Fitch, Christina BM-EASTMAN-1986 TH
Schmidt, Russell BM-EASTMAN-1986 TH, MM-EASTMAN-1988 JCM
Stern, Howard BM-EASTMAN-1986 TH
Wollenberger, David BM-EASTMAN-1986 TH
Albert, Anita BM-EASTMAN-1987 TH
Lumpkin, William BM-EASTMAN-1987 TH
Ray, Carolyn BM-EASTMAN-1987 TH, MA-EASTMAN-1990 TH
Senak, David BM-EASTMAN-1987 TH
Barrett, Robert BM-EASTMAN-1988 TH
Spence, Phyllis BM-EASTMAN-1988 TH
Stein, Danica BM-EASTMAN-1988 TH
Ferry, Thomas BM-EASTMAN-1990 AMU/TH
Mercurio, John BM-EASTMAN-1990 TH
Sims, Phillip BM-EASTMAN-1990 TH
Erickson, Peter BM-EASTMAN-1991 TH
Royall, Geoffrey BM-EASTMAN-1991 TH
Shim, Elizabeth BM-EASTMAN-1991 TH
Sprout, Leslie BM-EASTMAN-1991 TH
Titus, Jason BM-EASTMAN-1991 TH
Daly, Miriam BM-EASTMAN-1992 TH
Koontz, Daniel BM-EASTMAN-1992 TH
Nonken, Marilyn BM-EASTMAN-1992 TH
Taylor, James BM-EASTMAN-1994 TH, MM-EASTMAN-1996 MUE
Wozniak, Matthew BM-EASTMAN-1994 TH, MA-EASTMAN-1997 THP, MM-EASTMAN-1997 PRL
Boianova, Linda BM-EASTMAN-1995 TH/AMU, MM-EASTMAN-2000 PRL
Constantine, Matthew BM-EASTMAN-1995 AMU/TH
Ng, Yuet Hon BM-EASTMAN-1996 TH, MA-EASTMAN-2001 TH
Tinkham, Allen BM-EASTMAN-1996 AMU/TH
Weitzman, Allison BM-EASTMAN-1996 TH
Steadman, Michael BM-EASTMAN-1997 TH
Anderson, Nissa BM-EASTMAN-1998 TH
Guerrero, Jean BM-EASTMAN-1998 TH
Zelenina, Ina BM-EASTMAN-1998 TH
Bradley, Sean BM-EASTMAN-2000 TH
Abbott, Michael BM-EASTMAN-2001 TH
Greenberg, Clay BM-EASTMAN-2001 TH
Kim, Sarah BM-EASTMAN-2001 TH
Sweedy, Devon BM-EASTMAN-2001 TH
Palmer, Phillip BM-EASTMAN-2003 TH
Dirmeier, Kristen BM-EASTMAN-2004 TH
Melson, Edward BM-EASTMAN-2004 TH
Redwood, Andre de Oliveira BM-EASTMAN-2004 TH
Adam, Nathaniel BM-EASTMAN-2006 TH
Anderson, Benjamin BM-EASTMAN-2006 TH
Kim, Soyeon BM-EASTMAN-2006 TH
Yevseyeva, Anna BM-EASTMAN-2006 TH
Ballance, Sarah BM-EASTMAN-2007 TH
Fletcher, Simon BM-EASTMAN-2007 TH
Park, Joon BM-EASTMAN-2007 TH
Hadeka, Sheryl BM-EASTMAN-2008 TH
Jenkins, Skye BM-EASTMAN-2008 TH
Martinkus, Caitlin BM-EASTMAN-2008 TH
Siskind, Jeremy BM-EASTMAN-2008 TH
Switzer, Scott BM-EASTMAN-2008 TH
Wilson, Jordan BM-EASTMAN-2008 TH
Mitchell, James BM-EASTMAN-2009 TH
Abrahams, Rosa BM-EASTMAN-2010 TH
Child, Paul BM-EASTMAN-2010 TH
Cox, Daniel BM-EASTMAN-2010 TH
Gruters, Kurtis BM-EASTMAN-2010 TH
Peck, Calvin BM-EASTMAN-2010 TH
Dendy, Tabb BM-EASTMAN-2011 TH
Lopinto, Philip BM-EASTMAN-2011 TH
Pow, Lauralie BM-EASTMAN-2011 TH
Matloubieh, Jubin BM-EASTMAN-2012 TH
Chen, Weijun BM-EASTMAN-2013 TH
Cole, Miles BM-EASTMAN-2013 TH
Fitzgerald, Kevin BM-EASTMAN-2013 TH
Price, Dylan BM-EASTMAN-2013 TH
Balonen-Rosen, Marisa BM-EASTMAN-2014 TH
Exler, Nicholas BM-EASTMAN-2014 TH
Xiong, Carol BM-EASTMAN-2015 TH
Maxwell, Braden BM-EASTMAN-2016 TH
Garvue, Julian BM-EASTMAN-2016 TH
Chua, Jon BM-EASTMAN-2017 TH
Venturino, Stephanie BM-EASTMAN-2017 TH
Vu, Ania BM-EASTMAN-2017 TH
Birkness, Christian BM-EASTMAN-2018 TH
Arnett, Raina BM-EASTMAN-2018 TH
Labozzetta, Victor BM-EASTMAN-2018 TH
Bjorlie, Lauritz MA-EASTMAN-1941 TH
Mueller, Luise MA-EASTMAN-1943 TH (BM-EASTMAN-1942 MUS)
Baumbach, Carl MA-EASTMAN-1944 TH (BM-EASTMAN-1943 MUS)
Halgedahl, E. MA-EASTMAN-1946 TH
Jones, William MA-EASTMAN-1946 TH
Smith, Charlotte MA-EASTMAN-1946 TH
Welch, Robert MA-EASTMAN-1946 TH
Julstrom, Rosa MA-EASTMAN-1947 TH (BM-ARTS/SCI-1946 MUS)
Blood, Elsworth MA-EASTMAN-1948 TH
Emile, Robert MA-EASTMAN-1949 TH, DMA-EASTMAN-1958 MUS
Malcolm, Mary MA-EASTMAN-1949 TH
Yousling, Richard MA-EASTMAN-1949 TH
Kasilag, Lucrecia MA-EASTMAN-1950 TH
Vaughan, Josephine MA-EASTMAN-1950 TH (BA-ARTS/SCI-1946 FR)
Alette, Florence MA-EASTMAN-1951 TH
Minter, Mary MA-EASTMAN-1951 TH
Bond, Robert MA-EASTMAN-1952 TH
Yin, Lo-I MA-EASTMAN-1952 TH (BM-UNIV-COL-1956 TH)
Dowdakin, J. MA-EASTMAN-1953 TH (BM-EASTMAN-1950 MUS)
Austin, Nancy MA-EASTMAN-1955 TH
Berleant, Arnold MA-EASTMAN-1955 TH (BM-EASTMAN-1953 TH)
Clarkson, Austin MA-EASTMAN-1955 TH
Tomasick, Paul MA-EASTMAN-1955 TH (BM-EASTMAN-1953 MUE)
Lanshe, Richard MA-EASTMAN-1956 TH, PHD-EASTMAN-1970 MUS
Blanchard, Helen MA-EASTMAN-1957 TH
Blanchard, William MA-EASTMAN-1957 TH
Johnson, Marilyn MA-EASTMAN-1957 TH
Jones, Samuel MA-EASTMAN-1958 TH, PHD-EASTMAN-1960 MUS
Sutcliffe, James MA-EASTMAN-1958 TH
Bostic, Stephen MA-EASTMAN-1959 TH
Garlock, Frank MA-EASTMAN-1959 TH
Koehn, Gordon MA-EASTMAN-1959 TH
Murray, Cynthia MA-EASTMAN-1959 TH (BM-EASTMAN-1958 TH)
Rose, Juanelva MA-EASTMAN-1959 TH
Weed, Janet MA-EASTMAN-1959 TH (BM-ARTS/SCI-1957 MUS)
Bushnell, Vinson MA-EASTMAN-1960 TH
Hartley, Paul MA-EASTMAN-1960 TH (BM-EASTMAN-1957 TH)
Moore, Ruth MA-EASTMAN-1960 TH
Wolpert, Edward MA-EASTMAN-1960 TH (BM-EASTMAN-1959 TH)
Giroux, George MA-EASTMAN-1961 TH
Inglefield, Howard MA-EASTMAN-1961 TH (BM-EASTMAN-1959 MUE)
Long, Carole MA-EASTMAN-1961 TH
Winzenburger, Walter MA-EASTMAN-1961 TH (BM-EASTMAN-1957 TH) PHD-EASTMAN-1965 MUS
Bennington, Josephine MA-EASTMAN-1962 TH
Fote, Richard MA-EASTMAN-1962 TH
Greenawalt, Terrence MA-EASTMAN-1962 TH, PHD-EASTMAN-1972 MUS
Harner, Nevin MA-EASTMAN-1962 TH (BM-EASTMAN-1952 TH)
Nagle, Elsie MA-EASTMAN-1962 TH (BM-EASTMAN-1961 MUE)
Narmour, Eugene MA-EASTMAN-1962 TH (BM-EASTMAN-1961 TH)
Peters, Gordon MM-EASTMAN-1962 TH (BM-EASTMAN-1956 MUE)
Printy, Carolin MA-EASTMAN-1962 TH (BM-EASTMAN-1960 MUS)
DeSimone, Carol MA-EASTMAN-1963 TH
Boyer, Horace MA-EASTMAN-1964 TH/TH, PHD-EASTMAN-1973 MUS
Kindred, Janis MA-EASTMAN-1964 TH
Walker, A. John MA-EASTMAN-1964 TH (BM-EASTMAN-1961 TH) PHD-EASTMAN-1972 MUS
White, Herschel MA-EASTMAN-1964 TH
Woolf, Stephanie MA-EASTMAN-1964 TH (BM-EASTMAN-1962 AMU)
Babb, Nancy MA-EASTMAN-1965 TH
Schmidt, Henry MA-EASTMAN-1965 TH (BM-ARTS/SCI-1963 MUS)
Thomas, Joseph MA-EASTMAN-1965 TH
Dunkley, George MA-EASTMAN-1966 TH
Lee, Anne MA-EASTMAN-1966 TH
McLean, Barton MA-EASTMAN-1966 TH
McRae, James MA-EASTMAN-1966 TH
Milligan, Stuart MA-EASTMAN-1966 TH (BM-EASTMAN-1964 TH)
Robertson, David MA-EASTMAN-1966 TH
Watson, Linda MA-EASTMAN-1966 TH (BM-EASTMAN-1959 TH)
Bahler, Peter MA-EASTMAN-1967 TH (BM-ARTS/SCI-1958 MUS)
Eckers, Roger MA-EASTMAN-1967 TH, PHD-EASTMAN-1977 MUE
Scarabino, Guillermo MA-EASTMAN-1967 TH
Shepherd, David MA-EASTMAN-1967 TH
Slier, Edward MA-EASTMAN-1967 TH (BM-EASTMAN-1964 TH)
Woodward, James MA-EASTMAN-1967 MUS/TH, PHD-EASTMAN-1975 MUS
Carney, Horace MA-EASTMAN-1968 TH
Carwithen, Edward MA-EASTMAN-1968 TH
Ellard, Brian MA-EASTMAN-1968 TH (BM-EASTMAN-1966 TH) PHD-EASTMAN-1973 TH
Hilliard, Gloria MA-EASTMAN-1968 TH
Kerr, Margaret MA-EASTMAN-1968 TH
Maxey, Linda MA-EASTMAN-1968 TH
Stuessy, C. MA-EASTMAN-1968 TH, PHD-EASTMAN-1978 MUS
Carnahan, Cheryl MA-EASTMAN-1969 TH
Martin, James MA-EASTMAN-1969 TH
Ward, Marcia MA-EASTMAN-1969 TH
Black, Sarah MA-EASTMAN-1970 TH
Brinkman, Alexander MA-EASTMAN-1970 TH (BM-EASTMAN-1966 TH) PHD-EASTMAN-1978 MUS
Floyd, Annette MA-EASTMAN-1970 TH
Meek, C. MA-EASTMAN-1970 TH
Meigs, Carol MA-EASTMAN-1970 TH (BM-EASTMAN-1965 TH)
Miller, Pamela MA-EASTMAN-1970 TH
Pieffer, Phyllis MA-EASTMAN-1970 TH
Riepe, Russell MA-EASTMAN-1970 TH, PHD-EASTMAN-1972 MUS
Ross, Judith MA-EASTMAN-1970 TH (BM-EASTMAN-1963 TH)
Snodgrass, Kathryn MA-EASTMAN-1970 TH
Emmans, Henry MA-EASTMAN-1971 TH
Henderson, Jean MA-EASTMAN-1971 TH
Lau, Robert MA-EASTMAN-1971 TH
Murphy, Jerome MA-EASTMAN-1971 TH
Hennicke, Gayle MA-EASTMAN-1972 TH
Luxner, Michael MA-EASTMAN-1972 TH (BM-EASTMAN-1972 AMU) PHD-EASTMAN-1978 TH
Lynch, Marilyn MA-EASTMAN-1972 TH
Kompanek, Rudolph MA-EASTMAN-1973 TH
Swenson, Doris MA-EASTMAN-1973 TH
Ahner, Sally MA-EASTMAN-1974 TH
Detar, Francis MA-EASTMAN-1974 TH, MA-EASTMAN-1972 TH
Klein, Stephen MA-EASTMAN-1974 TH
Persia, Berly MA-EASTMAN-1974 TH
Sorenson, Katherine MA-EASTMAN-1974 TH (BM-EASTMAN-1961 TH)
Boone, Geraldine MA-EASTMAN-1975 TH
Fredericks, Catherine MA-EASTMAN-1975 TH
Herrold, Charles MA-EASTMAN-1975 TH (BM-EASTMAN-1972 TH/MUS)
Radd, John MA-EASTMAN-1975 TH
Reiprich, Bruce MA-EASTMAN-1975 TH (BM-EASTMAN-1973 TH)
Wesloski, William MA-EASTMAN-1975 TH
Parker, Mark MA-EASTMAN-1976 TH
Cadwallader, Allen MA-EASTMAN-1977 TH, PHD-ARTS/SCI-1983 MUS
Christie, Nancy MA-EASTMAN-1977 TH (BM-EASTMAN-1974 AMU/MUY)
Coburn, Pamela MA-EASTMAN-1977 TH
Houser, James MA-EASTMAN-1977 TH
Kapilow, Robert MA-EASTMAN-1977 TH
Moore, Kathy MA-EASTMAN-1977 TH (BM-EASTMAN-1974 TH)
Phillips, Paul MA-EASTMAN-1977 TH, DMA-EASTMAN-1987 CND
Poulin, Pamela MA-EASTMAN-1977 TH (BM-EASTMAN-1972 TH) PHD-EASTMAN-1983 MUS
Schenewerk, Joyce MA-EASTMAN-1977 TH
Skoog, James MA-EASTMAN-1977 TH (BM-EASTMAN-1973 TH)
Stetzer, Charles MA-EASTMAN-1977 TH (BM-EASTMAN-1969 AMU/TH)
Elsberry, Thom MA-EASTMAN-1978 TH
Lalumia, Joseph MA-EASTMAN-1978 TH (BM-EASTMAN-1975 MUE/TH)
Altman, Lloyd MA-EASTMAN-1979 TH (BM-EASTMAN-1977 TH)
Bell, David MA-EASTMAN-1979 TH
Bruce, Kenneth MA-EASTMAN-1979 TH (BM-EASTMAN-1973 TH)
Delaney, Richard MA-EASTMAN-1979 TH
Egger, Michael MA-EASTMAN-1979 TH
Folio, Cynthia MA-EASTMAN-1979 TH, PHD-EASTMAN-1985 MUS
Rothrock, M. MA-EASTMAN-1979 TH
Smith, Curtis MA-EASTMAN-1979 TH
Fleisher, Dennis MA-EASTMAN-1980 TH, PHD-ARTS/SCI-1987 PHY
Knouse, Nola MA-EASTMAN-1980 TH, PHD-EASTMAN-1983 MUS
Bailey, Brent MA-EASTMAN-1981 TH
Cole, Miriam MA-EASTMAN-1981 TH
Danner, Gregory MA-EASTMAN-1981 TH
Emilsson, Gudmundur MA-EASTMAN-1981 TH (BM-EASTMAN-1975 MUE/TH)
Fishbein, Michael MA-EASTMAN-1981 TH
Marvin, Elizabeth MA-EASTMAN-1981 TH, PHD-EASTMAN-1989 TH
Brashier, Ralph MA-EASTMAN-1982 TH
Egan, Daniel MA-EASTMAN-1982 TH
Hoffman, Moshe MA-EASTMAN-1982 TH (BM-EASTMAN-1975 MUE/TH)
Latzanich, LuAnn MA-EASTMAN-1982 TH
Davis, Deta MA-EASTMAN-1983 TH
Engberg, Kristina MA-EASTMAN-1983 TH
Kaminsky, Peter MA-EASTMAN-1983 TH, PHD-EASTMAN-1990 TH
Sandell, Gregory MA-EASTMAN-1983 TH
Boulay, Jean-Michel MA-EASTMAN-1984 TH
Coombs, David MA-EASTMAN-1984 TH (BA-ARTS/SCI-1974 MUS/TH)
Crumb, Michael MA-EASTMAN-1984 TH (BM-EASTMAN-1979 MEI)
Smith, Sara MA-EASTMAN-1984 TH (BM-EASTMAN-1981 TH)
Hattey, Thomas MA-EASTMAN-1985 TH
Peters, Penelope MA-EASTMAN-1985 TH, PHD-EASTMAN-1990 TH
Christensen, Nancy MA-EASTMAN-1986 TH (BM-EASTMAN-1983 AMU/MEG)
Gillespie, Jeffrey MA-EASTMAN-1986 TH
Norton, Christopher MA-EASTMAN-1986 TH (BM-EASTMAN-1983 AMU/TH)
Rostan, Daniel MA-EASTMAN-1986 TH
Terricciano, Alan MA-EASTMAN-1986 TH
Gilley, Laurann MA-EASTMAN-1987 TH
Mashner, Milton MA-EASTMAN-1987 TH (BM-EASTMAN-1978 TH) MM-EASTMAN-1992 MUE
DiTusa, Camille MA-EASTMAN-1988 TH
Fink, Robert MA-EASTMAN-1988 TH
Hanninen, Dora MA-EASTMAN-1988 TH, PHD-EASTMAN-1996 TH
Laprade, Paul MA-EASTMAN-1988 TH
Wright, Rhonda MA-EASTMAN-1988 TH
Evans, Sarah MA-EASTMAN-1989 TH (BA-EASTMAN-1971 TH)
Leong, Daphne MA-EASTMAN-1989 TH, MM-EASTMAN-1990 PRL, PHD-EASTMAN-2001 TH
Lim, Susan MA-EASTMAN-1989 TH
MacGregor, Laura MA-EASTMAN-1989 TH
Mesiti, Martha MA-EASTMAN-1989 TH
Odom, Leslie MA-EASTMAN-1989 TH, DMA-EASTMAN-1989 PRL
Sallmen, Mark MA-EASTMAN-1989 TH, PHD-EASTMAN-1998 TH
Ficici, Sevan MA-EASTMAN-1990 TH
Ray, Carolyn MA-EASTMAN-1990 TH (BM-EASTMAN-1987 TH)
Congdon, Judy MA-EASTMAN-1991 TH, DMA-EASTMAN-1990 PRL
Fairfield, Patrick MA-EASTMAN-1991 TH
Glerum, Susan MA-EASTMAN-1991 TH
Jurkowski, Edward MA-EASTMAN-1991 TH, PHD-EASTMAN-1998 TH
Josephson, Deborah MA-EASTMAN-1992 TH
Sayrs, Elizabeth MA-EASTMAN-1992 TH
Citron, Alexander MA-EASTMAN-1993 TH
Ferretti, Hazel MA-EASTMAN-1993 TH
Leydon, Rebecca MA-EASTMAN-1993 TH
Linklater, Mary MA-EASTMAN-1993 TH
Taavola, Kristin MA-EASTMAN-1993 TH
Croson, James MA-EASTMAN-1994 TH
Hwangschweitzer, Okon MA-EASTMAN-1994 TH, DMA-EASTMAN-1990 PRL
Marvin, William MA-EASTMAN-1994 TH
Painter, Noel MA-EASTMAN-1994 TH, MM-EASTMAN-1995 PRL, PHD-EASTMAN-2000 TH
Neal, Jocelyn MA-EASTMAN-1995 TH
Ricci, Adam MA-EASTMAN-1995 TH (BA-ARTS/SCI-1992 MUS/PSY)
Bleau, Kevin MA-EASTMAN-1996 TH
Chuck, Gavin MA-EASTMAN-1996 CMP/TH
Silberman, Peter MA-EASTMAN-1996 TH
Markarian, Jeffrey MA-EASTMAN-1998 TH
Quinn, Ian MA-EASTMAN-1998 TH
Chang, Philip MA-EASTMAN-1999 TH
McCarthy, David MA-EASTMAN-1999 TH
Scott, Damon MA-EASTMAN-1999 TH
Shaw, Kimberly MA-EASTMAN-1999 TH (BM-EASTMAN-1992 MEV) MM-EASTMAN-1994 PRL
Auerbach, Brent MA-EASTMAN-2000 TH
Miller, Paul MA-EASTMAN-2000 TH
Alexander, David MA-EASTMAN-2001 TH
Bartlette, Christopher MA-EASTMAN-2001 TH
Ng, Yuet Hon MA-EASTMAN-2001 TH (BM-EASTMAN-1996 TH)
Stover, Christopher MA-EASTMAN-2002 TH
Atleson, Jonathan MA-EASTMAN-2003 TH
Miller, Jeannette MA-EASTMAN-2003 TH
Nguyen, Michelle MA-EASTMAN-2003 TH
Selen, Beray MA-EASTMAN-2004 TH
Cheng, James MA-EASTMAN-2005 TH
Pavlovsky, Suzanna MA-EASTMAN-2005 TH
Brown, Jenine Lawson MA-EASTMAN-2006 TH
Hsu, Yu-Ying MA-EASTMAN-2006 TH
Papageorgiou, Georgios MA-EASTMAN-2006 TH
Gross, Austin MA-EASTMAN-2007 TH
Asmussen, Crystal MA-EASTMAN-2008 TH
DeClercq, Trevor MA-EASTMAN-2008 TH
Kuczynski, Alex MA-EASTMAN-2009 TH
Williamson, Virginia MA-EASTMAN-2009 TH
Aziz, Andrew MA-EASTMAN-2010 TH
Bonn, Cory MA-EASTMAN-2010 TH
Burggraff, Nathan MA-EASTMAN-2010 TH
Reynolds, Klansee MA-EASTMAN-2010 TH
McConnell, Emma MA-EASTMAN-2011 TH
Wells, Robert MA-EASTMAN-2011 TH
Levell, Rebecca MA-EASTMAN-1999 THP
Bribitzer-Stull, Matthew MA-EASTMAN-1997 THP
Spigelberg, Scott MA-EASTMAN-1997 THP
Wozniak, Matthew MA-EASTMAN-1997 THP (BM-EASTMAN-1994 TH) MM-EASTMAN-1997 PRL
Eros, John MA-EASTMAN-1998 THP
Pickens, Raymond MA-EASTMAN-1998 THP
Smith, Adam MA-EASTMAN-1998 THP
Thurmaier, David MA-EASTMAN-1998 THP
Coppola, Noelle MA-EASTMAN-1999 THP
Fung, Eric MA-EASTMAN-1999 THP
Kang, Juyeon MA-EASTMAN-1999 THP
Paget, Jonathan MA-EASTMAN-2000 THP
Curlee, Matthew MA-EASTMAN-2001 THP
Meyer, Alice MA-EASTMAN-2001 THP
Scherzinger, Courtney Orlando MA-EASTMAN-2001 THP
Swigger, Jocelyn MA-EASTMAN-2002 THP
Yost, Jacqueline MA-EASTMAN-2002 THP
Dougherty, Kirk MA-EASTMAN-2003 THP
Flowers, Jonathan MA-EASTMAN-2003 THP
Hu, Yih-Mei MA-EASTMAN-2004 THP
Min, Kyung MA-EASTMAN-2004 THP
Perkins, Scott MA-EASTMAN-2004 THP
Ristow, Gregory MA-EASTMAN-2004 THP
Shimron, Omri MA-EASTMAN-2004 THP
Simingon, Larisa MA-EASTMAN-2004 THP
Olson, Timothy MA-EASTMAN-2005 THP
Frank, Bruce MA-EASTMAN-2006 THP
Koratich, Lee MA-EASTMAN-2006 THP
Laird, Robert MA-EASTMAN-2006 THP
Pat, Lyris MA-EASTMAN-2006 THP
Zlataric, Nika MA-EASTMAN-2006 THP
Simington, Nathan MA-EASTMAN-2007 THP
Draper, Ruth MA-EASTMAN-2008 THP
Driankova, Ivanka MA-EASTMAN-2008 THP
Miller, Cacie MA-EASTMAN-2008 THP
Moring, Sara MA-EASTMAN-2008 THP
Ballance, Jared MA-EASTMAN-2009 THP
Ballance, Sara MA-EASTMAN-2009 THP
Burggraff, Nathan MA-EASTMAN-2009 THP
Cha, Helen MA-EASTMAN-2009 THP
Luk, Siu Yan MA-EASTMAN-2009 THP
Park, Joon MA-EASTMAN-2009 THP
Slominski, Johnandrew MA-EASTMAN-2009 THP
Baltazar, Crystl MA-EASTMAN-2010 THP
Bledsoe, Megan MA-EASTMAN-2010 THP
Martinkus, Caitlin MA-EASTMAN-2010 THP
Wieringa, Lynnann MA-EASTMAN-2010 THP
Yang, Clara MA-EASTMAN-2010 THP
Titus, Stephanie MA-EASTMAN-2011 THP
Wilkens, Cameron MA-EASTMAN-2011 THP
Kinne, Jesse MA-EASTMAN-2012 THP
Bivens, Sam MA-EASTMAN-2013 THP
Gage, Christopher MA-EASTMAN-2013 THP
Luk, Ken MA-EASTMAN-2013 THP
Burns, Timothy MA-EASTMAN-2014 THP
Evans, Matthew MA-EASTMAN-2014 THP
Geary, David MA-EASTMAN-2015 THP
Jung, Joong Han MA-EASTMAN-2015 THP
Legge, Catherine MA-EASTMAN-2015 THP
McKie, Elaina MA-EASTMAN-2015 THP
Remes, Derek MA-EASTMAN-2016 THP
Becker, Hannah MA-EASTMAN-2017 THP
Trygstad, Alex MA-EASTMAN-2017 THP
Boothroyd, Miles MA-EASTMAN-2018 THP
McKenna, Ryan MA-EASTMAN-2018 THP
Horneland, Lorna MAS-EASTMAN-1936 TH
Miller, Poland MAS-EASTMAN-1937 TH
Finney, Charles MAS-EASTMAN-1939 TH, PHD-EASTMAN-1957
McCracken, Mildred MAS-EASTMAN-1939 TH
Miller, Kathleen MAS-EASTMAN-1939 TH
Lape, Alonzo MAS-EASTMAN-1940 TH
Lundstrom, Cecelia MAS-EASTMAN-1940 TH
Rohde, F. MAS-EASTMAN-1940 TH
Rosenwald, Winifred MAS-EASTMAN-1940 TH
Bone, Allan MAS-EASTMAN-1941 TH
Butler, William MAS-EASTMAN-1941 TH
Fisher, Charles MAS-EASTMAN-1941 TH
Goddard, Evelyn MAS-EASTMAN-1941 TH
Heller, Esther MAS-EASTMAN-1941 TH
Laing, Millard MAS-EASTMAN-1941 TH
Barber, Elinore MAS-EASTMAN-1942 TH
Conrad, Frances MAS-EASTMAN-1942 TH
Felmet, Marjorie MAS-EASTMAN-1942 TH
Jones, Mary MAS-EASTMAN-1942 TH
Nelson, Mary MAS-EASTMAN-1942 TH
Brown, Mary MAS-EASTMAN-1943 TH
Cobb, Ann MAS-EASTMAN-1943 TH
Lambie, Lois MAS-EASTMAN-1943 TH
Wilshire, Harriet MAS-EASTMAN-1943 TH
Burgess, Charlotte MAS-EASTMAN-1944 TH
Hemphill, Mary MAS-EASTMAN-1944 TH
Hesselbrock, Edith MAS-EASTMAN-1944 TH
House, Elizabeth MAS-EASTMAN-1944 TH
Kohler, Mary MAS-EASTMAN-1944 TH
Oelrich, Esther MAS-EASTMAN-1944 TH
Walters, Ingram MAS-EASTMAN-1944 TH, MAS-EASTMAN-1945
Allan, Margaret MAS-EASTMAN-1945 TH
Black, Margaret MAS-EASTMAN-1945 TH
Cohen, Lenora MAS-EASTMAN-1945 TH
Harder, Paul MAS-EASTMAN-1945 TH
Pettit, Georgette MAS-EASTMAN-1945 TH
Slechta, Sarah MAS-EASTMAN-1945 TH
Teply, Wesley MAS-EASTMAN-1945 TH
Yeo, Mary MAS-EASTMAN-1945 TH
Campbell, Douglas MAS-EASTMAN-1946 TH, PHD-EASTMAN-1957
De Stwolinski, Gail MAS-EASTMAN-1946 TH, PHD-EASTMAN-1966
Garvey, Evelyn MAS-EASTMAN-1946 TH
Kershner, Lorlie MAS-EASTMAN-1946 TH
McGuire, Julie MAS-EASTMAN-1946 TH
McRoberts, Verna MAS-EASTMAN-1946 TH
Oliver, Mary MAS-EASTMAN-1946 TH
Adam, William MAS-EASTMAN-1947 TH
Gaulden, Mary MAS-EASTMAN-1947 TH
Gregory, Albert MAS-EASTMAN-1947 TH
Packard, Donald MAS-EASTMAN-1947 TH, PHD-EASTMAN-1952
Perkins, Lillian MAS-EASTMAN-1947 TH
Slovak, Eleanor MAS-EASTMAN-1947 TH
Arthur, Ann MAS-EASTMAN-1948 TH
Bauer, Joyce MAS-EASTMAN-1948 TH
Birnbaum, Elizabeth MAS-EASTMAN-1948 TH
Chino, Florence MAS-EASTMAN-1948 TH
Garriss, Phyllis MAS-EASTMAN-1948 TH
Kanable, Betty MAS-EASTMAN-1948 TH
King, Emma MAS-EASTMAN-1948 TH
Laney, Maurice MAS-EASTMAN-1948 TH
Seager, Elizabeth MAS-EASTMAN-1948 TH
Wicklein, Myra MAS-EASTMAN-1948 TH
Fjerstad, Helen MAS-EASTMAN-1949 TH
Froelich, Mildred MAS-EASTMAN-1949 TH
Hoglan, Ruth MAS-EASTMAN-1949 TH
Hopkins, Lois MAS-EASTMAN-1949 TH
Jesson, Ronald MAS-EASTMAN-1949 TH
Lockridge, Florence MAS-EASTMAN-1949 TH
Marek, Robert MAS-EASTMAN-1949 TH, PHD-EASTMAN-1958
Matthews, Ruth MAS-EASTMAN-1949 TH
Mooney, Ruth MAS-EASTMAN-1949 TH
Morgan, Edwin MAS-EASTMAN-1949 TH, PHD-EASTMAN-1967
Morris, Ruth MAS-EASTMAN-1949 TH
Poccia, Phyllis MAS-EASTMAN-1949 TH
Steiner, Edward MAS-EASTMAN-1949 TH
Alette, Carl MAS-EASTMAN-1950 TH, PHD-EASTMAN-1951
Berk, Betty MAS-EASTMAN-1950 TH, PHD-EASTMAN-1963
Gault, Hugh MAS-EASTMAN-1950 TH
Jones, Donald MAS-EASTMAN-1950 TH
Landrum, Mary MAS-EASTMAN-1950 TH
Lorince, Frank MAS-EASTMAN-1950 TH, PHD-EASTMAN-1966
Pace, N. MAS-EASTMAN-1950 TH
Pursley, Wilbur MAS-EASTMAN-1950 TH, PHD-EASTMAN-1963
Ross, Morton MAS-EASTMAN-1950 TH
Schempf, Marjorie MAS-EASTMAN-1950 TH
Schuler, Richard MAS-EASTMAN-1950 TH
Tamblyn, John MAS-EASTMAN-1950 TH, PHD-EASTMAN-1961
Warner, Frederick MAS-EASTMAN-1950 TH
Wheeler, Joyce MAS-EASTMAN-1950 TH
Breneiser, S. MAS-EASTMAN-1951 TH
Collier, N. MAS-EASTMAN-1951 TH
Farrell, Gerard MAS-EASTMAN-1951 TH
Gallemore, Doris MAS-EASTMAN-1951 TH
Gambell, Patricia MAS-EASTMAN-1951 TH
Nutting, R. MAS-EASTMAN-1951 TH
Schultz, Willard MAS-EASTMAN-1951 TH
Noll, Ronald MAS-EASTMAN-1952 TH
Rockwood, Barbara MAS-EASTMAN-1952 TH
Auman, Robert MAS-EASTMAN-1953 TH
Braatz, Donald MAS-EASTMAN-1953 TH
Brewer, Marjorie MAS-EASTMAN-1953 TH
Merriman, Margarita MAS-EASTMAN-1953 TH, PHD-EASTMAN-1960
Petrulis, Ethel MAS-EASTMAN-1953 TH
Theiss, Jane MAS-EASTMAN-1953 TH
Van der Wyk, Lucille MAS-EASTMAN-1953 TH
Wilcox, James MAS-EASTMAN-1953 TH, MAS-EASTMAN-1949
Winter, Dorothy MAS-EASTMAN-1953 TH
Blue, Gladys MAS-EASTMAN-1954 TH
Boda, Daniel MAS-EASTMAN-1954 TH
Buckbee, George MAS-EASTMAN-1954 TH
Burchak, Jay MAS-EASTMAN-1954 TH
Doblin, Rudolf MAS-EASTMAN-1954 TH
Duncan, James MAS-EASTMAN-1954 TH
Johnson, Gordon MAS-EASTMAN-1954 TH
Moon, Charles MAS-EASTMAN-1954 TH
Bemis, Jack MAS-EASTMAN-1956 TH, PHD-EASTMAN-1962
Flickinger, Margaret MAS-EASTMAN-1957 TH
Forbes, Douglas MAS-EASTMAN-1957 TH
Johnston, Jack MAS-EASTMAN-1962 TH
Perkins, Laurence MAS-EASTMAN-1962 TH
Steffes, Marcella MAS-EASTMAN-1962 TH
Creech, Julie MAS-EASTMAN-1963 TH
Doren, Richard MAS-EASTMAN-1963 TH
Farquhar, J. MAS-EASTMAN-1963 TH
Garnar, Mary MAS-EASTMAN-1963 TH
Rains, Mary MAS-EASTMAN-1963 TH
Wyman, Laurence MAS-EASTMAN-1963 TH, PHD-EASTMAN-1972
Williams, Leroy MAS-EASTMAN-1964 TH, PHD-EASTMAN-1975
Buccheri, John MAS-EASTMAN-1965 TH, PHD-EASTMAN-1976
Scheib, Howard MAS-EASTMAN-1966 TH
Sullivan, James MAS-EASTMAN-1969 TH, PHD-EASTMAN-1982
Fee, Susan MAS-EASTMAN-1972 TH, PHD-EASTMAN-1975
Gibson, Judith MAS-EASTMAN-1972 TH
Day, Stanley MAS-EASTMAN-1975 TH
Bacharach, Charles MM-EASTMAN-1939 TH
Fennell, Dorothy MM-EASTMAN-1939 TH (BM-EASTMAN-1936 MUS)
Jones, John MM-EASTMAN-1939 TH
Ming, Marian MM-EASTMAN-1939 TH (BM-EASTMAN-1935 MUS)
Hartley, Hazel MM-EASTMAN-1940 TH (BM-EASTMAN-1936 MUS)
Lien, M. Beatrix MM-EASTMAN-1940 TH
Sellers, Owen MM-EASTMAN-1940 TH
Dean, Talmage MM-EASTMAN-1941 TH
Hull, Robert MM-EASTMAN-1941 TH (BM-EASTMAN-1939 MUS)
Johnson, Walter MM-EASTMAN-1941 TH
Mainous, Frank MM-EASTMAN-1941 TH
Miller, Harold MM-EASTMAN-1941 TH
Patch, Nathaniel MM-EASTMAN-1941 TH (BM-EASTMAN-1939 MUS)
Peterson, James MM-EASTMAN-1941 TH
Schempf, William MM-EASTMAN-1941 TH, PHD-EASTMAN-1960 MUS
Shake, J. MM-EASTMAN-1941 TH
Shear, Charlotte MM-EASTMAN-1941 TH (BM-EASTMAN-1938 MUS)
Bellman, Vivian MM-EASTMAN-1942 TH (BM-EASTMAN-1941 MUS)
Carter, William MM-EASTMAN-1942 TH, PHD-EASTMAN-1958 TH
Dunlap, Wayne MM-EASTMAN-1942 TH
Evans, Robert MM-EASTMAN-1942 TH
Horn, Dorothy MM-EASTMAN-1942 TH, PHD-EASTMAN-1953 TH
House, Robert MM-EASTMAN-1942 TH
Michael, George MM-EASTMAN-1942 TH (BM-EASTMAN-1941 MUS)
Nelson, William MM-EASTMAN-1942 TH
Sherburn, Merrell MM-EASTMAN-1942 TH, PHD-EASTMAN-1960 MUS
Stevens, Jean MM-EASTMAN-1942 TH
Stivers, Floyd MM-EASTMAN-1942 TH
Ward, William MM-EASTMAN-1942 TH, PHD-EASTMAN-1954 MUS
Krautwurst, Jeanne MM-EASTMAN-1944 TH
Lynn, Maribeth MM-EASTMAN-1944 TH
Schoep, Arthur MM-EASTMAN-1945 TH
Webb, Lucile MM-EASTMAN-1945 TH (BM-EASTMAN-1942 MUS)
Yeh, Walter MM-EASTMAN-1945 TH, PHD-EASTMAN-1949 MUS
Delong, Evelyn MM-EASTMAN-1946 TH (BM-EASTMAN-1944 MUS)
Hasel, Haven MM-EASTMAN-1946 TH
Keziah, Dorothy MM-EASTMAN-1946 TH (BM-EASTMAN-1945 TH)
Lockard, Jane MM-EASTMAN-1946 TH
Muller, Ruth MM-EASTMAN-1946 TH
Truitt, Rolland MM-EASTMAN-1946 TH
Eberl, Carl MM-EASTMAN-1947 TH, PHD-EASTMAN-1956 MUS
Hardy, Lee MM-EASTMAN-1947 TH
Whybrew, William MM-EASTMAN-1947 TH (BM-EASTMAN-1943 MUS) PHD-EASTMAN-1953 MUS
Friedewald, Russell MM-EASTMAN-1948 TH (BM-EASTMAN-1947 MUS)
Jessup, Kathryn MM-EASTMAN-1948 TH (BM-EASTMAN-1944 MUS)
Krueger, T. Howard MM-EASTMAN-1948 TH
Labella, Peter MM-EASTMAN-1948 TH (BM-EASTMAN-1947 MUS)
Ochse, Orpha MM-EASTMAN-1948 TH, PHD-EASTMAN-1953 MUS
Skinner, Harold MM-EASTMAN-1948 TH
Townsend, Robert MM-EASTMAN-1948 TH
Ward, Douglas MM-EASTMAN-1948 TH (BM-EASTMAN-1947 MUS)
Detroy, John MM-EASTMAN-1949 TH (BM-EASTMAN-1947 MUS)
Moore, Robert MM-EASTMAN-1949 TH
Schafer, George MM-EASTMAN-1949 TH, PHD-EASTMAN-1954 MUS
Bauer, Raymond MM-EASTMAN-1950 TH (BM-EASTMAN-1942 MUS)
de los Reyes, Ella MM-EASTMAN-1950 TH
Grocock, Robert MM-EASTMAN-1950 TH (BM-EASTMAN-1948 MUS)
Lorince, Margaret MM-EASTMAN-1950 TH
McLuckie, Ian MM-EASTMAN-1950 TH (BM-EASTMAN-1949 MUS)
McMahon, Marjorie MM-EASTMAN-1950 TH
Reed, Jean MM-EASTMAN-1950 TH (BM-EASTMAN-1942 MUS)
Thompson, Myra MM-EASTMAN-1950 TH
van Appledorn, Mary MM-EASTMAN-1950 TH (BM-EASTMAN-1948 MUS) PHD-EASTMAN-1966 MUS
Atkisson, Harold MM-EASTMAN-1951 TH
Brainard, Paul MM-EASTMAN-1951 TH (BA-ARTS/SCI-1949 TH)
Fischer, Richard MM-EASTMAN-1951 TH (BM-EASTMAN-1945 MUS)
Frederick, Kurt MM-EASTMAN-1951 TH, PHD-EASTMAN-1957 MUS
Hess, Robert MM-EASTMAN-1951 TH
Hughes, E. MM-EASTMAN-1951 TH (BM-EASTMAN-1950 MUS)
Taylor, William MM-EASTMAN-1951 TH (BM-EASTMAN-1949 MUS)
Johanos, Donald MM-EASTMAN-1952 TH (BM-EASTMAN-1950 MUS)
Roberts, Rowland MM-EASTMAN-1952 TH (BM-EASTMAN-1949 TH)
Thompson, Leon MM-EASTMAN-1952 TH
Trismen, Donald MM-EASTMAN-1952 TH
Scianni, Joseph MM-EASTMAN-1953 TH, DMA-EASTMAN-1959 PRL
Gray, Wallace MM-EASTMAN-1954 TH (BM-EASTMAN-1941 MUS)
Adams, Florence MM-EASTMAN-1955 TH
Marks, Howard MM-EASTMAN-1955 TH
Bowen, Glenn MM-EASTMAN-1956 TH, DMA-EASTMAN-1968 TH
Carroll, Catherine MM-EASTMAN-1956 TH, PHD-EASTMAN-1957 MUS
Ferguson, Thomas MM-EASTMAN-1956 TH, PHD-EASTMAN-1972 MUS
Frazeur, Theodore MM-EASTMAN-1956 TH (BM-EASTMAN-1951 MUS)
Gauldin, Robert MM-EASTMAN-1956 TH, PHD-EASTMAN-1959 MUS
Haynes, Anne MM-EASTMAN-1956 TH
Howell, Gwendolyn MM-EASTMAN-1956 TH
Lundin, Patricia MM-EASTMAN-1956 TH
Shelton, Wayne MM-EASTMAN-1956 TH
Agee, Barbara MM-EASTMAN-1957 TH (BM-EASTMAN-1955 MUS)
Cipolla, Frank MM-EASTMAN-1957 TH (BM-EASTMAN-1951 MUS)
Dematteo, Edward MM-EASTMAN-1957 TH
Fort, Robert MM-EASTMAN-1957 TH
Kim, Soon MM-EASTMAN-1957 TH
Saclausa, John MM-EASTMAN-1957 TH
Smith, Elwood MM-EASTMAN-1957 MUS (BM-EASTMAN-1956 TH)
Virkhaus, Taavo MM-EASTMAN-1957 TH, DMA-EASTMAN-1967 CMP
Woodard, Floyd MM-EASTMAN-1957 TH
Burns, Betty MM-EASTMAN-1958 TH
Freeman, Paul MM-EASTMAN-1958 TH (BM-EASTMAN-1956 CL) PHD-EASTMAN-1963 MUS
Godley, William MM-EASTMAN-1958 TH
Hodkinson, Sydney MM-EASTMAN-1958 TH (BM-EASTMAN-1957 TH)
Mailloux, Thomas MM-EASTMAN-1958 TH
Rosenthal, Esther MM-EASTMAN-1958 TH
Schalk, Carl MM-EASTMAN-1958 TH
Greenberg, Stanley MM-EASTMAN-1959 TH, PHD-EASTMAN-1965 MUS
Harrop, K. MM-EASTMAN-1959 TH
Kim, Kyong MM-EASTMAN-1959 TH
Noe, Alma MM-EASTMAN-1959 TH
Robertson, Donna MM-EASTMAN-1959 TH
Scott, Darrell MM-EASTMAN-1959 TH, PHD-EASTMAN-1964 MUS
Shatzkin, Merton MM-EASTMAN-1959 TH, PHD-EASTMAN-1961 MUS
Weaver, Burton MM-EASTMAN-1959 TH
Wilhoyte, Carolyn MM-EASTMAN-1959 TH
Angelini, Louis MM-EASTMAN-1960 TH, PHD-EASTMAN-1968 MUS
Bookout, Roger MM-EASTMAN-1960 TH (BM-EASTMAN-1959 TH)
Crosley, Lawrence MM-EASTMAN-1960 TH (BM-EASTMAN-1957 TH)
Garza, Maryana MM-EASTMAN-1960 TH
Hilbrink, William MM-EASTMAN-1960 TH
Pottebaum, William MM-EASTMAN-1960 TH/CMP, PHD-EASTMAN-1974 MUS
Richens, James MM-EASTMAN-1960 TH
Sider, Ronald MM-EASTMAN-1960 TH (BM-EASTMAN-1957 TH) PHD-EASTMAN-1967 MUS
Steff, Richard MM-EASTMAN-1960 TH
Thompson, Jewel MM-EASTMAN-1960 TH, PHD-EASTMAN-1982 MUS
Wong, Gloria MM-EASTMAN-1960 TH
Wyatt, Lucius MM-EASTMAN-1960 PRL/TH, PHD-EASTMAN-1974 MUS
McIntosh, John MM-EASTMAN-1961 TH, DMA-EASTMAN-1973 PRL
Garcia, Loretta MM-EASTMAN-1962 TH, DMA-EASTMAN-1971 PRL
Wieloszynski, Stephen MM-EASTMAN-1963 TH
Caravan, Ronald MM-EASTMAN-1973 TH/MUE, DMA-EASTMAN-1975 MUS
Suchy-Pilalis, Jessica MM-EASTMAN-1979 TH, MM-EASTMAN-1982 PRL
Chen, Sulin MM-EASTMAN-1982 TH/PRL
Lambert, Philip MM-EASTMAN-1983 TH, PHD-EASTMAN-1987 TH
Williamson, Richard MM-EASTMAN-1986 TH/CND
Dodd, Mary MS-EASTMAN-1953 TH (BA-EASTMAN-1950 TH)
Cole, Thomas MS-EASTMAN-1959 TH
Manson, Bevan NO-EASTMAN-1977 TH/JCM
Halliday, John PHD-EASTMAN-1941 TH
Young, Edward PHD-EASTMAN-1942 TH
Bezdek, John PHD-EASTMAN-1946 TH
Presser, William PHD-EASTMAN-1947 TH
Horn, Dorothy PHD-EASTMAN-1953 TH (MM-EASTMAN-1942 TH)
Silliman, A. Cutler PHD-EASTMAN-1954 TH
Husted, Benjamin PHD-EASTMAN-1955 TH
Gore, Richard PHD-EASTMAN-1956 TH
Kopp, Frederick PHD-EASTMAN-1957 TH
Rosner, Christian PHD-EASTMAN-1957 TH
Carter, William PHD-EASTMAN-1958 TH (MM-EASTMAN-1942 TH)
Webb, John PHD-EASTMAN-1958 TH
Kauko, Olavi PHD-EASTMAN-1959 TH
Carroll, Frank PHD-EASTMAN-1960 TH
Grauer, Albert PHD-EASTMAN-1960 TH
Luke, Ray PHD-EASTMAN-1960 TH
Moore, Madeleine PHD-EASTMAN-1961 TH
Addams, Eugene PHD-EASTMAN-1963 TH
Shumway, Stanley PHD-EASTMAN-1963 TH
Cohen, Joseph PHD-EASTMAN-1964 TH
Merrill, E. PHD-EASTMAN-1964 TH
Lyon, A. Laurence PHD-EASTMAN-1965 TH
Bunjes, Paul PHD-EASTMAN-1966 TH
Jordahl, Robert PHD-EASTMAN-1966 TH
Schweitzer, Eugene PHD-EASTMAN-1966 TH
Gruber, Albion PHD-EASTMAN-1969 TH
Handel, Darrell PHD-EASTMAN-1969 TH
Deavel, R. PHD-EASTMAN-1970 TH
Dox, Thurston PHD-EASTMAN-1970 TH
Bonelli, A. PHD-EASTMAN-1971 TH
Ellard, Brian PHD-EASTMAN-1973 TH (MA-EASTMAN-1968 TH, BM-EASTMAN-1966 TH)
Williams, Robert PHD-EASTMAN-1973 TH
Auvil, Adrianne PHD-EASTMAN-1974 TH
Henderson, Ronald PHD-EASTMAN-1974 TH
Farrell, Laurence PHD-EASTMAN-1976 TH
Rolf, Marie PHD-EASTMAN-1977 TH
Vaglio, Anthony PHD-EASTMAN-1978 TH
Battan, Suzette PHD-EASTMAN-1980 TH (BM-EASTMAN-1975 TH, MM-EASTMAN-1976 PRL)
Boyd, Everett PHD-EASTMAN-1980 TH
Burchill, James PHD-EASTMAN-1980 TH, MA-EASTMAN-1974 TH
Hamilton, Phillips PHD-EASTMAN-1981 TH
McCreless, Patrick PHD-EASTMAN-1981 TH
Wilson, Dana PHD-EASTMAN-1982 TH
Lewis, Christopher PHD-EASTMAN-1983 TH
Nelson, Richard PHD-EASTMAN-1984 TH
Crotty, John PHD-EASTMAN-1986 TH
Richards, James PHD-EASTMAN-1986 TH
Cohn, Richard PHD-EASTMAN-1987 TH
Kraus, Joseph PHD-EASTMAN-1987 TH (BM-EASTMAN-1977 TH)
Lambert, Philip PHD-EASTMAN-1987 TH (MM-EASTMAN-1983 TH)
Wise, Herbert PHD-EASTMAN-1987 TH
Adrian, John PHD-EASTMAN-1988 TH
Heath, Mary PHD-EASTMAN-1988 TH
Marvin, Elizabeth PHD-EASTMAN-1989 TH (MA-EASTMAN-1981 TH)
Peters, Penelope PHD-EASTMAN-1990 TH (MA-EASTMAN-1985 TH)
Laitz, Steven PHD-EASTMAN-1992 TH
Trucks, A. Louise PHD-EASTMAN-1992 TH
Alegant, Brian PHD-EASTMAN-1993 TH
Everett, Yayoi PHD-EASTMAN-1994 TH
Hermann, Richard PHD-EASTMAN-1994 TH
Krumbholz, Gerald PHD-EASTMAN-1995 TH
Sly, Gordon PHD-EASTMAN-1995 TH
Hanninen, Dora PHD-EASTMAN-1996 TH (MA-EASTMAN-1988 TH)
Rohr, Deborah PHD-EASTMAN-1997 TH
Waters, Keith PHD-EASTMAN-1997 TH
Buchler, Michael PHD-EASTMAN-1998 TH
Carey, Norman PHD-EASTMAN-1998 TH
Jurkowski, Edward PHD-EASTMAN-1998 TH (MA-EASTMAN-1991 TH)
Kaminsky, Peter PHD-EASTMAN-1998 TH (MA-EASTMAN-1983 TH)
Palmer, David PHD-EASTMAN-1998 TH
Sallmen, Mark PHD-EASTMAN-1998 TH (MA-EASTMAN-1989 TH)
Capuzzo, Guy PHD-EASTMAN-2000 TH
Painter, Noel PHD-EASTMAN-2000 TH (MA-EASTMAN-1994 TH, MM-EASTMAN-1995 PRL)
Rifkin, Deborah PHD-EASTMAN-2000 TH
Rogers, Nancy PHD-EASTMAN-2000 TH
Leong, Daphne PHD-EASTMAN-2001 TH (MA-EASTMAN-1989 TH, MM-EASTMAN-1990 PRL)
Bribitzer-Stull, Matthew P. PHD-EASTMAN-2002 TH
Chong, Eddy PHD-EASTMAN-2002 TH
Clevenger, John PHD-EASTMAN-2002 TH
Crumbley, Stefanie PHD-EASTMAN-2002 TH
Dickinson, Stephanie Crumbley PHD-EASTMAN-2002 TH
Marvin, William PHD-EASTMAN-2002 TH (MA-EASTMAN-1994 TH)
Neal, Jocelyn PHD-EASTMAN-2002 TH (MA-EASTMAN-1995 TH)
Spiegelberg, Scott PHD-EASTMAN-2002 TH
Taavola, Kristin PHD-EASTMAN-2002 TH (MA-EASTMAN-1993 TH)
Traut, Donald PHD-EASTMAN-2002 TH
Au, Hiu-Wah PHD-EASTMAN-2003 TH
Chuck, Gavin PHD-EASTMAN-2004 TH
Mak, Susanna Yin PHD-EASTMAN-2004 TH
Murphy, Scott PHD-EASTMAN-2004 TH
Quinn, Ian PHD-EASTMAN-2004 TH
Ricci, Adam PHD-EASTMAN-2004 TH
Terefenko, Darius PHD-EASTMAN-2004 TH (MA-EASTMAN-2003 TH)
Auerbach, Brent PHD-EASTMAN-2005 TH (MA-EASTMAN-2000 TH)
Mavromatis, Panayotis PHD-EASTMAN-2005 TH
McGowan, James PHD-EASTMAN-2005 TH
Ng, Yuet-Hon Sam PHD-EASTMAN-2005 TH (MA-EASTMAN-2001 TH)
Patty, Austin PHD-EASTMAN-2006 TH (MA-EASTMAN-2005 TH)
Randall, Richard PHD-EASTMAN-2006 TH
Silberman, Peter PHD-EASTMAN-2006 TH
Bartlette, Christopher PHD-EASTMAN-2007 TH (MA-EASTMAN-2001 TH)
Franck, Peter PHD-EASTMAN-2007 TH
Jenkins, John Daniel PHD-EASTMAN-2007 TH
Wadsworth, Ben PHD-EASTMAN-2008 TH (MA-EASTMAN-2003 TH)
Miller, Paul PHD-EASTMAN-2009 TH (MA-EASTMAN-2000 TH)
Somerville, David PHD-EASTMAN-2009 TH (MA-EASTMAN-2002 TH)
Stephan-Robinson, Anna PHD-EASTMAN-2009 TH (MA-EASTMAN-2003 TH)
Cairns, Zachary PHD-EASTMAN-2010 TH
Callahan, Michael PHD-EASTMAN-2010 TH (MA-EASTMAN-2008 TH)
Koslovsky, John PHD-EASTMAN-2010 TH (MA-EASTMAN-2006 TH)
Mailman, Joshua PHD-EASTMAN-2010 TH (MA-EASTMAN-2003 TH)
Titus, Jason PHD-EASTMAN-2010 TH
Chang, Philip PHD-EASTMAN-2011 TH
Gross, Austin PHD-EASTMAN-2011 TH
Love, Stefan PHD-EASTMAN-2011 TH (MA-EASTMAN-2011 TH)
Francis, Kelly PHD-EASTMAN-2011 TH
Declercq, Trevor PHD-EASTMAN-2012 TH
Fleshner, Nathan PHD-EASTMAN-2012 TH
Goyette, Jeremiah PHD-EASTMAN-2012 TH
Lundberg, Justin PHD-EASTMAN-2012 TH
Aziz, Andrew PHD-EASTMAN-2013 TH
Bisciglia, Sebastiano PHD-EASTMAN-2013 TH
Flowers, Andrew PHD-EASTMAN-2013 TH
Marlowe, Sarah PHD-EASTMAN-2013 TH
Tan, Daphne PHD-EASTMAN-2013 TH
Brown, Jenine Lawson PHD-EASTMAN-2014 TH
Inman, Samantha PHD-EASTMAN-2014 TH
Kuczynski, Alex PHD-EASTMAN-2014 TH
Burggraff, Nathan PHD-EASTMAN-2015 TH
Huguet, Joan PHD-EASTMAN-2015 TH
Rabinovitch, Gilad PHD-EASTMAN-2015 TH
Wells, Robert PHD-EASTMAN-2015 TH
James, Emma PHD-EASTMAN-2017 TH
Waller, Adam PHD-EASTMAN-2017 TH
Belcher, Owen PHD-EASTMAN-2018 TH
Bivens, Samuel PHD-EASTMAN-2018 TH
Grant, Aaron PHD-EASTMAN-2018 TH
Reese, Alan PHD-EASTMAN-2018 TH
Sullivan, James PHD-EASTMAN-2018 TH
Barna, Alyssa PHD-EASTMAN-2019 TH
Fulton, Anna PHD-EASTMAN-2019 TH