Student Grievance Policy

Students enrolled in or taking courses at the Eastman School of Music are expected to demonstrate the highest standards of personal integrity and to conduct themselves as professionals. Similarly, students, faculty, and staff members are expected to adhere to the University of Rochester’s values at all times, as it is these behaviors that characterize the special nature of our community. Thus, when students have complaints concerning faculty and staff members, or have concerns about the application of Eastman or University of Rochester policies and procedures, they are taken very seriously and are treated with sensitivity and urgency.

The Eastman School of Music is committed to maintaining an environment free from unlawful discrimination and harassment, and while this policy is meant to provide a framework and mechanism for an objective review of student grievances at the Eastman School of Music there are other University policies and procedures that apply to specific areas.  If your grievance is related to discrimination, harassment, sexual misconduct, or disability access, please follow the link below to review the specific University of Rochester policy as that may supersede this policy.

Discrimination or harassment
by employees
Discrimination or harassment
by students
Sexual misconduct Disabilities

Eastman grievance procedure

Students with complaints should initially seek resolution from the appropriate faculty or staff member who is directly involved. If this is not possible, or does not provide a satisfactory outcome, then the student may file a grievance by completing the online grievance form.  The grievance will be sent to the Associate Dean of Academic and International Affairs who will then route your complaint to the appropriate dean or administrator.  Throughout this process, students can expect timely communication from the administration.  Receipt of the initial grievance will be acknowledged within three (3) business days, and a response from the administration to the grievance will be issued within ten (10) business days from that notification.


Please use the following form to submit your grievance:


A student may appeal a decision related to the grievance if he or she believes that the process used to make that decision did not meet standards of fundamental fairness or if substantially relevant new evidence or information has become available.  The student must submit their appeal in writing within ten (10) business days after receipt of written notification of initial decision.  The appeal should be emailed to and will be reviewed by the school official at the next designated level.  The student will receive a response from their appeal within ten (10) business days.  This ends the appeals process.

Grievance procedure flowchart

Appeals procedure flowchart