Final Examinations

In classroom subjects, examinations and quizzes are given throughout the semester at the discretion of the instructor. Final examinations are scheduled at the end of each semester for most courses and have significant influence on final grades. All students must be available to take final examinations throughout the announced examination period. Special examinations for individual students at times other than those which are announced will be provided only under extraordinary circumstances, such as death or serious illness in the immediate family or significant professional opportunities. In such cases, before the last week of classes of the semester, the student must work with the appropriate faculty members to make alternative plans to take the examination. Students and faculty members may contact the Associate Dean of Academic and International Affairs for assistance with issues or conflicts regarding examinations.

At the conclusion of the fall and spring semesters, a reading day is scheduled to give students the time to prepare for final exams and/or complete outstanding academic coursework.  Faculty members are not permitted to schedule final examinations, meetings, performances, rehearsals, or other required activities on a reading day.  In addition, students and student organizations are not permitted to schedule performances or hold required activities on a reading day.  In rare cases, exceptions to this policy may be granted by the Senior Associate Dean of Academic and Student Affairs.

Revised, April 2018

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