There Will Never Be Another You

The death of the remarkable Marian McPartland on August 20 deprived the jazz world of one of its great musicians, and also deprived Eastman of a dear friend. She performed here many times, encouraged outstanding talent among jazz piano students, and rewarded it with the Marian McPartland jazz scholarship. (My one encounter with her was brief – a telephone call to check a few facts in a piece I was writing – but my impression of her was the same as everybody else’s: a personable, pleasant woman with an underlying tough-as-nails quality.)

She hosted NPR’s Piano Jazz for 30 years, with a completely undogmatic range of guests. Piano Jazz recently celebrated McPartland’s own compositions, and as an example of McPartland’s ease as an interviewer, here is a show with one of Eastman’s more famous alumni, the great jazz bassist Ron Carter.

Her typically elegant, understated performance of a great American standard gives this post its title.