ILLUSTRATION OF DEBUSSY CONDUCTINGThis is a first for Eastman and a first for me – a blog about Eastman events, people, concerns, ideas, and perhaps other music-related items that catch my fancy. In my years writing for newspaper and magazines I have seen and heard events at Eastman many times, heard student performers who went on to become famous, heard many musicians who already were famous, and had the pleasure of interviewing faculty members (and studying under quite a few of them). But those encounters were all for print write-ups; this is my first tentative entry into the blogosphere.

Hundreds of supremely talented people, from first-year students to longtime staff members to emeritus faculty, not to mention guest artists, make the Eastman School of Music a fascinating and challenging place to work, and if this blog gives that impression and conveys the excitement of being here, it will be doing its job.