Curriculum Overview

The curriculum for Eastman’s Masters in Media Composition program offers a variety of courses in acoustic and computer score production. Students study traditional subjects such as counterpoint, orchestration and conducting as well as learning the latest technology.

Below are some examples of the core curriculum classes in this degree.

Film Scoring Techniques

Focuses on such topics as understanding visual drama, synchronization of music to picture, the use of technology in the current industry, and the importance of film music history. Students will compose music to several projects, a process that includes creating mock-ups in specially fitted workstations as well as orchestrating and conducting their own music in recording sessions.

Arranging for the Recording Studio

This class is a hands-on approach to arranging for the recording studio. Rough (bed) tracks will be used for students to arrange and record their projects over. Arrangements will be done for woodwinds, brass and strings in different projects. Voicing techniques and instrumental combinations will be taught and discussed in class.

Digital Programs and Programming

These courses are intended to provide students a thorough understanding of sound design and working with sound for picture. The emphasis is on demonstrations and hands-on experience to enable students to gain a practical knowledge of sound and music production using computers. Topics include MIDI; synthesizers & samplers; recording and editing with Pro Tools and Logic Pro X; sound effect creation; foley & automatic dialog replacement; basic soundtrack composition; and working to picture. Many techniques are explored employing software and hardware-based sound creation tools throughout the course.

Contemporary Styles Composition

This seminar focuses on composing music in contemporary styles with particular emphasis on film and video game usage. Styles include Pop, Rock, Country and Electronic Dance Music (EDM). Through analysis and model composition, the student will write assignments in these various styles.

Video Game Scoring

The course is intended to provide students a basic understanding of audio for gaming. The emphasis is on demonstrations and hands-on experience to enable students to gain a practical knowledge of the integration of sound and music into video games using middleware. Students will primarily work with Wwise, Unity, Reaper, Pro Tools and Logic Pro X; Topics will include basic soundtrack composition for interactive; Advanced sound effect creation; foley; Dialog recording and editing; Working directly within a game environment; and audio for virtual reality.  Supplementary software discussed will include FMod, Unreal, Fabric, Nuendo, and Elias.  The course will also feature guest lectures by industry leading professionals, who will share their experience and insights.

History and Analysis of Film Music

A study of the key and influential composers of film music with attendant score analysis and compositional assignments. Assignments will include composing short examples in the style of various composers studied. This course is designed to introduce the students to the specific techniques of film and animation composers.

Visiting Artists

Working alongside veterans in the field…

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