The Eastman School of Music has many recording studios and control rooms available for Beal Institute students, as well as expert recording engineers on site, using a MADI fiber optic infrastructure.

Recording Studios

Kodak Hall – 64 channels

EEW415 – 64 channels

Kilbourn Hall – 32 channels

Hatch Recital Hall – 24 channels

Ray Wright Room – 48 channels

Howard Hanson Hall – 9 channels

Control Rooms

View information about the control rooms here.


Microphone Model Number Make Notes Drawer (1=top)
AEA N8 2 AEA Ribbon, Requires Phantom 5L
AKG 414EB ULS 3 AKG Jules
AKG C414/XLII 6 AKG Multipattern, Pad: 0,-6,-12,-18dB, HPF: 0,40,80,160Hz 5L
AKG C422 1 AKG Vintage Stereo 5L
AKG C535EB 1 AKG Vocal Mic 3L
AKG D112 1 AKG Kick 3L
AKG D12VR 1 AKG Kick – Either phantom + EQ, or no phantom + no EQ 3R
AKG D224E 1 AKG Vintage Small Diaphragm, 0/-7/-12dB low-cut@50Hz 5R
AT4040 2 Audio Technica Jules
AT4050/CM5 2 Audio Technica card/omni/8, 0/-10dB, low-cut 5R
M88 6 Beyer Dynamic 3L
M160 2 Beyer Dynamic Double Ribbon, Red dots should be vertical.
BSS DI 2 BSS Active DI 2L
Coles 4040 2 Coles ribbon, no phantom 4R
PCC160 8 Crown Boundary, Bass Tilt: cut/flat/boost 3R
DPA 4006-TL 2 DPA omni 4R
DPA 4088-DL-A-F00-LH 2 DPA Directional Headset, beige, microdot 4R
DPA ST4011C 2 DPA Piano Mics 4R
DPA VO4099B 2 DPA Bass Clip-on 4R
DPA VO4099V 4 DPA Violin/Viola Clip-on (1 has cello clip) 4R
RE27N/D 5 Electro-Voice 3R
MA-100SP 2 Mojave Audio Cardioid or Omni, no phantom 5R
KM140 4 Neumann 4L
KM143 2 Neumann 4L
KM184mt 4 Neumann 4L
KMS105 2 Neumann Handheld Condensor Vocal Mic 4L
TLM170mt 4 Neumann 4L
U67 2 Neumann Vintage, no phantom 5R
U87Ai 7 Neumann 6 in mic case – 1 is on repair shelf 4L
R-122-MP 4 Royer Ribbon 4L
CMC6/MK2H 2 Schoeps omni 4R
CMT56 5 Schoeps side firing 4R
CMC6/MK22 4 Schoeps open cardioid 4R
E906 5 Sennheiser 3L
MD-421 2 Sennheiser Toms 3R
MD-918U 1 Sennheiser Vintage Vocal Mic 3L
Beta 57A 6 Shure 3L
Beta 58A 3 Shure 3L
SLX1 2 Shure G5 Wireless Rack – Lavaliere Mic CR-B Floor
SLX2 2 Shure G5 Wireless Rack – Handheld CR-B Floor
SM58 1 Shure No switch 3L
SM58 Switched 2 Shure Switched 3L
SM58 Switched 1 Shure Switched KH KH Closet
ULX 1 Shure Older Wireless Handheld KH Closet
ULXD 16 Shure Opera – 16 ULXD-1 Transmitters,16 Countryman B3 Elements, 4 ULXD2 Handheld (SM58) Jules
DI 5 Whirlwind passive 2L
LM2B 2 Whirlwind 1/8″ or RCA to XLR