Office of Academic Affairs

Take Five Scholars Program

The University of Rochester’s Take Five Scholars Program provides undergraduate students with the opportunity to acquire a liberal education that might not otherwise be available to them. Qualified students will be granted either one or two tuition-free terms at the end of degree study to take courses that significantly broaden their programs of study, yet are connected to the student’s intellectual and educational goals.

The application to the program includes a proposal title and course schedule, college transcripts, an essay, and letters of recommendation. Criteria for evaluation are the coherence of the applicant’s program of study, the intellectual breadth of the proposal and how it enhances the applicant’s current academic program, whether the proposal constitutes a meaningful enrichment of a conventional degree program, and the quality of the writing itself.  In order to apply for the Take Five program, eligible students must enroll themselves in the new Blackboard T5 “module”, review all content in the module, then take the QUIZ.  A perfect 20/20 score will provide login credentials to the T5 online application accessed through a separate webpage.

T5 Information and Instructions

Take Five coursework may not include primary applied study.