Office of Academic Affairs

Short-Term Injury or Illness Accommodations

The Eastman School of Music community has a commitment to providing a safe and healthy environment for the various kinds of teaching and learning in which we are engaged. Occasionally, a short-term injury or illness impacts students’ ability to complete degree requirements and almost always require a negotiation of appropriate time for improvement and healing.

The Eastman School of Music has a procedure to manage and process student requests for coordinating accommodation arrangements due to short-term injury or illness. In order to receive a treatment recommendation, physical therapy, or accommodations, students must first have an appointment with a health care provider at University Health Services (UHS) regarding the injury or illness. A UHS nurse should be the first point of contact and will help the student determine whether to be seen by the physical therapist or the physician, depending on the nature of the injury or illness. Students can be seen at either the Eastman or River Campus UHS locations.

Once seen by a health care provider the student will be given a treatment recommendation on a Statement of Health form. The Statement of Health will clearly outline the terms of the temporary accommodations. The student should provide his/her Statement of Health to the Office of Academic Affairs along with an information release form . The Office of Academic Affairs will assist the student in communicating with his/her studio teacher, other faculty, and the ensemble operations manager.

Short-term Injury Accommodation Release Form