Eastman Students’ Association logo
The purpose of the Eastman Students’ Association (SA) is to act as a liaison between the undergraduate students and the administration; to provide a support structure for student activities; to provide social activities to enhance and enrich student life; to promote the cultural, social, and physical well-being of undergraduates; to protect the academic and non-academic rights of students; to ensure quality educational standards, facilities, and teaching methods within the school; and to provide a forum for the expression of student views and interests.

The Eastman Students’ Association is advised by the Office for Student Activities. The SA and the Office for Student Activities act as liaisons between the Eastman School of Music and the College of Arts, Sciences, and Engineering (commonly referred to as “The College” or the “River Campus”). In addition to the student organizations at Eastman, students have the opportunity to join any of the student organizations at the College. Students who are interested in joining an Eastman student organization, creating a new student organization or joining one on the River Campus are encouraged to speak with the Eastman Students’ Association President or staff from the Office for Student Activities.

Executive Board (2020-2021)

Tessa Nojaim Ι President
Ela Kodžas Ι Vice President of Student Organization Management
Kelsey Lee Ι Vice President of Finance
Will Hurtz Ι Vice President of Communications

Council Chairs (2020-2021)

Ju Young Yi Ι Health and Wellness Chair
Brianna Garcon Ι Diversity and Welcoming Chair
Emma Milian Ι Community Service Chair
Lauren Bayles Ι Transportation, Safety, and Security Chair
Sam Donato Ι Dining Services Chair
Stephanie Tateiwa Ι Academics and Curriculum Chair

If you are interested in any open positions within the Eastman Students’ Association – please contact Tessa Nojaim