Resources for Student Organizations

Student Resource Guide 2021-2022

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The Student Resource Guide is a comprehensive document that includes information on student organization executive board, programming, and funding requirements. This document also includes information about the multiple resources available to students across campus. The information within the Student Resource Guide benefits student organization members and non-members.

Program Registration/Proposals

  1. Log on to CCC using the button
  2. Click into your orgs dashboard
  3. Find “Events” tile (Green)
  4. Click “+ Create Event” (upper right hand corner)
  5. Complete the form with all information
    1. Requests for funding are included here
    2. Requests for rooms included here
    3. Be as detailed as possible
  6. Submit your registration and wait for approval

Program Evaluation Form

Please complete this form after each program/event

Each student organization must adhere to the programming requirements set forth in the Student Resource Guide. As such, student organizations must evaluate each of its programs utilizing the form below. The Program Evaluation must be submitted for each event throughout the academic year. Furthermore, student organizations are required to complete the Program Evaluation form for any General Interest Meetings held.

*General Member meetings require one Program Evaluation per semester

Advisor Meetings

Schedule your meetings here. Frequency of meetings are determined by the Assistant Director for Student Activities and Engagement.

Each student organization’s executive board is required to meet with the Assistant Director for Student Activities and Engagement regularly. These meetings are informative and provide space for each organization to receive guidance as they plan programs, engage students, and build communities at Eastman. The Assistant Director for Student Activities and Engagement serves as the sole advisor for each student organization in addition to any faculty advisors selected by the organization.

New Student Organization Process

Please see the information below to become a new student organization at Eastman

Schedule a meeting with the Assistant Director for Student Activities and Engagement to discuss your interests. Bring your ideas and interested members along to this meeting. Utilize the scheduling link below to find a time.

Schedule an interest tabling event to recruit members. This tabling should be in a general space for students to learn about the upcoming opportunity of the organization. More guidance will be shared in the initial interest meeting with the Assistant Director.

Plan a General Interest Meeting (GIM) with the students recruited at the tabling event. This meeting will be open to all students interested in joining the organization from the start. Minimal funding may be provided to host the GIM upon request.

Plan an event for the campus with the the Office for Student Activities. This event should be engaging and open to the student body and work to establish the organization on campus. Success of the event will determine how the organization moves forward in the following steps.

Provide proof of membership (at least 5 active members), executive board, and constitution. Each of these items will be acquired along with the completion of the previous steps. Final paperwork submission will prompt the organizations consideration for recognition status by the Students’ Association.

Expectations for Excellence 2022

Current student organizations and student groups, please utilize the information below to complete your annual review report

Expectations for Excellence is the annual review for student organizations and groups at Eastman. This year’s process will take place digitally and virtually. Annual review reports will be submitted via an online form and your review meetings will be held virtually via Zoom. In each virtual review meeting, organizations will receive their final review letters and discuss the recommendations provided. Furthermore, the final review meeting will include a moderated portion to be recorded for future recruitment efforts. The timeline for the Expectations for Excellence process is listed below.

  • March 14th – Student Organizations will receive their instructions and E4E form link
  • April 15th – Student Organizations must submit their completed E4E
  • April 18th – Review of E4E begins
  • April 22nd – Review of E4E concludes
  • April 25th – Student Organizations virtual review meetings begin
  • April 29th – Student Organizations virtual review meetings conclude

Click here to access the 2022 Expectations for Excellence Instructional Guide.

Executive Board Elections

The Office of Student Affairs and the Students’ Association hosts a combined election process for all Student Organizations at Eastman. In tandem with the Expectations for Excellence Review Process, organizations are encouraged to assess their performance throughout the academic year, recruit new members, and prepare for transition simultaneously. The 2022 student organization election timeline is as follows:

  • March 28th – Election Platform Submissions begin
  • April 1st – Election Platform Submissions due
  • April 4th – Election Polls Open
  • April 15th – Election Polls Close
  • April 18th – Election Results Announced

The button below will lead to election platform submissions and will be accessible during Submission Week. Once platforms are submitted, student organizations will receive their individual ballots to elect their student organization executive board members.