Resources and FAQ

We are currently updating our student handbook. In the meantime, please email us directly with any questions related to program policy! Thank you for your patience!

If you are in 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th or 11th grades, and want to enroll in the Diploma Program, Pathways will fund all the necessary classes you need to get a diploma:

  1. Private lessons (and juries)
  2. 1 Music History class
  3. 2 Theory classes
  4. 1 Ensemble

You must maintain good grades and fulfill all the Pathways student responsibilities to remain eligible.

Click here for a brochure with more information on the Diploma.

Click here to register for the Diploma Program online. You may also visit the ECMS office to declare your interest, or call them at (585) 274-1400.

For ECMS Teachers

Below is a summary of your responsibilities as the teacher of Pathways student. Please do not hesitate to contact Pathways Coordinator, Hannah Harrow, with any further questions!


Performance Requirements (Private Instructors)

All Pathways students complete the performance requirements below in order to remain eligible for their scholarship. Make sure your Pathways student:

  • Performs in at least one ECMS recital per year (general, departmental, studio or solo recitals count)
    • Diploma students must perform in at least two recitals each year
  • Performs an annual jury examination
    • Juries may be optional for your other ECMS students. But, we require the juries for all Pathways scholarship recipients, regardless of age.
  • Performs in the MCSMA and/or NYSSMA Solo Fest
    • Pathways students from SOTA must perform in both MCSMA and NYSSMA. All other students are only required to perform in NYSSMA.


Evaluation Forms (Private Instructors & Classroom Teachers)

We ask teachers of Pathways students to submit two evaluation forms: the Entry Evaluation Form and the Mid-Year Evaluation Form. (Links to the forms in the tabs below.)

Evaluation form for Classroom Teachers, coming soon! 


Grading and Attendance for Pathways Students 

All Pathways students must receive a C or higher in their lessons and classes in order to remain eligible for their scholarship.

Private Instructors: If a Pathways student has 3 unexcused absences from lessons, they could lose their scholarship. Make communication a priority with your students and their families. Help them learn how to best contact you if they must miss a lesson. (Note that transportation is difficult for many of these students, so we thank you in advance for your patience in dealing with attendance issues.)

Please alert us right away using the Progress Report if any issues (attendance, lack of practice, lack of appropriate instrument, etc.) are impeding your student’s progress.


Additional Funding Requests

If your student is in need of instrument repair, sheet music, textbooks, bus passes, or other materials, please send an email to to request additional funding. Students on full scholarship with significant financial need will be prioritized.

For your students annual NYSSMA performance, he or she must play a piece found in the NYSSMA Manual. 

A manual is available  in the ECMS office and in Sibley Library. You can also use the repertoire list below for recommendations!

NYSSMA Repertoire List (Available soon!)

You may use this document as a guide for selecting NYSSMA solos for your students. It is a list of some of the best and most accessible solos for your student, sorted by instrument and level. Please contact me to confirm your student’s NYSSMA level before choosing a solo. 

Entry Evaluations must be completed after NEW student’s first lessons. (This form does NOT need to be completed for returning students.

These help us track the student’s progress throughout the year, and determine continuing eligibility for scholarship.

Click the appropriate link below to fill out and submit your evaluation online.

Only NEW (first-year) Pathways students require this evaluation. These students have an “N” next to their name on the Pathways Student List.

Piano Entry Evaluation

Percussion Entry Evaluation

Voice Entry Evaluation

Strings Entry Evaluation 

Winds/Brass Entry Evaluation

Class Evaluation Form (coming soon!)

Fill out the Mid-Year Evaluation at the end of the first semester for ALL PATHWAYS STUDENTS.

This form includes a student response section, as well as a teacher response section. You may take time in a lesson to have the student complete his or her part this form. Drop off the completed form at the ECMS Office.

Hard copies of the form will be available for pick up in the ECMS office near the end of the first semester.

Classroom/ensemble evaluation form coming soon!

Mid-Year Student Evaluation

Use this Progress Report to alert us to communication, attendance, progress or any other issues that arise with your student.

Carrol Frangipane is available to mentor students or help you reach out to families. Onee you submit a progress report, we can put the student in contact with her to help resolve outstanding issues.

Send an email to to request additional funding for your student if he or she is in need of:

  1. Sheet Music
  2. Instrument repair
  3. Textbooks or other materials

For a list of students currently enrolled in the program, please email

For RCSD Teachers

Below is a summary of RCSD Teacher responsibilities:

Recommendation Forms

All RCSD teachers must fill out a New Student Recommendation Form for new students as part of their Pathways Application. We cannot process a student’s application without this recommendation.

RCSD Teachers must also submit an annual Returning Student Recommendation form in order for their student(s) to continue in the Pathways Program.

Both of these forms are available online. See tabs below.



RCSD teachers must register their Pathways students for MCSMA/NYSSMA each year. Pathways students attending SOTA must participate in both festivals.


CityWide Participation and Registration

RCSD teachers must register any eligible students for the RCSD Citywide concert.

All Pathways students are required to “give back” to the school district through participating in an approved ensemble. Students may choose from a list of approved opportunities, and register online for the GiveBack option.

CLICK HERE to register your student for a Pathways GiveBack.

The first and most important step of your student’s application process is for you, the RCSD teacher, to submit a RCSD Teacher Recommendation Form.

Complete the form online to begin your student’s application.

RCSD Teacher Recommendation Form

Click here to go to our homepage, and find a complete list of Application Instructions. Families can complete the entire application online.

Please complete the annual Returning Student Recommendation Form for each of your continuing Pathways students. We cannot register your student until we have received this form.

Returning Student Recommendation Form

Pathways Workshops

Pathways Workshops exist to help you enrich your student’s experience in the classroom. These workshops can take a variety of forms, including, but not limited to:

  • Interactive performances
  • Masterclasses
  • Sectional rehearsals
  • Group lessons
  • Visits by current Pathways students (depending on availability)


A group of specially-selected ECMS Faculty are available to visit to your school and collaborate with you during your music class. Email to schedule a workshop!