Eastman Connects: The Music Continues

March 27, 2020

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Welcome to Eastman Connects! In a time where we are all confined to our homes, Eastman Connects is a way to bring everyone together. This social media project gives our Eastman community the opportunity to engage, while highlighting the talents and strengths of our students, faculty, alumni and community. Together we’ll show that while the world is on pause, the music continues here at Eastman.

Hashtags: #eastmanconnects #eastmanconnectsthegap #eastmanathome #eastmaneverywhere



Call for submissions (Any, or all of the following):

Record and send us a video of you performing a piece of your choice from your home/office/ etc.

  • Students: Showcase a performance (Want to share a piece from a planned degree recital or something from a lesson? We’d love to share it)
  • Faculty and Alumni: Is there a favorite piece that’s inspiring you now as you continue your passion from home? (A short lecture about online learning is also possible or a Facebook Live demo)


Volunteer to do a live concert!

Going live on Social Media

  • Note: While we launch and grow this series there may be an audience curve
  • Instagram
    • Duos and Trios can go live together, remotely, or have a Jam session
    • Live Instagram stories will be archived for continued viewing
  • Facebook
    • Facebook Live option or pre-recorded video


Volunteer to do an Instagram Takeover

Take over our Eastman Instagram account for a day!

  • Post photos on our feed
  • Interact with our audience on our story


By sending to us you give us permission to post to our YouTube channel in addition to social media. Just send the video and we’ll take care of the rest!

Separate instructions are forthcoming for technology set up (step-by-step guide on how to upload videos, how best to take them), as well as a contract to be signed for LIVE or Takeover.


Questions? Need help with technology? Want to sign up for a LIVE or takeover, or have video ready to send?

Contact: Katey Padden, Eastman’s Public Relations and Social Media Coordinator, kpadden@esm.rochester.edu


*Note videos should be sent in Mp4 or .mov format

Include your class year, current year at Eastman, any details about yourself and your home setup/location, etc.


Videos and photos can also be sent through:

  • Box Link
  • Send to Eastman via Facebook Messenger


Be sure to like and follow us!


Our hope is that “Eastman Connects” highlights original content through our channels, culminating from our amazing community network. As such, we encourage you to send content directly and then share and repost from our accounts, as well as invite friends, colleagues, and family members to do the same!