‘The Eastman Case Studies’ Expands with Volume III

July 25, 2017

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What should you do if your arts institution receives a large endowment, but the fund restrictions conflict with your organization’s mission? How do you determine where to sell and how to advertise your digitized recordings? How do you maintain your chamber group’s brand and sound when it has a rotating roster of international members? All of these real-life management problems are explored in Volume III of The Eastman Case Studies, a publication of the Eastman School of Music’s Paul R. Judy Center for Innovation and Research. Designed as an educational resource to develop a deeper understanding of managing arts organizations, Volume III (July 2017) delves into current challenges of five institutions, groups, and industries: Carnegie Hall, Break of Reality, Omaha Under the Radar, GroupMuse, and the digital recording scene. 

The case study method has primarily been used by and geared towards business and law schools. Today, however, this experiential teaching tool is now being adapted to multiple disciplines to encourage the exploration of real-world scenarios. This practical, hands-on method of learning places students directly into a situation that an actual arts business or non-profit organization must resolve.

With more music schools implementing programs to help students develop knowledge and skills in the areas of management, entrepreneurship, and business, The Eastman Case Studies provides a relevant and high quality resource for professors, students, and arts leaders. Discussing a case in a classroom setting, and developing a solution to the open-ended question “What would you do in this situation?”, improves students’ ability to:

Bridge the gap between theoretical concepts and practice

Analyze and assess data and information

Use critical thinking skills in difficult situations

Develop essential teamwork skills including communication, management, and problem-solving

Each volume is offered as a five-case bundle, or may be purchased as individual cases. To help instructors incorporate this tool into their classes, each study also comes with case-specific Teacher Notes and Teaching Instructions.

The Eastman Case Studies adds to Eastman’s programs that develop and support the leaders in the musical arts world of the 21st Century, including  Eastman Leadership Conference, Eastman Career and Leadership Certificate: Online, and the Institute for Music Leadership.