The Changing Face of Choral Recording and Distribution


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As iPods, iPhones and other popular devices become more populated with apps designed to make recording engineers out of anyone who has a finger to press “record,” it becomes increasingly important that producers of classical choral recordings pay even more attention to processes, quality-control and logical distribution paths. Octarium has recorded four CDs and is in the midst of their fifth. Each CD has presented challenges and each CD has been produced with different equipment and a different recording philosophy. Each CD has also been distributed in different ways. This webinar is designed to present the basics of the recording process, as well as highlight questions of recording style, recording philosophy and mixing and editing of choral sound. It will also delve into the issues of obtaining mechanical rights and digital rights and present good options for distribution of both the physical CD product and the digital product.


Krista Lang Blackwood
Octarium’s Artistic Director Dr. Krista Lang Blackwood brings a diversity of education and experience to her conducting that helps make Octarium one of the freshest vocal sounds in American choral music. Octarium’s philosophy is more one of chamber musicians than traditional choral singers, exemplifying the concept of “musical synergy,” and singing with such combined artistry that phrasing, breath, nuance, and dynamics all happen spontaneously. The eight singers become so connected that they think and sing as one, and the results are “breathless unity, polish and meticulously crafted balance” (Paul Horsley, Kansas City Star). Blackwood has been a professional singer since 1987 and has toured internationally as a soloist and performing a wide range of musical genres from opera to musical theatre, choral music and oratorio. She graduated cum laude from Texas Christian University in 1992 with a Bachelor’s degree in All-level Vocal Music Education. She completed her Master’s degree in Vocal Performance in 2000, her Master’s degree in Musicology in 2002, and her DMA degree in Voice in 2003, all from the University of Kansas. While at the University of Kansas, Blackwood sang under the baton of Simon Carrington, founding member of the Kings Singers. This experience was the culmination of a choral education garnered through the years under such choral directors as Ronald Shirey, Larry Palmer, Jing Ling Tam, Gordon Nelson, Craig Jessop, Z. Randall Stroope, Almeda Berkey, and Charles Bruffy. Blackwood has produced all of Octairum’s recording releases, including the award-winning self-titled debut album.

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Krista Blackwood
Krista Blackwood