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Vlog #12 Musicians are Energy Managers
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Vlog #13 – Time Management & Organization

Vlog #12 Musicians are Energy Managers

David Lang says composers are managers of energy, which I think also applied to performers. It’s refreshing to think about music-making in terms of energy management, because it makes us mindful that the whole experience of the concert is a performance. Musicians should therefore pay attention to how they perform every part of the concert, even when they aren’t making a sound.

VLOG#13_First Chances

Next week, I’m really excited to start taking the Alexander Technique, a practice that helps with awareness of the body to use it more efficiently and with ease. I’m hoping it can give my singing a boost, so to document my progress, here is a Kmang Kmang where I’m singing – pre-Alexander technique – ENJOY! (don’t know why it’s changing colors like that..)

Vlog #13 – Time Management & Organization

Lots of exciting projects going on here – running a private studio, getting grants, and building a chamber music workshop!