Author - Gavin Chuck

Vlog #23 Be nice
Vlog #26 The three things you need to start your career i
Vlog #25 To make a living, get a life
Vlog #24 Embrace conflict
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Vlog #17 Tweet seats

Vlog #26 The three things you need to start your career i

No one can predict what your career will be. But if you approach it as a creative work – just as you would if it were a piece of music – you’ll make something that works for you and is innovative. My final piece of advice: aim for a situation in which every day not only plays to your strengths, but also is different in challenging ways that take you out of your comfort zone.

Vlog #25 To make a living, get a life

You’re naturally focused on starting a career in music. Have a life outside music, develop secondary interests, and encounter new ideas. Work that expresses who you are comes out of the unique experiences that you cultivate for yourself, and those experiences are richest when they are wide-ranging.

Vlog #24 Embrace conflict

Disagreements and conflicts between people working together shouldn’t be avoided. Differences of perspective (where conflicts arise) are essential to creative and innovative solutions.

Vlog #17 Tweet seats

A recent innovation is “tweet seats”: reserved seating at the back of the hall for people who want to stay connected to social media during a concert. Bad idea.