Author - Barmey Ung

VLOG#25_My Last VLOG – Thanks!
Vlog #24 Rough Clips of Music Video
Vlog #23 Behind the Scenes
Vlog#22_Just some plans
VLOG#21_Reflecting on the CD Release so far
VLOG#20_Artsy – Silent Performance
Vlog #19 Rehearsal
VLOG#18_Sample of “Piece for Brass Quintet”
Vlog#16_Sketches for Music Video

Vlog #23 Behind the Scenes

Here is a behind the scenes teaser of our upcoming music video. Special thanks to everyone involved!

Deboka Films
Director: Eduardo Cintron
Producer: Eduardo Ortiz-Romeu, Barmey Ung
Director of Photography: Jay Patton
Assistant DP/ Cam 2: Joseph Delhommer
Assistant Director: Miguel Otero
Art Director: Nick Rastenis
Stylist: Nicole Paprosky
Make-up: Melissa Mazenett
Production Assistant: Matt Bush
Editor: Carl D Schumacher
Photography and Video Documentation: Qiuli Pan, Robert Teetsov

VLOG#21_Reflecting on the CD Release so far

Here are some things that I learned about releasing my first album. After watching this video on my own, it’s really honest and critical.. which is just the type of person that I am. However, I neglected to talk about all the extremely positive things that came out of this album, besides the things that I could have done better. For example, I was able to produce a event that attracted more than 100 people which was our goal which enabled us to recoup a lot of the expenses of the release. The sales have actually been pretty decent (although I haven’t been keeping track as well as I should have) We printed 500, and only have about 150 left, although we sent out about 50 to press, and gave away about 50 to close friends and family. But for this album, and for the strange type of music that it is, I think that number is pretty succesful! The whole journey has been really fun, from branding, to communicating with all the people involved – venues, pr, managers, other bands, friends, and it’s gotten me closer to the Chicago community. I documented my progress as well as I could hoping that other people can benefit from the things that I have learned and experienced.

VLOG#20_Artsy – Silent Performance

I was trying to record myself for practice and to share with you a piece that I will be performing in an audition for New Music School’s audition for their “Simuli” concert series. I’m excited about it, and it comes with a bunch of perks.. Anyway, I forgot to record the audio, but I thought that the performance without it is kinda artsy… and you still get some sort of experience from it.. so here you go 🙂 The piece that I’m playing is “Fuoco” from Roland Dyen’s Libra Sonatine. Enjoy!

Vlog #19 Rehearsal

Here is Brandi Berry and Sam Filip sight reading “Csardas” for our next show on April 28th – Bethel United Church 315 E St. Charles Rd, Elmhurst, IL.. Really looking forward to this show!!!!!

VLOG#18_Sample of “Piece for Brass Quintet”

Here is a sample of a piece I wrote for Gaudete Brass Quintet for Kmang Kmang’s CD Release Show March 31st, 2012. We had a blast, but unfortunately, we didn’t have time to do revisions with the piece. It was very difficult to say the least!


This is a song, “The Ever Evolving Etude” written by Avishai Cohen. As you can see, I’m a big fan of his music, and this is the 3rd of his songs that I’ve arranged for my band – KMANG KMANG. This is the just the solo version, me playing by myself in my apartment, but we’ll be doing the full band arrangement at our CD release show! It’s going to be epic!

Vlog#16_Sketches for Music Video

Here is a sneak peak at some of our video sketches for our upcoming video for Kmang Kmang’s song “Simpliminal.” Looks like I still got to crop out some of that green screen.. Enjoy!