Author - Barmey Ung

VLog #5 The Morning After
Vlog #4 Setting up for 1st night of Baroque Rock
Vlog #3 To GradSchool or not to Grad School
Vlog #2 In the Studio for Kmang Kmang
Vlog #1 Welcome to my Blog!

Vlog #1 Welcome to my Blog!

My name is Barmey Ung and I am a professional composer, guitarist, and teacher. This is my first VLOG and I will be posting these every two weeks for one year with My posts will be mostly related to my band and our creative endeavors. My band is called Kmang Kmang. You can check us out here –

I am also happy to answer any of your questions or respond to any thoughts, advice, or suggestions that you may have. You can e-mail me at

Our next show is –
Sept. 23rd and 24th – 8pm
Defibrillator Performance Arts Space
1136 N Milwaukee Ave,
Chicago, IL
$10 Donation